Top 5 Web Development Trends

Websites, no doubt, have become a crucial part of every type of business, whether small or big. These sites stand as  a representation of the organization on the web. Web development becomes more advanced with new trends as new ideas and innovations hit this domain. From Single Page Applications to Headless development, these trends offer several options when opting for web development.

Moreover, to get the utmost benefits of web development, you need to focus on the recent web development trends. Every year technology changes, and with the change in the tech-stack new web development trends emerge.

You can leverage the latest trends in the domain by partnering with a reliable web development company as it can help to develop a robust web development solution.

Keep reading this blog to find out the top web development trends.

What is web development and its benefits?

Web development is the process of developing a website, web app, web portal, etc. Usually, it involves the creation of static or dynamic websites or web apps based on a business’s requirements.

Benefits of Web Development

  1. Reach out to more clients
  2. 24/7 availability
  3. Reduce operational costs
  4. Establish business credibility
  5. Control over business

Web Development Trends

We’ve mentioned the top 5 trends of web development below.

1.   PWAs

PWAs are one of the most popular web development trends these days.  Progressive Web Applications are commonly abbreviated as PWAs. These are unique web development solution  that is installable on smartphones and desktops. PWAs are generally websites but with the look of a native app.

They are cross-platform  and can function on desktops and mobiles. A PWA can run  with its own app shell making it feel like a native app. PWAs can be easily installed on a device with a simple “Add to home screen” option in the web browser.

The reason behind PWA’s popularity is their fast-loading speed, installability, app-like experience, and more. It makes it easier for users to access websites easily on their devices with desktop/mobile-friendly functionalities. This, all in all, improves the user experience and retention rates.

2.   Headless Development

It is one of the most-heard phrases in recent times. In simple terms, it means “decoupling” the front-end and back-end of websites. It enables you to separate the front end of the website and make it independent of the complexity of the back end.

Headless development takes place when the presentation layer on which your customers interact is separated from the functionality layer or the database. It results in greater flexibility, faster development, and enhanced user experience.

It is different from the traditional way of developing a website as the developers get flexibility in developing the front end of the website. Also, they can choose the desired technology for development. It offers unlimited customization options, as the developers can create the website’s front end independently.

3.   AR and VR

Futuristic and innovative web development technologies are transforming the internet and can change how users interact with websites.

Augmented Reality (AR) works by connecting virtual objects to the surrounding reality.  It builds a bridge between the users and virtual reality, allowing them to interact and visualize virtual objects in reality. AR will benefit advertising and marketing organizations more, as it gives them many opportunities to promote products and their advantages to users.

Unlike AR, VR requires special equipment, such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, etc., to deliver the complete immersion experience that disconnects users from the physical world.

The implementation of AR and VR brings numerous benefits. For example,  online retailers can leverage AR/VR for their eCommerce sites to experience the product themselves. Customers can virtually try out the products of the brands they are looking for, thanks to the power of AR and VR. It, in turn, improves customer engagement, user retention ratio and brings numerous opportunities for businesses.

4.   AI-powered Chatbots

Chatbots are an innovative way of interacting with users in conversations, typically via texts. The more substantial benefit of a chatbot is that it can generate automated responses. It is another trend that is making a significant impact on web development.

But, with AI in this domain, chatbots are also becoming more innovative. AI chatbots can understand written or spoken human language due to NLP (Natural Language Processing) capability. It means that the bot can understand the intent of the query the user has asked for and deliver the results accordingly.  These include advanced functionalities such as human-like interaction, behavioural analytics, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving capability.

These are very useful from the perspective of customer service. With the advent of chatbots, customers can quickly get answers to their questions. Also, chatbots are helpful for quick support as customers can get quick solutions to their problems instead of waiting for a response from a customer executive. Nowadays, businesses work across geographical boundaries in different time zones and locations. So, they need to serve their customers effectively regardless of geographical boundaries. Here, chatbots are beneficial for a business.

5.   Voice Search

It is another key web development trend. The future of the web is more voice-based than text. Every smartphone or PC is equipped with a personalized voice assistant (such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and so on). Therefore, voice search has become an essential trend in web development that enhances the user experience to a whole new level.

Why is voice search becoming important? It is because of the several advantages, but among them, the ease of use is on top. Voice search makes it easier for every type of user to come and collect the information. In the forthcoming years, voice searches could become more prevalent in web searches.

For example, voice commerce provides a way for users to buy through voice commands, just like they do with the click of a mouse. It simplifies the shopping experience as the users do not have to follow the lengthy browsing and purchasing process.


All these web development trends can help you create a highly competent website with state-of-the-art functionalities. Information is constantly changing, and the method we use to deal with that information is also evolving rapidly.

You can implement the latest web development trends to build a website with a world-class user experience. You can build a robust website with unique features.

Likewise, you can hire web developers to make a future-ready website by implementing your site’s latest web development trends. The developers can build the right website with desired trends incorporated into your site.


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