Top 5 Reasons To Use Sencha Touch App Development Framework

Sencha Touch App development is a leading & hybrid front end development service framework. It follows cross-platform functionality when it comes to creating mobile apps. It uses JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 for building Apps. Thus, in this way, with its advanced features, high performance & unique capabilities. Sencha has become the first choice for app developers around the world. Now business people are getting deep into perfection when it comes to building a business website or application. They do not want to leave any loophole while making their brand website or apps to navigation users with the correct information through the application. To make you more aware of Sencha Touch Development Framework. We have mentioned various facts and perks below.

What Are The Perks Of Using Sencha Mobile Application Development

Sencha Touch was introduced with many ideas of the venerable framework. It is the first mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework that allows working much more effectively than Ext JS. It is also known as the Config System. Comparatively, the Sencha delivers a cost-effective & fast delivery time to upgrade productivity. Proceeding further, let’s discuss its benefits in building magnificent cross-platform touch apps.

1- Robust & Adaptable App Development:

You will experience smooth functionality with its robust & secure architecture framework. On the same wavelength, it also manages to build other parts of the apps with individual coding rooms. For example: interface elements, data management & logic in an organized way. In short, application developers & designers can perform identical tasks simultaneously. This process of app development increases the delivery rate even faster.


Note: For building portable mobile applications. It merged with Ext JS, which gives it a cross-platform web and mobile applications versatile Framework. To know the most recent components and delivery, read here -Ext JS product page.

2- Smart & Advanced Widget:

Every day, the demand of making the business application flesh out with advanced business needs. And developers have to keep the standard up with business requirements. If you are looking for an application to look & feel like native apps. With rich data management features & advanced UI components. Sencha Touch is the best option, along with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards.


It follows the MVC framework & provides a familiar workspace pattern to develop applications. It provides a custom URL routing mechanism & history state support for constructing your applications.


With the help of advanced widgets in Sencha Mobile Application Development. It becomes unproblematic for developers & designers. Sencha framework enclosed with 50 advanced widgets (i.e. containers, forms, and other fields). Which results in exclusive UX/UI design that stands high.

3- Provide Responsive Layout:

Getting your desired layout was way tricky and time taking earlier. But now, you can easily endure the responsive layout with less effort. Now bulk & hard coding to design the desired application framework are fading away. But with Sencha, just choose your widgets, and start adjusting them according to your preference. One more thing, If you wish to get a dynamic interface for your application adaptable to the smartphone screen size. Then Sencha leverages you with this too. Some benefits are:


  1. It helps to reduced development costs
  2. based on the latest technologies & cover all web standards
  3. Highly Responsive, personalized with fast page loads function.

4- UI-Oriented Feature:

When it comes to focusing on looks or style of application. Designers follow the user interface (UI) to build interfaces in applications. The biggest challenge businesses face these days is good interface design, which intends to guide users.  And sustain a mobile application standard that matches the latest challenges. The framework of Sencha Touch is UI-centric which helps to communicate brand values. It comes up with various User-Interface default themes, which save you from bulk and complicated coding. With the default themes, you can customize the application in less time.


Check a few key components for UX Design.


  • Use the correct Information Architecture to provide its users easy navigation.
  • Creating the conceptual design
  • increase the usability
  • Wireframing- test the features, look, and usability of the application


Additional Information:

  1. Grid helps with built-in functionality such as sorting & grouping.
  2. Pivot Grid gives strength analytics functionality to React applications.
  3. Permit visual data to represent a broad range of dynamic & static charts along line, bar, and pie charts.
  4. Exporter allows moving data from grid or Pivot Grid to a wide variety of common formats & standards.
  5. Make sure to enable correct sizing & positioning of all components with the layout system.

5- Cross-Browser Compatibility:

You will get several explanations on cross-browser compatibility based on a common theme. But commonly, it is known as the ability of a website, application, or script to support various web browsers identically. It allows the website or web application to work across more than one browser gracefully.

Working on more browsers results in working with more customers. Therefore, Cross-browser capability turns it into a “must-have” feature for new applications. These features give a flexible platform to code on any browser (Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). Besides all, it proves itself a boon for both the developers & designers. As it organizes the application easier by using its component (i.e. Classes, Methods, Widgets).


Sencha Touch Development is a robust and secure framework. It completes all the parameters which are required for modern technologies present in the latest browsers. Meanwhile, Sencha is the favorite choice of developers. Because of its development speed, transferable skills, and cross-platform capabilities. Also, Being loaded with features like widgets, tools, and themes. It helps to boost the workflow & cut development time. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the information mentioned above about Sencha Mobile Application Development. Now you can quickly build complex, robust web and mobile applications with an intuitive user interface.

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