What is the TV on today? These apps tell you

It is not surprising that today, with so many channels and offers to watch television, we get lost and do not know when they show one or another program, series or movie. That’s why it didn’t seem interesting to show you these 8 apps to see what they put on TV.

It will always come in handy to be able to consult the programming of our favorite channel or the news that is incorporated into our streaming platform, since keeping absolute control, practicing would take us 24 hours of exclusive attention.

In the past we took all this information from the teletext of our television, but today that has become outdated and is not practical, becoming much more comfortable to have all that information on the screen of our smartphone.


It is one of the applications designed to view the most well-known programming today, with many possibilities, as well as containing a lot of information. It is a very complete app with which we can create a list of favorites ordered as we want. It can also be organized by categories, synchronized with the cloud and even searched by the name of a program, movie, and series and even by a specific chapter.

 Just watch

With this app you will be able to see if the series that you are following right now, your favorite movie or those that you have so much desire to see, is in one of the television providers .We can search more than 20,000 series from ocean of movies to see their synopsis, the actors who participate or even the trailer of the film or series. You can check that movie or series you want to see in 14 legal providers in Spain, including Netflix, Prime Video or Moister Plus.

 TV guide

It is an application focused mainly on the programming of open channels with synopsis data, category, genre, which even has links to Film affinity and thus be able to be much more informed. Although it focuses on open channels, the truth is that it has information from other payment channels, especially the Moister platform.

In addition, we can set alarms for programs, series or movies that we want to see so that the application does not warn when it is going to start.

Synchro TV Guide

It is a very complete application with which you can keep up to date with what is on television. It has a huge database with information on more than 40,000 series and 30,000 movies, as well as offering a guide to 169 television channels .It has a part where it is synchronized with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other social networks, to inform about anything related to programming.

In addition, we can search by a keyword, by categories, by the name of a series, a movie, a sport, etc. It is available for those who have the Apple or Google operating systems on their devices. Oreo is also best for watching movies and TV shows.

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Buaala is an application that will guide you through all the current television content in Spain, both free and paid, including all streaming services. You can create your own favorites grids, keep track of series or movies or create content lists and even comment with other users on what we are watching.

In addition, Buaala will learn what you like the most, what you look for the most and what you watch the most, to gradually advise you on new series or movies that he believes may be interesting to you.

Series Guide

It is a very complete guide where we can find out where a series is being broadcast, with schedules, if it is present on any streaming platform, because the chapter goes, as well as a synopsis that serves to know what the series is about the same happens with movies, since it is able to tell us all the information concerning a movie, including where it is going to be cast and even if it has already been released on DVD.

DTT TV Spain programming

This application gives us updated and detailed information about what they are giving on DTT. It has a tab where we can see the content divided by different categories, being able to modify it to our liking.

This app will tell us all the programming of what is broadcast on the channels that are present on DTT, including regional and local ones, in addition to having a search engine where we can search for information about what they are giving at that time.

With these 8 apps that we have presented to you, you will be able to take full control over what is shown on television, whether they are the most traditional channels, new additions, local or regional channels, even the main streaming services operating in Spain