4 Reasons Why Investing in a Personalised Stubby Holder Should be a Preference

Vacation season is all about barbecue feasts, beachside parties, or an evening by the pool. In short, you must prepare yourself to carry a dozen canned drinks to keep the guests entertained. However, keeping the temperature of all beverages regulated can be complicated if you don’t have a mini cooler.

In such cases, you can use a stubby holder as it is made of neoprene, which provides insulation to the bottle or can. After all, you don’t want a warm beer to dampen the mood of the entire gathering.

Getting creative tools like personalised stubby holders can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Continue reading to find out more.

Keeps Your Drink Cool or Warm

Have you ever planned to sip beer by the beachside only to have it get warm in a couple of minutes? Or maybe you wanted to drink some hot chocolate, but it cooled down while you were stuck on a work call?

In such cases, having a stubby holder by your side can be a game-changing experience. Made with isolated neoprene, it keeps your drink temperature regulated for longer. As such, you don’t have to worry about finishing your beverage as fast as possible.

Your Table Doesn’t Get Water Spots

Condensation on chilled bottles or cans can be a real menace, especially when you’re feeling lazy and not in the mood to get a coaster from the kitchen.

If the thought of water spots on your expensive wooden table is unbearable, you can invest in a stubby holder. It can help keep the water droplets locked in, thus keeping your furniture and hands dry.

Adds a Dash of Creativity to Your Occasions

If you are always looking for new ideas to make your parties more fun, you can use personalised stubby holders. Unlike custom glasses or hats, stubbies will be an unexpected addition for most people.

You can use such items in multiple ways, like a welcome token of gifts after winning games. To get more artistic, you can organise a small stubby drawing competition using markers to see who comes up with the best piece. Such activities will make your party more memorable in the long run and give people valuable souvenirs.

Helps Distinguish Drinks Easily

Imagine picking up coffees on the way to the office for your colleagues with different preferences. In such cases, it is easy to mix up different orders. Similarly, people often forget which beer bottle was theirs at a social gathering because of similar packaging.

Having a stubby holder at hand can help get over this issue. You can carry yours to all events and ensure your drink doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of the bunch. It can also help kids keep their water bottles or beverages separate from other students at school.

Wrapping Up

Have you ever observed that a glass of chilled water or a soft drink gets warmed up more quickly than you would imagine? It happens because the heat of surrounding organs, i.e. hands, lessens the cooling effect rapidly.

To keep your drink cold for extended periods and prevent the mixing of bottles, you can use ideal products like personalised stubby holders. Additionally, such items will help distinguish drinks, add creativity to your party, and prevent your table from getting water blotches.

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