Visit Switzerland In Summer Of 2022 & Make Sure You Have A Top Holiday

You have decided to visit Switzerland this summer to spend your holidays and it is time to think about which places to visit to recharge your batteries and live unforgettable adventures.

Whether as a family, with your children, as a couple, or alone, each destination has its advantages and lots of discoveries.

The list of essentials to visit Switzerland in summer without missing anything

So, ready to discover Swiss beauty? 


Do you like palm trees? Then you’ve come to the right place. It’s sweet to live there and spend a few days there.

Lugano is located on the edge of a lake and is surrounded by small mountains that will allow you beautiful getaways and beautiful hikes. 

Visit Lugano like a real local

  • Enjoy an amazing panoramic view at Monte Bré
  • Stroll by the lake and enjoy resting/swimming
  • Take advantage of the panoramic walk. The path of the olive trees. Whether on foot or by boat. 
  • San Salvatore. After the funicular ride, you can savor the splendid landscape
  • Eat ice cream at Vanini. 


Passing through Villars, Diablerets, Château-d’Oex, you will enjoy an absolutely magnificent view. This region is very popular with tourists for its traditional infrastructure.

In addition, your program will be very tight because Vaud prepares many activities for you.

  • Discover how alpine cheese is made
  • Learn the art of silhouette
  • Take advantage of the thermal springs of Lavey-Les-Bains to rest
  • Climb traditional mountain villages
  • Enjoy the shores of Lake Geneva
  • Go hiking or mountain biking

Freiburg region

With a mild and refreshing climate, Friborg is a superb destination for families or lovers. Passing through the Pre-Alps, Friborg to Trois-Lacs, the region has many surprises in store for you!


You can hike or mountain bike through the resorts of Schwarzsee, Bulle, Moléson, Charmey, Les Paccots, etc.


Sublimated by its typical architecture of the Middle Ages, this region is known for its tasty gastronomy. 

La gruyere

The picturesque town of Gruyères is located at the foot of the Pre-Alps and the medieval city offers a cultural and gastronomic journey.


Who says Switzerland says canton of Graubünden! With the summer coming, this place is perfect to recharge your batteries and change the air a little. 

Its landscape is made up of mountains and valleys that compete for their beauty. Its mountain pastures are embellished with flowers. Its forest is verdant. And its streams bring a gentle breeze and deep well-being.

You will be dazzled by the superb panoramic view that unfolds before your eyes. By the way, don’t forget to take a little selfie to immortalize your moments, especially when you’re at the top of Piz Bernina!


While you are in Graubünden, why not organize a short weekend in Flims? Very versatile, this region offers you a variety of attractions. You will be entitled to hiking trails, mountain biking trails, beautiful lakes for swimming, and much more!

Children will be able to (re)discover nature in a new light. Teenagers can play and fully enjoy the scenery. Live a strong moment in adrenaline!


If you like romantic places to relax with your loved ones, then visit Arosa! With an altitude of 1800m, the environment is mountainous. It is one of the perfect destinations for a romantic hike.

The region is sunny. In addition, it is protected from the wind. Its air is pure, and its climate very mild. What good thing will you do there?

  • Visit the adventure park
  • Bathe in “Untersee”
  • Shuttle from Arosa Hörnli to Lenzerheide Urdenfürggli
  • Browse its miles of trails for hiking
  • Take a mountain bike ride
  • Visit the fire station
  • Feeding squirrels
  • Keep your balance in a tree climbing park
  • Ride a pedal boat
  • Taste new snacks


Travel through the Sertig, Flüela, and Dischma valleys while enjoying the fresh air. Then, during the afternoon, relax by a lake or go shopping.

If you want even more adrenaline, you can practice paragliding or hang gliding. And at night, enjoy a festive atmosphere in the casinos, bars, or nightclubs of Davos!


Zuoz is a historical and cultural city. Just walking through the alleys of the area, you will see many patrician houses that adorn the landscape.

In addition, this city is home to the highest roasting workshop in Europe. Passing by the factory, the good smell of coffee will tickle the nose of fans of this drink. The taste of the coffee there is unique.

Zuoz offers its holidaymakers a variety of hiking trails. You can ride a bicycle, or why not in a horse-drawn carriage! 

After long walks and tasty meals with the family, playing golf seems like a good idea to spend the afternoon and why not go rollerblading along the alleys of Zuoz.


But to make your 2022 summer holidays even more memorable, don’t forget to say hello to the canton of Valais. 


The region of the Dents du Midi is very popular with hikers. This region is marked by its spacious mountain pastures, numerous mountain lakes, and grandiose landscapes.

Lake Taney

This pretty lake will totally disorient you. Here you can only access it on foot and you can easily stay there for two or three days. 


Very authentic, Zermatt remains a significant choice for spending great moments with family or as a couple. You can always enjoy a good hike or mountain biking to visit every neighborhood and place. And if you want more thrills, a rock climb or summer skiing could be great ideas! Not to mention that the lakes are there to refresh you.

With its high mountains and its dreamy panoramic view, you will benefit from completely pure air and a natural atmosphere. Moreover, its altitude of 4000 m above sea level does not fail to inspire mountaineers.

Aletsch Arena

This region is suitable for those who want calmer, with the sun as their companion. You can go there as a couple or with your family, you will have optimal rest and relaxation. Its breeze is refreshing, the atmosphere calm and the sun always shining.

Aletsch Arena is enhanced by traditional typical houses of Valais. There are many hotels and luxury chalets for rent that accentuate the charm of this city.

Bourg-st. rock

Gateway to Italy, Bourg-st.Pierre is a city endowed with unique beauty. It’s village and its old buildings give it an exceptional harmony and softness. Ideal for lovers of stories and legends, the region takes you on a journey into the past: passing through the period of Hannibal, Napoleon, pilgrims, travelers, etc.

Do not miss to visit the museums!

As for activities, Bourg-st. Pierre offers you a new type of sport that you have probably never practiced! 


This city will be a “must”. Endowed with a special charm, Neuchâtel is a warm and romantic place. The castle, the collegiate church, and the gothic church from the Middle Ages are ideally well located to spend more beautiful holidays at the edge of a beautiful lake. 

As you have understood, the canton of Neuchâtel and its surroundings provide a perfect backdrop.

Do not miss its archaeological park either. You will discover an exciting medieval universe. An infinity of plastic, applied and numismatic arts as well as various vestiges await you there!

Jura & Three-Lakes

Without forgetting that to end in style, the Jura region welcomes you with joy!


At an altitude of 1000 m, this region offers countless outdoor activities. The games can be on foot, on horseback, on water, on a bicycle, in a trailer, or even on cross-country skis. 

There is something for everyone and for all ages. Moreover, with its ice rink, its swimming pool, and its rides, everyone will have their share of entertainment!


You will discover the beauty of the plains, rivers, and hills. Don’t miss the museums, galleries, and churches. It is a charming town. It will be perfect for a short family or romantic trip. You will be very close to nature and will enjoy total tranquility.

Plains of ajoie and porrentruy

With a vast green plain, the view is just magnificent. You can take the opportunity to taste the damask trees and the typical vines of the region. 

For those who love the challenge, a little adventure in caves can be interesting to do! As for history buffs, you will enjoy the region’s prehistoric park. 

Saint-ursanne and clos du doubs

A magnificent nature reserve awaits you there. In addition, the region organizes summer activities of different kinds in summer. You can go for a walk on foot, to admire the landscape. 

So ready to visit Switzerland this summer?

Now you have a clear idea of ​​the wonderful place you are going to be able to visit this summer! Passing through the different cantons of Switzerland, all these areas offer spectacular places and great adventures. 

You will become a great lover of this country which offers great diversity and many activities. If you don’t know what to do yet, you will also find this article with activity ideas for this summer in Switzerland. After reading this article, you will agree!

Finally, don’t forget to make your reservation in advance in order to take advantage of the best offers.

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