What is WeCP?

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you screen potential hires for your technology department, look no further than WeCP. It is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software application that lets you conduct various types of online assessments. You can also detect behaviors that indicate an attempt at cheating. The app is designed to integrate with all of the major ATS and LMS solutions, making it even easier to manage your hiring process.

It allows you to conduct various types of online assessments

WeCP is an online platform that provides technical recruiters with a way to measure and evaluate their candidate’s knowledge and skills. It offers various types of online assessments, including live video interviews. This helps organizations find candidates at every stage of the talent lifecycle.

The WeCP tool includes a large library of tests. The test engine is powered by artificial intelligence, allowing for the creation of customized tests. Additionally, the WeCP report is simple to read, providing non-technical recruiters with accurate and measurable insights.

Another feature of the WeCP tool is its automated follow-up process. This helps ensure that candidates receive prompt responses to questions and inquiries. Furthermore, the WeCP software is designed to safeguard the integrity of the assessments.

It integrates with all the major ATS and LMS solutions

WeCP is a candidate assessment platform that helps organizations to find candidates throughout the entire talent lifecycle. It allows recruiters to evaluate the technical skills of potential employees. It also allows organizations to automate the hiring process.

The system offers a range of customizable tests and surveys, and enables candidates to share their experiences on social media. This makes the hiring process easier for companies and improves the effectiveness of recruitment.

As a result, the company is used by the world’s most respected brands. These include Microsoft and Bosch. They use the company’s services to ensure that testing is done accurately and with integrity.

The platform’s reports track the test results, survey responses, and training histories. Additionally, the system has built-in authoring tools, which allow for the creation of dynamic SCORM content.

It detects actions of examinees who are trying to cheat

WeCP is a web and video proctoring solution that helps employers identify and recruit top tech talent. It uses advanced proctoring techniques and features to safeguard the credibility of online skill assessments.

Proctoring software can protect the content of exams by alerting the human proctor when there is an activity that may be suspicious. This includes detecting cheating and plagiarism. You can also install a lockdown browser to prevent unauthorized use of keyboard and mouse functions.

WeCP also provides an easy-to-use simulation environment for candidates to demonstrate their development skills and technical knowledge. In addition, the system has an anti-plagiarism feature to ensure that each answer is original and authentic.

Aside from the simulation, WeCP uses advanced proctoring features to identify and monitor students’ activity and focus. Some of these features include webcam monitoring, microphone monitoring, and activity logging.

It has an easy-to-use simulation environment

WeCP is a skill assessment platform that is available for businesses to use to evaluate technical skills. It is a SaaS product that includes an in-built question creation engine, a runtime skill evaluation engine, and a library of test questions.

The tool also includes a custom test feature that allows companies to create tests for candidates. This is a great tool for companies that want to scale their assessment process. WeCP also offers proctoring features to help reduce the risk of cheating during assessments. There are also anti-plagiarism features that detect copied code.

Another important feature is its customer service. The tool offers immediate responses to all queries. Customer service representatives have the most comprehensive background checks in the industry.

It is on a mission to simplify the lives of tech recruiters and hiring managers

WeCP is a technical recruiting and assessment platform that streamlines hiring processes and helps employers assess candidates for the right technical skills. It enables organizations to scale their hiring efforts to meet demand and improve candidate experience, while leveraging custom performance reports and a centralized application management system. With WeCP, you’ll get reliable results in an hour.

WeCP’s pre-built library of assessments covers more than two thousand developer and soft skills. The AI-driven test creation engine allows recruiters to filter qualified candidates from unqualified ones. Additionally, the reports provided by the platform allow non-technical recruiters to make data-driven decisions.

WeCP is a platform that can be used in the early stages of the talent cycle, throughout the lifecycle of your candidate, and even during an exit interview. Several companies use WeCP’s services, including Adobe, Microsoft, and Bosch.

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