YouTube Reportedly Paying Podcasters To Film Their Shows

YouTube is introducing podcasters to $300,000 to film their podcast shows, according to Bloomberg and as uncovered by The Verge.

Host to a couple of notable podcasts itself, like the H3 Podcast and Full Send Podcast, YouTube is offering individual podcast shows $50,000 and podcast networks up to $300,000 to possibly fund video episodes and other video-based content.

YouTube has been leaning toward its podcast business for quite a while. From 2018 to 2019, notable YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain and Logan Paul shipped off podcasts, some of which the creators changed into video transformations on their serious channels.

In September 2021, YouTube utilized Kai Chuk as regulator of podcasting and state of the art media associations. Around a comparable time, YouTube shipped off its own podcast called The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy,” to feature producers and behind the scenes depictions of their prospering associations.

Not long later, it started permitting all Canadian clients to focus on sound without having the application open, a component just YouTube Premium endorsers could get to in advance.

Couple these undertakings with the creating acclaim of music video continuous on YouTube. As of November 2020, YouTube’s overall head of music Lyor Cohen said that numerous billion people visit YouTube consistently to experience music and that YouTube Music has more than 70 million power tracks – more than some other music organization.

As shown by an audit from Futuri Media and the University of Florida, YouTube is before major podcast players in explicit business areas, with 43% of month to month podcast crowd individuals saying they went to YouTube for podcasts from 2018 to 2019, before both Apple (34%) and Spotify (23%).

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