Why Are Global Freight Forwarders So Important?

A global freight forwarder negotiates cargo on your behalf, manages the paperwork, and organises transport and deliveries. They are an integral part of the supply chain for international shipping.

Getting to grips with inland shipping throughout the UK is not as daunting as understanding the intricacies involved in international shipping. Fortunately, there’s no need to manage the process alone.

This article discusses how a global freight forwarder can add value to your UK-based business.

They Save You Time

Preparing your products for shipping is a time-consuming process. Then there’s the insurance, finding the right carrier, and looking into costs. It requires additional working hours that your business will have to absorb. Time truly is money, and a freight forwarder can save you both.

An international freight forwarding company takes care of the entire process. Professional forwarders will assign a project cargo consultant to ensure your project runs smoothly. You can discuss your requirements and they’ll ensure that your project is executed accordingly.

They utilize streamlined systems and the best technology to communicate with shipping companies, ports, and other service providers, for fast and efficient transactions. They offer reliable transparency to keep you in the loop.

They Save You Headache

Moving your products internationally is no easy task. You’ll need to understand the regulations of the destination you’re shipping to. Every country has specific customs requirements that may not be applicable in another country. Before committing to delivery expectations, you would need to research the county’s customs protocols.

A specialist global freight forwarder has years of international customs clearance experience and up-to-date regulations knowledge. Whether you’re just starting or are a global business, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the transportation of your goods is in safe hands.

They Save You Money

Freight forwarders use cost-effective shipping solutions to save you money. Due to the high volume of shipments they handle, they advise you on the most cost-effective shipping method. You’ll likely benefit from the good relationships and connections they have with businesses within the supply chain.

To reduce the number of shipments, they fully load containers by consolidating products for different customers.

A long-term relationship with a reputable global freight forwarder means you’ll benefit from great customer service, well-informed advice, and developing partnerships to help grow your business.

They Maintain Your Business Reputation

A successful business depends heavily on reliability. Do customers receive their orders on time, even if the product is being sent from the other side of the world? To win the loyalty of your customers, you must deliver on your promises.

An established freight forwarder stakes their reputation on moving freight promptly. For that reason, you can trust them to provide excellent service – it’s their priority.

They’ll pre-plan, devise a working plan, and have a contingency plan in place that takes holidays, weather conditions, and any other potential emergencies into consideration. All to ensure that your products get to your customers as promised.

Although you may incur a higher cost working with a reliable forwarding company, the services they provide will be of a high standard. In the long run, therefore, it will be worth every penny.

They Protect Your Business

Shipping products internationally can expose your business to potential lawsuits, huge losses, or customer complaints. The chances of a negative experience can be reduced through the expertise of a freight forwarder.

As a business owner, there are plenty of other matters to be concerned about. You can focus on the main aspects of running your business, and let the forwarding company worry about shipments being stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Importance of a Global Freight Forwarder

Forming a business partnership with a global freight forwarder will benefit you in many ways. Essentially, they’ll save you time, hassle, money, and stress. As the intermediaries between shippers and carriers, they’ll take all the frustrating admin off your hands.

They ensure that everything is in place to have your products efficiently moved from point A to B. Their knowledge and close relationships put them in a position to negotiate deals to make the entire operation cost-effective.

Find a reputable UK-based freight forwarder to help you balance value and cost, so you don’t have to struggle through the process yourself.

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