What is the difference between Wi-Fi and cellular internet?

A network is two or more two devices connected to communicate or share resources. This connection can be wireless or might be wired through cables. Different computers are connected through radio waves, satellites, or telephone lines. By far, the most common type of network is the Local Area Network or known as LAN.

We will look into the differences, pros, and cons of LAN and Wi-Fi. If you are looking for a reliable internet provider, we recommend Mediacom. The internet is ultra-fast and you can have just the best modem or Wi-Fi at an affordable monthly rent. Moreover, the Mediacom customer service is quite efficient in resolving all the issues related to the service. 

Cellular Internet 

Cellular internet means the internet that you can get with the help of your cellular carrier. Currently, 4G is the most widely used networking technology and 5G is slowly getting its space in the market. The only delay is with the installation of infrastructure that has a higher cost associated with it. Cellular internet or mobile data is one of the commonly used methods to get internet service. Usually, people have it on their phone while many use it for all the devices at their homes. 

What is Wi-Fi? 

Wi-Fi is an advanced technology that allows multiple devices such as computers, laptops, mobiles, cameras, and printers to connect with the internet without the need for any physical wired connection. Wi-Fi allows these devices to create a network so that they can exchange information with each other. Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi occurs by a wireless router. When someone connects his device to Wi-Fi, he connects to a wireless router that makes it possible to interface with the internet.

Both the networks have their benefits and disadvantages. Read on as we note down the pros and cons of each technology and look at which one is better and why!


The Wi-Fi connection allows users to access the internet through a wireless connection to the router – no wires are needed. Whereas the cellular connection uses a wireless network to connect with the internet.


In terms of speed and signal strength, cellular networks like 5G can be faster and better than Wi-Fi. The latest 5G network is said to be 20 times faster than your basic Wi-Fi connection.  WI-FI can reach speeds up to 1 gigabit. 


The data on a Wi-Fi travels through air, and it is easy to intercept it. Therefore, it is easy to hack the Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the cellular internet is end-to-end encrypted and it is difficult to crack. 


Since Wi-Fi is a wireless connection and signals travel through the air, it might interfere with other electric devices that can distort the signal and decrease the signal quality. On the other hand, cellular network faces the same issues. The signals travel wirelessly and you may not have a proper reception in the basement. However, Wi-Fi networks based on cable and fiber even work well in the basements and places where there is a limited reception. 


Wi-Fi is a wireless connection, so it is more convenient to use it at your home. Wi-Fi users can move freely around and use the internet. However, when you plan on going out to some place and require high-speed internet, public Wi-Fi is not secured. Therefore, you have to rely on the cellular network for a better and safe connection. 

Large files:

If you want to upload a large amount of data, stream an HD video, or want to work with large bandwidth applications, you need a greater speed of internet. Wi-Fi provides a better experience in transferring large data faster.


Wi-Fi networks are easy to install. You do not need a proper-wired connection to use Wi-Fi. Similarly, cellular networks work on the go. You just need an active SIM card from the carrier. Subscribe to a plan and use the cellular network on the go. 


Both of the networks have their advantages and disadvantages. Wi-Fi networks are suitable for home and office. If you are on the move, you need to have a cellular internet connection. 

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