LED and perimeter screens: the digital solution for the stadium of tomorrow

Pitch tour LED screens to allow you to broadcast advertising, especially that of your sponsors, by offering better visibility of information thanks to high image quality.


This advertising device can earn you a lot if you choose your infrastructure well. Indeed, investing in a larger and better quality perimeter led display guarantees you a very significant return on investment while enhancing your image and that of your partners.


Enhance the image of your advertisers

Tour de terrain led screens to offer high image quality and a very wide reading angle, an important argument for your sponsors when they buy you a broadcast on your perimeter. By equipping your stadium with led screens, you will be able to offer greater visibility to advertisers while standing out from other stadiums.


Get a return on your investment from the first use

Perimeters are advertising devices that will make you money, even a lot of money. You have to see this equipment as an investment for the sustainability of your stadium.


Your sponsors will want to appear on your LED screens because of the visibility it can bring them. Indeed, during the match, it will be difficult for the spectators not to see the sponsors which will be broadcast on this lap.


Stay attractive

LED screens will allow you to modernize your stadium so that it stays in tune with the times. No more advertising banners, no more peeling posters, and hello to Charvet perimeters, bright and modern. Stand out from other stadiums with a tour of the pitch entirely on led screens.


Boundaries, LED towers: for all types of infrastructure

Do you think the surrounding screens at the edge of the field are probably reserved for big clubs? Or does it mean that it can only be installed indoors? Now, think again. Whether it’s a large club or a small club, there are different solutions for tour LED screens to suit your infrastructure and needs. Our LED display solutions meet the needs of all sports, soccer, basketball, handball, tennis, golf, motorsport, and more. The edge of the stadium’s LED screen allows for partner promotion, and thanks to the video display, sports marketing animations come alive.


LED screens suitable for indoor/indoor use

Among the different solutions that Charvet Digital Media offers you, there are perimeters and indoor LED screens, also called indoor LED devices. These devices are designed for better visibility in indoor spaces: gymnasium for basketball or handball matches, for example. These screens offer your advertisers a high contrast ratio and therefore optimized visibility.


LED screens suitable for outdoor/outdoor use

Our outdoor touring LED screens are adapted to the outdoor constraints of stadiums. In fact, external devices have features for external installation. In particular, the diodes are sprayed in the open air, and the front protective fins protect the LEDs from possible shocks and rain. The perimeter led display also benefit from a rear opening system to facilitate maintenance.


Enhance your communication with our high-definition LED panels

Intended for communities, our informative LED display panels are highly appreciated by small and medium-sized municipalities. Our devices allow Elected Officials to communicate simply. These screens make the information visible to everyone: pedestrians and motorists, citizens and tourists alike.


These large-format outdoor devices ensure that your messages are broadcast at all hours, outside the Town Hall and its website (which is often little consulted).


You communicate in a new format:  more dynamic, more impactful, with multimedia content, thus promoting better memorization of your messages. Whether it’s urban communication, news, events, or even advertising displays, you give a  new dimension to your communication thanks to our digital LED panels.


Our LED panels are specially designed to be installed in an outdoor environment. They are high brightness and rugged devices to withstand all weather conditions.


These information screens are made in France with professional components to guarantee you the best display quality. Take advantage of our technical expertise and a turnkey solution to equip yourself with modern, efficient digital screens that are fully adapted to your needs.


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