All You Need to Know About Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai

Dubai is the dream city of car lovers as it has a lot to offer from Ferrari world to smooth highways that are the best for unleashing your car’s full potential. So if you’re a petrol head then you can’t be in a better place than Dubai. Whether you’re there temporarily or permanently, make the most out of your stay by renting a luxury car in Dubai.

There are many benefits of renting a luxury car in Dubai such as being able to drive wherever and whenever you want, avoid tiring public transportation, extra transport-related charges and enjoying comfort. With so much variety of luxury cars for rent in Dubai, you can rent any car you want depending on your budget.

Don’t Drive Outside the UAE

While looking for luxury cars for rent in Dubai you should keep in mind that you can only drive within the UAE boundaries. Taking the car outside the UAE is strictly prohibited. If you plan on driving outside UAE territory then you must inform the company and follow the legal procedure otherwise there are serious consequences such as paying a huge amount of fine or even ending up in prison. So be aware.

  1. Read the Insurance Policy

Some car rental companies don’t cover insurance so if you damage the car or lose it then you’ll be responsible for the payment of that loss or damage. Our advice is to always go through the insurance policy so that you know what your responsibilities are as a renter.

Moreover, always check the car exterior and interior condition to avoid paying for damage that wasn’t caused by you. Thoroughly investigate luxury cars for rent in Dubai and make sure that the lights, air-conditioning, handbrakes, and windscreen wipers are functional before you rent a car.

Car damage or loss is a big expense that’s why we suggest looking for a car rental company that offers insurance which takes into account car damage, accidents etc.

  1. Have a Valid Driving License

You can’t rent a car without a valid driving license. If you’re a tourist then you should have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP). If you live in the UAE and haven’t made your license yet then you need to apply for a license by taking driving lessons and clearing the test to obtain your license from RTA-approved driving institute in the UAE.

  1. Advance Security Deposits

Before you rent a luxury car, you’ll have to make an advance security deposit before signing the contract. So make sure to ask the security amount and have it ready at the time of signing the contract.

  1. Minimum age for hiring a car in Dubai

In the UAE, 21 is the minimum age for driving but most car rental companies only allow 25 or over to rent their car. So make sure you confirm the age requirement with your car rental company before proceeding the booking procedure.

  1. Terms and Conditions

People often sign the contract without reading the terms and conditions which usually leads to problems and unnecessary additional costs. So always take the time to read terms and conditions before you sign the contract to ensure a trouble-free and memorable experience.

rent a car

  1. Documents Required to Rent a Car in Dubai

You need to provide a set of documents to car rentals in Dubai

  • Passport
  • Auto insurance company details
  • Proof of income
  • Special driving License
  • International Driving License for Non-GCC nationals
  • Proof of residence
  1. Traffic fines and rules

In Dubai, an electronic toll road system called Salik charges a toll fee when your car passes under a toll gate. All car rental companies pay traffic fines on the rented vehicle by deducting money from the security deposited by renter.

  1. Short-term and Long-term Car Rentals in Dubai

All car rental companies in Dubai charge on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. If you want to go on a road trip to the safari desert or a weekend adventure then you should avail a short-term car rental service.

Long term car rental service is budget-friendly. So if you’re looking to rent a car for more than a week then you should choose the long term duration to save money.

  1. Avoid additional charges

Often customers add extras such as navigation devices or a driver without knowing that it costs extra money. So know that extra services always come with additional charges so if you don’t want your car rental charges to exceed your budget then avoid opting for add-ons.


Here’s the last advice, a car rental company should be chosen carefully to have the best car rental experience in Dubai. That’s why you should list down the names of car rentals you’re considering and do some research online to read reviews and other things before you sign a contract.


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