Top Web Design Mistakes That Can Affect Your UX

Your web design is the first thing that your website visitor sees. It determines the overall feel of your website and also your customers views about your brand.

Not just that, your website design can also help build customer trust or push buyers away. 

Too much to handle?

Of course, it is! But that only means you need to focus on your website design more than you’re currently doing. 

What Are the Common Website Design Mistakes?

A website is the digital face of a brand, and it’s something companies hold close to them. You’d choose the best web hosting for your company to make your website perform well, pick the perfect domain name, have all the content on your site written and proofread by professionals, but …

Did you consult an experienced person when it came to the design of your website?

If not, then your web design might have the following common web design mistakes that would ultimately lead to a bad user experience, a higher bounce rate, and low conversions:

  1. A Rushy Web Design

If there’s too much gong on your website, you’re making your website visitors run away!

By that we mean something like this:

We can’t comprehend what this website wants us to do. There’s content everywhere, the background is heavily patterned and the colors are too much to handle. 

If your website has this much confusion as well, change the design before it’s too late!

  1. Confusing Web Layout

Talking about confusion, having a website design that presents your brand and services clearly without creating any confusions is a must requirement, especially for e-commerce websites. 

For instance, if you don’t have well-defined brand and style guidelines to give to your website designing company, your website might end up looking like a mixture of various theme. 

Make the design look coherent and use only a few colors throughout the website.

  1. No or Bad Call to Action

A Call to Action or CTA is another important thing to consider in terms of your ecommerce website development in Pakistan

Not having a proper and clear CTA can make your website visitors feel lost and stranded. When they don’t know what to do, it won’t be long before they abandon your website!

  1. Hidden Contact Info

Do you want your customers to get in touch with you and avail your services?

Of course!

That’s why your contact info needs to be clearly visible on your website. And that does not mean you should add your contact number in huge letters on your homepage banner. The best place for contact info is to create a well-designed ‘contact us’ page and add contact info in footer as well. 

  1. Difficult Navigation

The worst thing you can do to your customers is making them feel lost in your shop, right?

It’s the same thing with your online shop or ecommerce store. 

Make your website easy to navigate, have a clear menu bar, a proper header and a proper footer. Your customers would really thank you!

That’s all! Good luck with your web design!

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