6 Tourist Places in Jodhpur You Must Add to Your Bucket List

Jodhpur is one of the most visited cities in Rajasthan; in terms of tourism. Also, the city is the second-largest city in Rajasthan and is also commonly known as the Blue city. The city has derived the name of a blue city; as the majority of houses in the old Jodhpur city is being painted blue. Also, a large number of famous and tourist places in Jodhpur such as temples, forts, Havelis, and palaces are in different shades of blue. The most famous fort which stands in the city is the Mehrangarh fort; and it has a rocky ridge, with 8 huge gates out of the fort.

The city was originally found out by the Rathore clan in 1495 AD. As the city is built over the old capital of Mandore. The people and the surrounding areas of the city are commonly known as Marwaris. If you want to witness the old Mandore in the city as of now; you can still find it in the Mandore gardens surrounding the city. Apart from the historical importance and the cultural history of the place. Book ample holidays in Rajasthan to enjoy scrumptious Rajasthani local cuisines in the city. Also, you can spend your time exploring the beautiful forts and the temples surrounding the city.

Top 6 Tourist Places in Jodhpur

However, there are a lot of tourist places in Jodhpur city, for site seeing and exploring. By a lot of research and exploration; we have got the most famous places which you should definitely visit on your next visit to Jodhpur. Also, there are a lot of food joints that can serve you authentic Rajasthani food, and you can also enjoy shopping while you are in the city at the local markets. So, some of the places which you should certainly visit while you are in Jodhpur are as follows-

1. Mehrangarh Fort-

Make sure that you give a visit to Mehrangarh fort; while you are in Jodhpur. As this is one of the largest forts of the country. A lot of historical stories and legends are related to the Mehrangarh fort. The fort is standing tall at a height of 400 feet. Also, the architecture of the fort represents various periods, as it was started built in 1495 but got completed centuries later. The spectacular grandeur of the place will definitely make you awestruck.

Mehrangarh is the must visit tourist place in jodhpur

The fort allows visitors every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can easily explore the fort within a duration of 2-3 hrs. The ticket costs 60 INR for Indians; however, it costs 400 INR for foreigners. Also, a trip to the museum costs 70 INR for Indian travelers, and 600 INR for foreigners.

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace-

The beautiful palace was built in 1943. Chittar Palace is a common name of the Umaid Bhawan Palace; as the palace is made out of stones of Chittar hill. The Chittar palace was designed by a British architect, and it took 16 years to complete the construction of the palace. Also, a part of the palace is still with the royal family of the Jodhpur. However, some part of the palace is made in a museum and a royal luxury hotel. Also, the museum is accessible to all the visitors; while the hotel allows entry only to the guests staying in the hotel. The grand and architecture of the place is a blend of Art deco styles, classic revival, and Indo- Saracenic.

The beautiful tourist place in Jodhpur attracts thousands of travelers

The palace is open every day for visitors from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. The price of the ticket is 30 INR for Indians; however, it is 100 INR for Foreigners.

3. Mandore Gardens-

Mandore was a capital, long before Jodhpur was built over it. The mandore gardens attract a lot of tourists to it every year. The garden also has a government Museum which is known as the ” Hall of heroes”. And it also has a temple that is home to 33 crore gods. The architectural beauty of the place is beyond words.

The peaceful tourist destination of Jodhpur and perfect spot for couples

To visit Mandore garden you do not need to buy a ticket; as it is free. And is open all day long.

4. Kailana Lake-

The lake is situated in the west of Jodhpur city. And is a perfect spot for boating and picnic. However, the lake was made in the year 1872, by Pratap Singh. If you want to add a stunning collection of photos to your album; surely take a boat ride and capture some scenic views. However, you can even enjoy a beautiful sunset with your loved ones.

Kailana lake in Jodhpur

The place is open from sunrise to sunset every day. Also, the place is free for you to visit, and requires 2-3 hours to explore.

5. Masuria Hill Garden-

The beautiful garden which is on the top of the Masuria hill; is in the main city. The place will definitely give you peace and tranquility from the daily hustle of your life. If you want to enjoy some stunning views or want to spend some time quietly with yourself. This is the perfect place for you.

Best tourist place in Jodhpur | Masuria Hill Garden

You can visit the garden day long from sunrise to sunset. However, you do not need an entry ticket to explore the place.

6. Jaswant Tada-

This is a fort that is very close to the Mehrangarh Fort and was built in the memory of Maharaj Jaswant Singh. The architecture of the place is spectacular; also the carving over the fort is intricate. You can also spend your time exploring the stunning multilevel garden with a surrounding pond and beautifully carved architecture.

The Jaswant Tada for in Jodhpur

Jaswant tada allows visitors every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Also, the entry ticket to the place is 15 INR for Indians and is 30 INR for foreigners.

Take Away-

Jodhpur, which is also commonly known as the blue city; is quite famous for its historical and cultural importance. And the place attracts tourists from all over the world every year because of the amazing tourist places in Jodhpur.

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