The Android Gibbon Wallpaper and Habitat

The Android Gibbon Wallpaper and Habitat is a free game, featured in the Google Play Store, where players can explore their surroundings and find a home for their gibbon. It is a fun, addictive game that will keep you coming back for more.


The Android Gibbon Wallpaper and Habitat is a free wallpaper application for your phone that offers you the opportunity to download a wide range of high-quality gibbon images. The app allows you to use your background as a background wallpaper, share photos with friends on social networking sites, and even find information about the gibbons you are seeing.

Gibbons are a type of ape that are native to Southeast Asia. They have thick fur with black hair around their faces, legs, and arms. You can expect to see these animals in a variety of habitats, from tropical forests to mountains rising more than 2000 meters above sea level. Their habitat stretches from the Malay Peninsula to northwest Sumatra, west Java, and eastern Myanmar. This habitat is threatened by deforestation, poaching, and climate change.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a new game that follows the story of a lost gibbon. It features beautiful graphics and a relaxing game-play that will keep you enthralled. Aside from a storyline, the game also aims to emphasize environmental awareness and promote protection of the Earth.

This video game is a combination of an endless runner and an adventure game. The procedurally generated levels are designed to draw attention to environmental concerns, and the game itself is aimed at getting players to focus on how important it is to protect nature. Whether you’re playing on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the graphic design is a treat. The gameplay is relaxing, and the music is calming. As the game goes on, you’ll find yourself meditating, enjoying the scenery, and interacting with other wildlife. There are also bursts of birds and other animals to keep things interesting.

Unlike other games, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees doesn’t require complex controls. In fact, you can play the game with just your finger. Using this method, you can play through a long, hour-long story that incorporates environmental issues and creates a sense of community between players. Plus, the game has a gamepad support, so you can enjoy the game without your hands aching. Also, the game uses color and sound, so you can easily find the animals you want to meet.

While you’re on the hunt for a new wallpaper, you may also want to try the Habitat of the Android, an exciting new video game. The game is similar to Alto’s Adventure, and is designed to focus on environmental awareness. The game has procedurally generated levels, like the Alto game, and will feature an endless mode. If you’re into both games, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience.

Moreover, the Habitat of the Android is free and available on the Google Play Store. The app is categorized in the Entertainment7 category. According to the developer’s website, the application has been downloaded by 336 users.


If you want to change the look of your Android device, then you may want to consider installing the Gibbon Wallpaper and Habitat app. This is a free application that lets you download high quality gibbon pictures. It also allows you to set these images as your phone’s wallpaper. The app also includes a lot of information about the gibbon.

You’ll be able to find hundreds of free wallpaper apps in the Google Play store. They’re available in a range of sizes, and many are capable of switching your wallpaper automatically. There are also some apps that have live wallpapers. These can be very handy when it comes to displaying information on your phone. Luckily, these are all free applications, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding an app that suits your tastes.

The Gibbon Wallpaper and Habitat is a fun little app that will be sure to please. It has been downloaded by over 336 users, so you’re sure to find some gibbon lovers among its followers. It also has a nifty graphical user interface that will make it easy to install. In addition to that, the application has a great range of gibbon images to choose from. When you are done browsing, you can share your new wallpaper with your friends on social media sites.

Of course, a gibbon wallpaper won’t be much use if you don’t know what the gibbon is. Fortunately, the app also has an informative sidebar. This is a short but useful list of what you should expect from a gibbon. It includes its size, weight, and hair color, as well as its genus. Plus, the application is also able to give you more detailed information about gibbons, including how they use their claws and even how they communicate.

Aside from the gibbon, the app also has a number of other animal wallpapers. The lion’s share of them is about the tiger, but you can also download images of elephants, rhinos, and even giraffes. For the gibbons aficionados, you’ll be pleased to learn that these species are not restricted to Asia. Their range extends as far as Java, Sumatra, and the Malay Peninsula. However, you won’t have to travel too far to see a real gibbon in the wild.

Featured in Google Play Store

The Android gibbon wallpaper and its ilk is a fun way to make your Android phone a bit more gibbon-friendly. Not only does the app provide a stunning view of this primate, but it also provides you with a bunch of gibbon facts to boot. For example, the gibbons have a long list of interesting attributes including: grey, black, and brown fur, black hair around their faces, and painted legs.

The application has been downloaded more than a quarter of a million times and has garnered more than a tenth of a million downloads, making it the most popular and feature-rich gibbon wallpaper app on the planet. And to top it off, the app has a cool interface that is a pleasure to use. Whether you’re a gibbon lover or not, you’ll be able to appreciate the gibbon’s wacky nature in a safe and sane environment.

The App’s nifty scalability ensures that it will be a stalwart on your mobile device for many years to come. With its large library of gibbon pictures, you can even customize your Android wallpaper to your heart’s content. Aside from that, the application is a great social media tool, as you can share these gorgeous photos with friends and family. Those who love gibbons will definitely enjoy this free app. If you aren’t yet one of the lucky ones, you can still snag one for free by following this link.


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