Which one should you go for – Aditya Birla or Star Health Insurance?

Are you the kind of individual who believes in saving money in every step? Well, then you should definitely invest in a health insurance plan. Health conditions are unpredictable. Even the fittest among us are sometimes diagnosed with a critical illness. What gets bothering with our health condition of disease is the high medical bill. When you have a health insurance policy, you can focus on your treatment and with complete rest, get well fast. The hospital bill will be taken care of by the insurance provider. 

As you decide to buy a health insurance policy, and that too if you are doing it for the first time, it can be a little confusing for you. There are numbers of insurance companies in the industry that offer health insurance policies that more or less look the same. To stay away from any confusion, you should always stick to the top insurance companies in the country. The two leading insurance companies in India are Aditya Birla Health Insurance and Star Health Insurance. To know about the companies, you can even start by reading the Star Health Insurance and Aditya Birla Health Insurance reviews. However, since you have to choose one from these two, let us compare these two companies.

Number of health insurance plans

Star Health Insurance offers more than 10 plans, and Aditya Birla Health Insurance also offers over 10 plans.


The e-services that you can expect from Star Health Insurance include online doctor consultation, renewal, policy purchase, claim settlement, and expert support. The e-services provided by Aditya Birla Health Insurance are claim settlement, online consultation policy purchase, renewal, and wellness support.

Customer base

Star Health Insurance has a customer base of more than 16.9 million, while Aditya Birla Health Insurance has an over 8.9 million customer base.

Number of claims settled

Make sure you do not skip on this point while trying to buy a health insurance policy. The claim settle so far by Star Health Insurance is 4.9 million, and over 6, 30,000 by Aditya Birla Health Insurance.

Cashless payments & reimbursements

If you are wondering about cashless payments and reimbursements; do not worry, this is available in both companies.

Hospital Network

The number of network hospitals of Star Health Insurance is more than 9,900, while Aditya Birla has more than 76,000 network hospitals.

Let us discuss at least one policy offered by these two insurance companies.

Personal Health Insurance Plans

The personal health insurance plan offered by Star Health Insurance is Star Health Gain Insurance Policy. Here are the highlights of the plan mentioned below:

  • People between the age group of 3 months and 65 years can buy this plan
  • The plan offers partial coverage for ambulance fees, hospitalization, treatments, etc.
  • The premium options are between INR 15,000 and INR 30,000
  • The policy buyers will get a free-look period of 15 days

Aditya Birla offers a personal health insurance plan called Activ Health Platinum – Essential Plan. The highlights of this plan are discussed herein below:

  • Individuals up to the age of 25 years can buy this plan
  • You can earn back 30% of the policy through its Health Returns TM wellness policy
  • For each claim-free year, you will get a 10% bonus
  • The tenure usually ranges between 1 and 3 years.

Like the personal health insurance plan, both Star Health Insurance and Aditya Birla Health Insurance offer various such health insurance plans. You can check out all the policies offered by the companies and choose the one that is the best for you. You can also find other insurance companies and their health insurance plans by visiting the website of IIFL.


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