A Complete Review of PlagiarismChecker.co

Writing is all about pouring creativity into any piece of text. Creative writing cannot be performed by everyone out there. 

Giving your abstract thoughts a real meaning is surely a laborious chore. Therefore, sometimes plagiarism occurs intentionally or accidentally while presenting your thoughts in words. 

So, every content creator and writer should check plagiarism before publishing their writings online or submitting them to anyone.  

The internet is loaded up with a wide variety of plagiarism checkers. These plagiarism checking tools are working extremely purposefully in the online market.

Plagiarism Checker – PlagiarismChecker.co

In the list of online plagiarism checking tools, Plagiarismchecker.co is one of the finest and super-friendly tools. 

Plagiarismchecker.co is a tremendous, handy, and most beneficial tool. This online plagiarism checker helps every single writer, blogger, and content creator to check for plagiarism within no time. 

In addition, this tool bestows truly superb features to its premium users. These wonderful features help every writer and business holder to check plagiarism in their projects.

Most students and writers can take direct assistance from this plagiarism checker. All of the users can simply use this tool, as it has a free version as well. 

This should be the foremost responsibility of all content creators that they need to create writing that does not carry any duplication or copied data. But in case the writer gets a plagiarized section in writing, they should directly pay attention to it and try to resolve it as early as they can.

Free and Paid Version of PlagiarismChecker.co

PlagiarismChecker.co is a valuable and fruitful tool for all users around the globe. Every user may check plagiarism in all sorts of writings. For instance, in general, writings, essays, academic sheets, research papers, thesis, assignments, textual files, and more.

The plagiarism checker is totally free for its users but carries certain limitations. 

The use of this plagiarism detector is no doubt a good selection because the tool provides you with the best plagiarism detecting solution in your textual files and writing content.


 The free version of this online plagiarism checker is very easy to use. The users are allowed to check plagiarism in their writing for up to an 800-word count without paying any single charge. Any user can directly put the data in the provided text area box to check plagiarism. Or may upload a textual file by taking out that from the device storage. 


Besides the free version, the “ Pro” version is also available for professional writers, business owners, and premium users. 

The paid version offers some useful plans for a writer and for an organization. The paid version is in multiple sections. The names of these versions are Basic, Business, Enterprise, Corporate, and Exclusive. All of them have different pricings & Plans. But the Business version is the most popular one among all other versions. Every particular version carries different features among other sections. 


The pricing limit of the Basic version starts from $10, and the maximum limit of the Exclusive version is $300. Among these two, the pricing limit varies from version to version. Words per search limit also change in every paid version, and the validity of the selected version differs as well. 

So, every user is allowed to pick out the version which fulfills their demands and suits them the best.

Identify and Eliminate Grammatical Mistakes – Grammar Checker

Plagiarismchecker.co isn’t just for spotting plagiarism, as the users can also find a grammar check facility over this web portal. The grammar checker allows you to get rid of errors existing in any kind of text, including sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. This platform is a one-stop solution for making your textual files errorless. You don’t need to worry about dealing with grammatical mistakes on your own, as the grammar checker lets you fix them by offering suitable suggestions. It’s a great facility with a user-friendly interface allowing everyone to proofread text files without facing any hassle.

Get Rid of Duplication – Paraphrasing Tool

Apart from letting you know about the instances of plagiarism, plagiarismchecker.co is offering you the paraphrasing tool to get rid of duplication. The AI-powered paraphraser available on this platform provides you with an easy way to eliminate plagiarized sentences or phrases from your text in a matter of seconds. This tool provides you with high-quality paraphrasing results and leaves no traces of duplication. The advanced algorithms of this paraphrasing tool ensure to make context-based changes in your uploaded text. The users are also given the freedom to replace any word with their preferred synonyms given as suggestions by this online facility. 

Benefits of PlagiarismChecker.co

Any of the users may get a bundle of benefits by using this online plagiarism checker. 

One of the finest features of this plagiarism checker is it scans each and every word in the textual file or in the provided written content. It recognizes plagiarism and duplication, even in sentences or in paragraphs. The tool has the power to identify all sorts of intentional plagiarism and patch plagiarism in the textual file.

The algorithms of this tool are really fast. That is why the tool scans the writing text in a deep manner and shows the result files in just a couple of seconds. The tool has been developed using artificial intelligence technology. So, it works so smoothly and proficiently.

This plagiarism detector offers its users a login panel. Therefore, every user is allowed to create their account and can get the facility to check their writing in a deeper manner with more search words limit. It checks if the content is 100% unique or not. Moreover, the tool takes you to the right sources where you can get if a user is using anyone’s content without taking permission from the real maker. 

 The Way to Use PlagiarismChecker.co

The procedure to use this plagiarism checker is very smooth. The tool carries a very simple and useful interface. Every single user does not need to follow a specific guideline to operate this tool. Anyone can get straight access to it and use it as per their need. 

The usage of this tool is so easy. Every person who wants to check for plagiarism in their writing simply needs to put the textual content in the given text area box. Or, a user may upload a textual file from any of the device storage. The tool instantly scans the content and provides you with the most accurate results in just no time. Users can check their content for grammatical mistakes and for paraphrasing purposes, just by uploading content in the input box of the tools. And all the tools work in a matter of seconds to give accurate results. 

Final Words

After finishing the writing, every user must check the uniqueness of the content by the use of a plagiarism checker. So, you should not be accused of committing plagiarism in your writing. 

The act of copying the data and information can put you in a serious situation. And if a user is found copying the data by a source without asking for the right of use, they may have to face the allegations. That is why it is really a need for every user and writer to make their writings errors and plagiarism-free.

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