Xfinity Packages: TV and Internet Bundles 2022 Guide

Xfinity is a cable-based internet provider that uses existing system from cable television to pass high speed internet on to homes and associations. They are the consequence of the outstanding cable television total, Comcast and CNBC4. With more than 50 years in the entertainment business, buyers can have the conviction that Xfinity is a dependable association that will really need to convey phenomenal help at a truly sensible rate for most spending plans.

Xfinity offers a grouping of plans for their different organizations including a 30-day unequivocal guarantee, without contract decisions, and a two-hour course of action window guaranteed.

Best Xfinity TV packages in your area

Package Price Channels
Choice Limited $30/mo. with no contract 10+
Digital Starter $59.99/mo. for the first 12 months with no contract 140+
Digital Preferred $69.99/mo. for the first 12 months with no contract 220+
Digital Premier $84.99/mo. for the first 12 months with no contract 260+

Is Xfinity TV good?

Xfinity TV organization is extraordinary, but it’s not slap-your-mother good*. It has up to 185+ live TV channels, the free Xfinity Stream application, the particularly regarded X1 DVR, and wide openness. Regardless, Xfinity’s assessing gets expensive when you consider the provider’s modestly low channel counts, high DVR/HD charges, and the no-term grasping premium.

In light of everything, we can see Xfinity ending up extraordinary for you in a few circumstances. In case you’re burnt out on your continuous TV provider, you won’t pay a great deal of something different for Xfinity — even with a part of the more lavish no-term grasping plans. Expecting that you moreover need internet organization, Xfinity has fast cable internet relationship for bundling.

What you need to know about Xfinity TV

The primary thing you want to be aware of Xfinity TV is that you’ve likely additionally heard it alluded to as Comcast TV. This is on the grounds that Comcast is the parent organization of Xfinity. So you’re similarly as right to look for “Comcast TV bundles” or “Comcast channel bundles” as you would be Xfinity TV bundles. The two references are right, in spite of the fact that you’ll in all probability see contributions under the name “Xfinity” or “Xfinity by Comcast.”

Now that we’ve demonstrated up the innocence disarray we should get into the quick and dirty. Xfinity TV bundles are conveyed by means of a cable association. This permits them to give dependable, quick assistance to more than 111 million clients in 39 states, making Xfinity the greatest cable supplier in the country. Since the organization projects such a wide net, it’s not difficult to check assuming Xfinity TV administration is accessible in your space and in the event that it accompanies any cash saving arrangements

Xfinity TV pros and cons


  • Wide availability
  • Free Peacock Premium w/ X1 DVR
  • Excellent X1 DVR and voice remote
  • Xfinity Stream app for mobile viewing


  • Smaller channel counts
  • 12–24 mo. contracts
  • 33% higher pricing for no-term agreement plans
  • High DVR and HD fees

Xfinity TV reviews

The American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Xfinity TV’s parent organization, Comcast, a score of 57 in its 2019 benchmark. The organization scored higher than contenders like Frontier, Mediacom, and Suddenlink. Be that as it may, it fell behind other top suppliers, similar to Cox, Spectrum, AT&T, and Verizon Fios.

Comcast Cable has a C rating from the Better Business Bureau, in light of its association with clients on that stage. Be that as it may, the organization gets a 3.5-star (out of 5) normal rating in view of north of 3,000 client surveys on the site. Positive surveys applauded proficient professionals who arrived as expected for arrangements and portions. Surveys on help unwavering quality were blended, and a few negative audits refered to befuddling charging, startling charges/rate increments, and dull client care as purposes behind client concern.

What We Like About Xfinity

  • Multiple plan options starting as low as $30 per month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Helpful tools like voice-search and free Xfinity Flex with specific plans
  • Comprehensive accessibility services – closed captioning, braille bills, sign language support, and more
  • Low-income assistance

Things to Keep in Mind About Xfinity

  • Minimum 12-month contract required
  • Prices go up after the promotional period
  • Some additional fine-print fees
  • Extra installation charge for non-bundled TV

Pro Tip: Some of Xfinity’s simplest pleasures are free if you know where to look. Customers can receive a free, large-button remote, a talking guide for those with visual impairments, and a free streaming device called Xfinity Flex (for internet-only customers).

Why do Seniors Need Xfinity Internet?

Expecting you are adequately lucky to live in a Xfinity organization area, they supply sensible internet that has the information transmission to manage everything from video chatting with your grandkids to streaming the local news. Coming up next are a piece of the habits where that senior occupants are using Xfinity internet to help including regular tasks to socialization and entertainment.

  • Stay Connected with Family: With speeds ranging from 25 Mbps up to 2000 Mbps, Xfinity offers the connectivity that you need to keep up with your kids and grandkids through email and social media, no matter the plan you choose. 40 percent of senior citizens over the age of 65 are active on one or more social media platform, and a solid internet plan from Xfinity will keep you in the loop, whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, or video chatting6.
  • Access to Online Shopping: Mobility and driving concerns keep many senior citizens homebound. Many of these seniors miss out on the simple independence of shopping for themselves, often giving these tasks up to family members who are able to get out. Xfinity internet connects homebound seniors directly to retailers. They can browse products online, read reviews, watch videos, and make purchases that are shipped directly to their homes. With the help of an internet-connected device and Xfinity internet service, homebound senior citizens are able to regain some of their independence.
  • A New Way to Watch TV: The bandwidth of high-speed internet opens the door for new possibilities. Local and network television providers can be streamed to any internet-connected device. Xfinity internet offers reliable internet with enough data for you to catch up on your favorite shows or the news without any freezing or buffering.

Who is Xfinity Cable Best For?

Xfinity is best for entertainment-cherishing seniors who need different channels and administrations and a simple, across the board arrangement. It’s particularly incredible assuming you have arising or continuous difficulties with your hearing, sight, or mastery. Highlights (a significant number of them free, for example, voice-drove search, huge button controllers, and broad shut subtitling and braille administrations can go far in making ordinary survey simpler.

While cable TV plans start at just $30 each month, Xfinity sparkles most brilliant assuming you want different administrations or live in a multi-generational or bigger family. Assuming you really want an internet association at any rate, think about Xfinity’s X1 advanced bundle. It’s difficult to beat for internet, TV, and telephone. In addition, you get a free Flex box that totals the entirety of your programming (counting webcasts and non-TV content) in one spot

Xfinity TV Bundles and Savings

Entertainment is indeed a need instead of a need. With Comcast channel groups, follow your #1 games foundation and remain mindful of their continuous standings. Moreover, you can get a Xfinity sports group to get select movement from the universe of NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS.

There are kids in the family who have their tendencies with youngster’s shows and relative adolescents programs. The missus in the house has her live programming to follow. These choices require an extravagant channel list that is challenging to drop by under one housetop.

Xfinity TV packs offer a wide variety of channels that deal with all of your necessities. The wide channel list calls for over the top spending moreover. Get Xfinity TV packs to get a good deal on your month to month cost while you and the family participate in the best nature of entertainment.

Manage devices and downloads with Xfinity Stream

So Xfinity Stream permits five synchronous streams at home and three beyond the house. What happens when your record has arrived at its gadget cutoff and you want to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000? On the off chance that you’re the manager of your Xfinity account, you let another person go right from the application.

The equivalent goes for your downloaded content. Xfinity Stream permits just a single downloaded duplicate of a title at a time. It should be “returned” before another person in your family can download it on their gadget. So assuming that someone’s bogarting Revenge of the Bridesmaids, you can “return” it for them — and afterward look at it yourself.

How to watch Xfinity Stream

Device(s) Operating system (OS)
Amazon Amazon Fire HD 6 and newer n/a
Android All except Android TV Android 5 or later
Apple iPhone 4s or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 4th gen. or later, AirPlay is NOT supported iOS 12 or later

Xfinity Stream supports a variety of mobile devices. There’s also an online portal that you can access through your web browser. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Xfinity TV service or internet-only service (limited content)
  • A Wi-Fi internet connection or 3G/4G mobile connection
  • A supported device (see table below) or web browser
  • Your Xfinity username and password


It may not be the least expensive method for staring at the TV, yet Xfinity is broadly accessible, offers numerous choices, and is upheld by solid client care and one of the most notable parent organizations on the planet. Comprehensive, ground breaking advantages, for example, Voice Remote, sound aides, enormous button controls, and a broad openness asset focus settle on Xfinity a strong decision for seniors who need various entertainment decisions yet need added help. Anything Xfinity bundle you pick, ensure you can deal with the month to month bill after the limited time rates have finished, or reevaluate your bill with the supplier half a month prior to that underlying a year is up.

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