Top 10 TEFL Certification Course in California

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL, is a course you can take to learn how to instruct English to individuals who wish to learn it. You can take it online or in person. Many people think that taking a TEFL certification course is just a requirement for teaching English overseas. However, a TEFL certification course will actually open up a whole new world of travel-infused education. Many people choose to teach English abroad for a variety of reasons, including the incredible experience and opportunity it offers. Teaching abroad offers the opportunity to learn about various cultural practices, regional languages, and historical sites from throughout the world.

Below are some of the TEFL Certification course in California

1. Henry Harvin

Upgrade your profile with several practical projects to advance your career and gain access to a vast array of employment options in more than 20 locations worldwide. You have the option to attend various batches with various instructors once you’ve enrolled in Henry Harvin’sTEFL Academy. This means that throughout your membership year, you can take the TEFL Certification Course as many times as you’d like without having to pay any additional fees.

Main points

  • Live projects, recorded videos, internships, interview preparation, weekly job support, career services, access to e-learning, four complimentary modules, and networking opportunities with more than 23000 accomplished alumni worldwide
  • Brush up on your concepts with our monthly Masterclass courses, held each month with subject-matter specialists and designed to prepare you for the workplace.
  • The TEFL Certification course consists of modules involving vocabulary, grammar, writing structure, etc.

2. Oxford seminars

Our course covers a wide range of teaching techniques to prepare you to be a successful ESL teacher, regardless of whether you are still in school, have recently graduated, are unsure of your career choice, have been working for a while, or are seeking a change. It consists of the kind of practical “in-class” experience that ESL schools seek in a teacher. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and inspiring with the advanced skills in the course.

Main Points

  • The seasoned and vivacious course instructors cover a broad range of teaching techniques to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared, employable ESL teachers.
  • This TEFL Certification course includes teaching in multicultural settings, managing the teaching workload, catering to the needs of diverse students in the classroom, and making effective use of English teaching resources.
  • Instructor-led online studies comprehend the course from effective ESL teachers with better exposure to the TEFL Certification course.

3. Lexi learning

The TEFL certification course here instills self-assurance in both students and instructors through cutting-edge, successful, and time-tested reading solutions. Technology improves communication between educators and students, enabling them to form bonds that foster trust, comprehension, and genuine learning. Lexia holds itself to the highest efficacy standards through published, peer-reviewed research that supports and quantifies our assertions.

Main Points

  • A rigorous, structured, and personalized training approach focuses on sound learning and engaging methodologies to value the learning aspects.
  • The TEFL Certification course is well-defined and designed according to the latest findings in education with effective learning approaches.
  • The research portfolio satisfies the highest levels of evidence, and Lexia products are also proven to increase learning outcomes as needed by federal mandates under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
  • The course is designed based on a tailored method of instruction and are made to provide students with more control over the place, time, direction, and speed of their learning.

4. Oneworld365

The combined TEFL course consists of two components: an online component and a classroom component that includes training and teaching at our training center. Through the course’s online component, you can study teaching theories at your own speed from anywhere in the globe, and you’ll have the chance to put those theories into practice by receiving additional training and doing some teaching at one of our training centers.

Main Points

  • With the help of this TEFL certificate, you will be fully prepared to work as a successful teacher overseas and earn a living. Start an exciting new journey right away by searching and comparing approved TEFL courses.
  • Online TEFL courses for teaching English are in-depth, engaging, and practical. More importantly, they can be finished anywhere in the world! Detailed pedagogical explanations, interactive simulations, practical exercises, and examinations are frequently included in video presentations.

5. UNI-Prep Institute

The specialized TEFL Certification course is brief and concentrates on a single subject. They are highly useful for students who wish to learn more about a particular subject or student group in-depth and to teach specific subject areas. Students who successfully complete all of the course requirements are given certificates of completion to display their accomplishments. For anyone looking to advance in the field of English teaching, the TEFL Certification course is an excellent method to demonstrate additional qualifications to employers.

Main Points

  • The TESOL Diploma program includes this course, however, it can also be done separately. You will be guided through each of the various facets of online teaching in this course.
  • You will know how to look for an online teaching job by the end of the course, but more importantly, you will know how to teach English online.
  • This course is fully online and provides a flexible approach for learning at your own speed for those who are confined by their location or employment schedules. There is no set schedule for the course’s classes, so students are free to begin at any time.

6. Teaching House CELTA

With centers located all over the world and our TEFL certification online courses, Teaching House has emerged as one of the world’s top English language teaching training organizations. By offering a range of diversified services, Teaching House has been able to offer high-quality educational services to a variety of individuals.

Main Points

  • Developed internally by Teaching House trainers, practical teaching hours and a little bit more contact hours overall Fewer written assignments; the course has been revamped to be more enjoyable.
  • The TEFL Certification course is a mixture of methodology-related information provided through workshops, demonstrations, group discussions, and practical lessons where you get to put your knowledge to use by instructing actual students in real-world settings.

7. TEFL Org

TEFL instructors with decades of expertise created online TEFL Certification course. Consequently, the courses’ content has been specifically created by professionals. To make learning engaging and dynamic, our online learning platform blends video, text, and interactive quizzes.

Main Points

  • When you need advice, TEFL advisors are available to help. You will work with the same tutor from beginning to end. They will assist you, mark your work, give you comments, and be there for you if you need anything or have any questions.
  • You may earn your TEFL certification on your own time and at your own speed with our online TEFL courses because they were designed to accommodate your current schedule. A personal tutor with strong teaching and training experience will guide you throughout the course.
  • Not only do they provide you with a curriculum jam-packed with English grammar and TEFL methodology, but they also provide you with insider information geared toward giving you the best start in your TEFL career. Get the chance to witness seasoned TEFL teachers at work and learn from the experts.


In order to meet your budget and schedule, they provide both economical, flexible online courses as well as on-site training. As you begin your career as an EFL teacher, your fellow TEFL trainees, your instructors, and the TEFL center employees serve as your support network.

Main Points

  • You may verify, validate, and gain international recognition for the certificate you receive from Bridge. From initial TEFL certification to ongoing, stackable professional development courses, we’ll support you as you advance as a teacher.
  • Engaging exercises (such as quizzes and peer discussion boards), instructional videos, downloadable materials, and more are included in Bridge online TEFL Certification courses.
  • You will participate in interactive online training, join a global class of peers taught by a master’s-level instructor, and participate in group projects, discussion boards, and optional live sessions.


A highly experienced TEFL instructor who is assigned to each class will give you personalized comments and help. To review key ideas and demonstrate how to use them in the classroom, the CIEE TEFL instructors also conduct weekly live classes. Here the TEFL certification course is offered for 150 hours,60 hours, and 30 hours.

Main Points

  • The US Dept. of Education-recognized ACCET has accredited the courses, which were created by TEFL industry specialists.
  • The TEFL Certification course is designed flexible and automated to complete at your pace of convenience.
  • The curriculum for this self-paced course can be finished whenever you like over the course of six months. Students perform independent work while participating in online presentations and readings.
  • This entails that you are free to work whenever and wherever you like, whether it be in the morning, at night, in a coffee shop, at home, or wherever you are most inspired.

10. Uni-Prep Institute

The UNI-Prep Institute provides two self-paced, fully online TESOL & TEFL programs as well as one hybrid program that combines live instruction with self-paced material. You can become certified to teach English both online and overseas in almost every nation by completing any of these programs.

Main Points

  • Both online and in-person, the course covers all of the essential elements of teaching English. There are a total of 10 units that cover topics including lesson planning and classroom management.
  • The TEFL certification course consists of readings, exercises you can utilize in the classroom, and video lectures. There is no final exam and a quiz at the end of each unit in the course.
  • All coursework is completed through the student portal. The course and examinations can be finished whenever it is convenient for you. There is no set schedule that must be followed.

Benefits of TEFL Certification

●     Plan for the VISA

Many nations demand that teachers possess a teaching license or another certificate, such as a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA, in order to be granted a work visa. This is significant since you should always be teaching legally wherever you go. If you don’t already have a teaching license, obtaining a 120-hour TEFL certificate can serve as a temporary fix and is sometimes the minimum need for obtaining a work visa.

●     Get the confidence to teach

To gain confidence in the classroom, new teachers are urged to enroll in a TEFL course. No one wants to enter a classroom full of pupils without feeling completely prepared. It is confidence in teachers that creates confidence in students.

Online TEFL courses will introduce you to the fundamentals of teaching English as a foreign language, while classroom TEFL courses will offer you a taste of what teaching is actually like. A great experience that you can draw from when you eventually enter your own classroom is getting to present lesson ideas to students while being guided by knowledgeable teacher trainers.

●     Boost your resume

A classroom TEFL course in the nation you want to work in will be a fantastic CV enhancer. An online TEFL certificate will also work if you are unable to complete the in-person component.

In addition to enabling you to obtain a work visa in many nations, finishing a TEFL course demonstrates to employers that you are dedicated to providing your future pupils with the greatest instruction possible.

Because you are currently in the country, have taught local students, and have practical experience implementing lesson plans, adding a classroom TEFL course to your CV conveys to potential employers that you are serious about teaching abroad.

●     Get better pay

Even though it could be feasible to find employment as a teacher in some nations without a teaching degree, obtaining your TEFL certificate will give you a higher chance of success. You’ll be qualified for higher-paying teaching positions if you do this.

Additionally, you’ll increase your employment prospects in numerous nations where a TEFL certificate is needed to teach English. This will position you for success because TEFL certificates never expire, meaning you’ll already have everything you need if you decide to move on to a different opportunity in the future.

●     Establish a pedagogy

Being a great teacher requires developing a sound pedagogy. The way you teach in the classroom is called pedagogy, and taking a TEFL course will help you develop and comprehend your own unique pedagogy.

You’ll be able to define and justify your pedagogy by the time your TEFL course is over. This is assisted by classroom TEFL courses since you may complete hands-on teaching practice and test out various teaching techniques until you find one that works for you and your students.

●     Master the phonology

Phonology is a crucial concept in language instruction that must be mastered. For English language learners, understanding phonetics and accents are crucial; otherwise, even if their grammar and vocabulary are strong, their peers may misunderstand them.

Your students won’t understand as much as you’d like them to if you don’t know how to teach English phonology, even if you know how to teach other subjects. You will study how to teach phonology in a TEFL course, and then you’ll be prepared to enter the field of teaching English overseas, so don’t worry!


A TEFL course gives you the opportunity to learn more about teaching abroad without fully committing to a one-year position abroad, which can be crucial for new teachers. However, the majority of individuals who decide to test the waters with a classroom TEFL course find up falling head over heels in love with teaching.


Q.1 How does the TEFL certification course assess students?

Ans. Each level you instruct and each job you complete contributes to your total assessment as a teacher, which is a continual process. By the course’s conclusion, you will be able to create and present captivating communicative lessons in a range of settings. The moderating team and your trainers will evaluate your whole portfolio of work; there is no final exam for the course.

Q.2 Why English is taught as a foreign language?

Ans. Many people choose to become English teachers in order to build their resumes, work or volunteer in their communities, travel the world with a purpose, improve the lives of their students, learn more about teaching, or just try something new and exciting. Whatever your motivation, you can be sure that teaching English will be fulfilling.

Q.3 Is there any expiration for the TEFL Certification?

Ans. No, there is no expiration of TEFL Certification. You can count on it to enhance your resume and professional credentials.

Q.4 What is the duration for the completion of the TEFL Certification course?

Ans. Since this course is meant to be taken at your own pace, the time it will take you to finish it will depend on how quickly you are able to get through the content. The Certificate program typically lasts 2-4 weeks, and the Diploma program 3-5 weeks, for the majority of students. The course can be finished in a year by the students.

Q.5 Does the TEFL certification course pay a good salary?

Ans. You might anticipate making a respectable living if you decide to teach English abroad. Depending on your job, credentials, and the nation you teach in, your TEFL compensation will vary.

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