What Treatments Are Available for Sensitive Teeth?

If in your teeth pain and discomfort occur after consuming various food items placed at different temperatures then the reason behind this is tooth sensitivity. It has been found that in the United States the problem of tooth sensitivity is present among a lot of adults which are nearly 40 million in number. In this type of problem temporary, sudden and sharp pain occurs. When the nerve endings of your tooth are exposed then cold and hot stimuli can cause pain in your tooth. However, it is possible to treat the sensitive teeth.


There are certain triggers because of which discomfort and pain can occur in your sensitive teeth. In the affected teeth’s roots this pain can occur. Triggers that are so common are:

  • Mouth rinses that are based on alcohol
  • Flossing and brushing
  • When you go to a dentist for dental cleanings then because of cold water pain can occur
  • Beverages and foods that are acidic
  • Beverages and foods that are sweet
  • Cold air
  • Beverages and foods that are cold
  • Beverages and foods that are hot


If your enamel is thinner then there are more chances of tooth sensitivity in your mouth. But what is enamel? Basically, for protecting your teeth there is an outer layer known as enamel. Wearing down of enamel can occur because of a number of reasons:

  • Regular consumption of those beverages and foods that are acidic
  • If at night you grind the teeth
  • If you use a toothbrush having hard bristles
  • If you brush teeth by applying so much force

Tooth sensitivity can also occur because of various other conditions. Your teeth can get affected if from the esophagus and stomach, the acid reaches the mouth because of Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). Your enamel can get worn down because of acid that can form as a result of bulimia and gastroparesis and vomiting can occur frequently in these two conditions.

Sensitivity can also occur if there are exposed teeth as a result of gum recession.

You can have sensitivity if you have an exposed tooth dentin because of crowns and fillings that are worn down or because of chipped teeth, broken teeth and tooth decay.

Teeth bleaching, crowns and fillings are the dental works which can cause the sensitivity temporarily.


A visit to the dentist is necessary when there is a start of tooth sensitivity in your mouth. For visiting him an appointment needs to be booked by you. Sensitivity can occur because of recessed gums, loose fillings and cavities. The dentist can diagnose these problems after checking your teeth’s health. At the time of cleaning your teeth on a routine basis all this can be done by a dentist. He will perform a visual examination of your teeth. If the reason behind the sensitive teeth is cavity, then he will check it out with the help of your teeth’s X-ray. For checking sensitivity, he will use dental instruments on your teeth.


It will be good to undergo those treatments that do not require any prescription when you have mild sensitivity in your teeth. For dealing with tooth sensitivity there are some specially made toothpastes. You need to brush your teeth with these. Some desensitizing ingredients may be present in these and you will not find any irritating ingredient in these toothpastes. If for your sensitive teeth you want a less irritating mouth rinse then go for that mouth rinse which does not contain alcohol. Do gentle brushing with the help of a toothbrush that is softer. A week’s time may be needed for seeing an improvement with these remedies.

A mouthwash and a toothpaste as prescribed by a dentist will be good for you when no above-mentioned treatments are able to make you free from sensitivity. A fluoride gel will also be good for you. In order to provide protection to the teeth and make the enamel strong, you will get a lot of help from those things as mentioned above.

Treatment of certain medical conditions which are responsible for sensitive teeth

For protecting the teeth because of wearing down of the enamel, treatment of the various conditions responsible for sensitive teeth is very important.

You need a psychiatrist for treating the bulimia and acid reducers will help you in treating GERD. Your oral hygiene can be good if you do gentle brushing so as to take care of receding gums. Sometimes gum grafting is recommended by a dentist if you have a gum recession that is severe.

In the daytime try to avoid tooth grinding and clenching. If in the night you grind your teeth then you can prevent yourself from doing this by lowering down the caffeine intake and not taking too much stress. A mouthguard will also help you in this case.

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