Effective & Best Way to Recover Data from a Seagate Hard Drive

PC or laptop users use Seagate drive as the most popular device. Generally, they are cost-effective, reliable, and available easily.

Seagate is one of the best hard drive manufacturing firms. It is also popular for the hard drive to store files like videos, audio, text, or images. But what if your drive loses its data? Then the only choice left is Seagate data recovery services. It demands specialized and skilled people to recover data from a hard drive.

The Seagate drives are globally used but still have a high failure rate, so we have mentioned important tips to recover data from the Seagate drive.

A Brief Introduction Of Seagate

Seagate has been supplying and devising drives for many years. The first item created by Seagate was in the year 1980. It was a 5.25-inch HDD and 5-megabyte ST-506. Moreover, it was the first one to develop a  5.25 inches hard disk drive. In the initial years (1980), Seagate was a major supplier in the microcomputer market.


At the current time, Seagate dominates the HDD market worldwide with Western Digital. Additionally, Seagate is a top-rated developer of the most authentic hard drives. But there are always significant chances of the hard drive being corrupt. Seagate hard drive, but these rules imply every type of hard drive created by other companies.

Also, sometimes the hard drive corrupts without a prior warning. Well, here you can’t easily recover data from it. Mostly the accidental data deletion or a corrupt hard drive restricts access to all the files saved in a Seagate hard drive.

Tips For Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

1. DIY Method 


If you are not able to make hard drive data recovery, then we have got you covered. You can take some preventions like: 

  • Initially, you should stop using that drive that is corrupt. Moreover, you should do this to avoid overwriting data on the hard drive space. It will save your drive from future damages. The reasons for data loss could be corruption issues with failure signs or accidental data deletion.
  • Another thing is you need to check the drive for malicious codes, malware, and viruses that may replicate or cause a major data loss. 

Don’t dos 

If you are not able to recover data from a Seagate drive, then there might be some wrong steps you are taking. Below we have mentioned some points that you never try:

  • Downloading any suspicious free data recovery software to recover files need to be neglected. It may overwrite the data, which prevents the file from recovering.
  • You have to prevent swapping of the electronic components.
  • Always avoid placing the hard drive into the refrigerator or freezer. Due to this, the retrieval of files will be irreversible.
  • Never try to format the hard drives.
  • You have to prevent the opening of the Seagate hard drive. This action heads to the data tempering from it, and files might be unrecoverable.

2. Data Recovery Possibilities From A Software 

There are many causes of data loss in a Seagate hard drive. But, data can’t be removed completely irrespective of files loss reasons. Due to this, the chances of data retrieval increase.

Research and then choose a Data Recovery software. High-end software can be helpful to recover data from a Seagate device. There could be many reasons for data recovery, such as formatted data, deleted data,  some known or unknown errors because of logical damage on the Seagate hard drive. Choose software that supports data recovery from all kinds of hard disks from Seagate company.

3. Hire Data Recovery Professional 

This is the last option to recover data. Well, you can hire a data recovery services provider or company. Most people prefer this because of their expertise.

The files recovery service companies have a team of experts who help in data recovery without any mistake. Their employees are equipped with advanced tools and technology to solve all your issues regarding data loss in Seagate hard drives. Moreover, they will advise you to protect the hard disk from future errors.

Causes Of Data Loss From A Hard Drive

1. Human mistakes

There are chances of data loss because of unintentional human mistakes. The general functions of the firm consist of data manipulation through typing, editing, updating, or deletion; this might create errors by hard drive users. When you use a hard drive frequently, then it may cause problems. Now have a look over some man cause errors:

  • Accidental file deletion

It is very genuine that you may delete the file or folder accidentally or by mistake. In this situation, the user unintentionally deleted files without any backup.

  • Spilling liquid

Many times we spill liquid on the hard drive, which causes data loss. It affects the electronic parts of your hard drive. Also, in this situation, a hard drive becomes inaccessible or corrupt.

2. Virus

You might be aware of a virus attack that can infiltrate or damage data saved in your hard drives and network systems. Moreover, the virus can corrupt and delete important data from the Seagate hard drive.

3. Software crashes

Well, a software crash is a very common issue that is not in our hands. Sometimes you save data on the hard drive, but it can be crashed anytime or anywhere.

To protect your hard drive from these causes, first, you can try to prevent data theft by yourself, and secondly, you can go to a professional.

Final Thoughts 

We hope you have got a rough idea of ways for data recovery from a Seagate hard drive. Hiring Seagate data recovery Singapore is a great idea, if you still feel that you can’t perform data recovery steps by yourself. Moreover, they will assist you in securing your hard drive for the future. 

So, do you have any queries? If so, let us know below in the comment box. 

Thank you for reading!

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