Top Movies Streaming On Hulu

Hulu is a renowned streaming platform that comes into competition with Netflix, Amazon, and similar streaming sites. It is majorly owned by the Walt Disney Company with others having minor shares in the company. It has different plans starting from a monthly streaming price of $6.99 per month which is ad-supported and “no ads” is starting at $12.99/month. Hulu has got its audience base expanded tremendously in the last few years with streaming platforms on the rise.

However, while you can always have good streaming options, having cable gives you the upper hand and getting premium content like HBO Max and having sports and news channels. Even better is that you can keep both cable and streaming options under your belt and with Canales de Mediacom you can have both affordable and family-friendly options that you can avail yourself of. Moreover, these movies are worth the watch, and hope you enjoy them as we did.

In this article, you will get to know about the movies that are a top hit on Hulu, so without wasting any time you can dive right into watching them.

  1. Parasite:

Released in 2019, this movie sheds the spotlight on a poor family living in Seoul known as the Kims. A father, mother, their young son, and a daughter strive to live in a basement of an apartment. The parents who have been living in extreme poverty have to perform different frauds and make money to fulfill their necessities. However, their son has big dreams of eliminating poverty and studying to improve their lives. He enters university where he meets a friend who engages him in different earning activities.

  1. Akira:

This is an old movie from the late 1980s. It features Japan’s capital Tokyo three decades after being renovated from the effects of the world war. No doubt, this is one of the most expensively made cinematic and animated movies of that era. The story consists of a biking gang that is led by a person named Shotaro Kaneda. A friend of his is injured and is brought to a top government confidential facility. In that place, he develops secret powers which rather than using for good he starts using for crime and evil. These same powers destroyed Tokyo back in 1988 by Akira. History will repeat itself as the situation demands but will there be anyone to stop this?

  1. Sputnik:

This movie features the peak of the cold war when a spacecraft owned by the Soviets does an emergency and mysterious crash landing after an unexpected mission. The commander, in surprise, is the only survivor of the crash and he is handed over to a psychologist. After some sessions, it is confirmed that the commander’s mental state is out of the ordinary and he has brought something unusual with himself, which does not belong to the earth. What is it? An alien? Or something different than an extra-terrestrial, it is yet to be found.

  1. Palm Springs:

This movie came out in 2020 and features the background of a wedding in the Palm Springs. The main character Nyles and Sarah meet at this wedding. Sarah is the maid of Honor and belongs to the family black sheep. Nyles rescues Sarah from a dangerous situation and she starts becoming attracted to him. Being a comedy film, it does not disappoint bringing out your laughter in almost every scene.

  1. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire:

This movie has a significantly unique storyline where a famous painter from France named Marianne, is paid to draw the portrait of a lady named Heloise who is soon to get married. The twist is that the portrait is to be drawn without the bride getting to know about it. Hence, Marianne has to observe the lady during the day and draw the sketch at night. As the days pass by, the two girls start getting closer and share the last days of freedom that Heloise has got before she weds away.


These movies are a must-watch when streaming on Hulu, as you will not regret this time of entertainment. They are top-rated on IMDb, which is enough to figure out their hype and class. Hulu is also a very affordable and user-friendly streaming application on which you do not have to strive hard to figure out the movies of your interest because of the amazing filters available.

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