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The professor net worth has additionally featured in various movies as a b-ball player and a notable face. In 2008, he included as a ball player in Semi-Proo and had extra material on the film’s DVD discharge. In 2011, he featured as the lead in the film ‘Ball Don’t Lie.’ The film was displayed at various occasions however didn’t come to the theater. He has his own YouTube series wherein he spruces up like Spiderman.

Boucher raised ball to another level by making it a road sport, being named The Professor. He made it his vocation in 2003. He made the crew and started visiting in 2003. At the point when he was remembered for the visit’s promoting effort in 2004, he acquired worldwide consideration. He has played streetball from one side of the planet to the other as a component of the AND1 Mixtape Tour and has been on ESPN. In 2011, he likewise joined the Ball Up Tour. The Professor Net Worth has showed up in a few streetball-related movies, including “Semi-Pro” and “Balls Don’t Lie,” notwithstanding his endeavors on the court. He has additionally showed up on the DVD series “Streetball: The AND1 Mixtape Tour.”

The Professor Net Worth – the professor basketball net worth

Grayson has uncovered that right off the bat in his AND1 Mixtape vocation (matured 18 or 19) he marked arrangements for $80,000 per annum, which lapsed following one to two years. This sum expanded to a normal of $2 million.

He likewise expressed that his agreement gave a remittance to athletic equipment of between $50,000 to $100,000 consistently. This implied that every month he would get a shipment of AND1-marked clothes and ball gear.

Starting at 2021, The Professor has a net worth of an expected $5 million. At the point when all elements are thought of (stock deals, promotion pay, sponsorships, public appearances, and so forth), we feel it is nearer to the last option. In a few recordings, The Professor Net Worth has expressed that anybody may “handily make seven figures as a powerhouse.”

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YouTube content producers arranged in the US, UK, Canada and Australia all around get remunerated $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized sees after YouTube takes its cut. Monetized considers a standard reach from 40% – 80% of the full scale sees. All of these are impacted by a couple of factors like the contraption played, on time of the year, the region of the watcher, advancement stock, the quantity of advancements there are on a video, the quantity of people skirt the notices, kind of business, advancement responsibility, sort of content, etc The cost of an advancement view relies upon a deal between supports subject to sees. Marketing specialists need to propose basically $0.01 per view.

There is moreover a program known as Google Preferred where significant reserved associations can target notices on the top 5% most popular substance. The advancement rates here are higher than customary. Beside advancements, YouTubers similarly make extra from YouTube Red watchers who pay a month to month charge to see premium substance on YouTube notwithstanding watch accounts without ads. Here they get remunerated ward on watch time on their accounts. The more extended out the watchers watch their accounts, the more money they gain.

The channel has over 5.5 million allies beginning at 2021 and has amassed north of 950 million viewpoints so far. It can get an ordinary of 250,000 points of view every day from different sources. This should make a normal pay of around $2,000 every day ($730,000 each year) from the advancements that appear on the accounts. The professor net worth is about 3 million dollars.

The Professor basketball net worth 2022 | Height, Age


Full Name Grayson Scott Boucher
Date Of Birth June 10, 1984
Place Of Birth  Keizer, Oregon, United States
Weight 155 lb (70 kg)
Profession Basketball Player
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth $3 million
Star Sign Aries


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