Things You Need for Natural Makeup for Kids

With the world being completely reliant on instantaneous gratification, both millennials and kids today are no longer immune to the idea of technology in the handiest form, that is, mobile phones. On a separate note, makeup is no longer about beautifying a face but rather aimed at highlighting one’s best features. 

Combine these two and what you get is parents wanting their children to be in their best form, and using makeup is just another manifestation of that. To know how to get natural makeup for kids right, quickly glance at some of the things that are must-haves. 

Makeup Must-haves For Kids 

While makeup seems to be an exciting accessory to play around with, parents must be aware of how sensitive a child’s skin is. Being aware of sensitivity and hygiene and having respect for an individual child’s comfort helps in the entire process. 

Nude Eyeshadow Palette 

The available textures and colour scapes of eyeshadow palettes are innumerable. However, for a nice natural look for kids, it is important that you opt for a nude eyeshadow palette. Based on the skin tone, there are specially assorted palettes with different shades to suit the skin tone of your kid. 

Glitter Eyeshadow

Natural makeup for kids need not be boring. In fact, it can be as sassy as you want it to be. Glitter eyeshadows have a bad rapport of being “extra” or “too much”. We certainly do not believe that. A little glitter on the tip of the nose and the eyelids that compliments the colour of the skin may bring out your child’s best features. 

Makeup Brushes

This is a no-brainer, really. However, why it is specially mentioned here is because you need not have 10 or 15 brushes for your kids’ makeup. One or two blending brushes and a highlight brush will be enough for putting on the eyeshadow since kids do not need contouring per se. Everyone adores those bubbly cheeks and droopy eyes, after all. A powder brush will be enough to apply all powder-based makeup as well as rouge. 

Baby Shampoo For Brushes and Puffs

The one thing that troubles the mind when it comes to makeup on kids is the overall hygiene and its maintenance during the entire process from application to removal. While applying moisturiser before application and a soft soap during removal of makeup is the right way to go about it, it is important to clean all the brushes and foundation puffs frequently. 

To lukewarm water, add a measured amount of baby shampoo and allow the mixture to lather. Proceed from this step by soaking all the washables for some time. Furthermore, use your hands to wash the same and repeat the entire process twice. After this, allow the materials to air-dry. 

It is imperative that as children outgrow themselves, they tend towards having their own identity and self-exploration. For many young people, makeup is the way they chose to explore. While as parents it is hard to let them go bonkers, it is only in everybody’s best interest to allow them to healthily engage with makeup, both politically as well as socially. As parents, always are mindful of hygiene and accepting of a child’s personal opinion of style and makeup. 

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