5 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Any Adventure

The subscription box industry is getting increasing approval from adventurers and even people with sedentary lifestyles. Big retail companies have adopted subscription services, becoming a craze for American consumers. Whether it is due to the element of surprise that comes with each box delivered or it’s just a liking for something different and in a fancy box, the trend is fast-growing and likely to remain so.

For those that do not know what subscription service is all about, it is a recurring delivery of products specific to a niche in a subscription box. Ecommerce companies use this strategy to market and distribute niche products they sell themselves or supply from their partners. According to Harvard Business Review, over 2000 subscription businesses operate in the United States alone.

In every industry, some brands stand out more than others. It is the same for subscription service, which has become highly competitive since 2010. Some brands try to stand out with pricing and the frequency of delivery, while others target customers based on socioeconomic status.

Here are five brands that stand out for adventure subscription services that you should consider.

Battl box

A team of expert outdoor pros leads Battl box, offering special hand-picked adventure gear and accessories. Battl box delivers camping supplies, survival and emergency tools, and gadgets. After 2019, the company started the campaign to provide new products without a specific “theme” to respond to their subscribers’ requests for faster delivery.

The pricing comes in a monthly subscription of four varying value levels. The first level is the Basic subscription, including shipping and $29.99. The next value level is the Advanced adventure box which comes at $59.99 plus shipping. The next is a Pro subscription at $109.99, including shipping. Finally, the highest value and best outdoor subscription box is the Pro Plus subscription at $159.99 plus shipping.

Battl box delivers to the United States and Canada through UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post services based on location and size of the shipment.

2. Crate Club

Crate Club is a team of tactical and survival experts who carefully select field-tested accessories, gadgets, and tools for avid adventurers to keep them on the move during tough times. It is common to find medical kits, sunglasses, gun accessories, and similar survival gear.

Crate Club offers come in quarterly subscriptions called crates. There are three crates to choose from depending on the budget and experience of the adventurer. They are Lieutenant, Captain, and General crates.


The Lieutenant crate is for new adventurers. The subscription box typically contains self-defense and survival tools, everyday carry gear, and more. Pricing for this subscription is $49.99 for each quarter and $179.99 for four quarters or a year.

Captain crate is best for adventurers with some experience who are not afraid to tread new grounds. It typically contains outdoor essentials, med-kits, self-defense gear, etc. It costs $99.99 each quarter and $359.99 for a full-year subscription. The General crate is for seasoned adventurers who are experts in using sophisticated gears. Their subscription boxes contain binoculars, a bulletproof bag, advanced tactical and self-defense tools, and more.

Crate Club ships internationally to all APO, DPO, and FPO addresses supporting military members serving overseas.

3. Cairn (Outside)

Cairn, recently acquired by Outside, offers a theme-focused subscription box that is also customizable to suit your personal preference. The package typically contains adventure gear, apparel, consumables, and survival gear.


The payment plan is in four categories featuring three monthly collection packages and one obsidian package. For the first monthly category, each subscriber pays $34.99 per month. The second category is $197.94 every six months. The third monthly category is $383.88. Finally, the Obsidian Collection package subscribers receive priority service (receiving $350 retail value worth items) at a $249.95 payment in each quarter of a year.

Cairn ships internationally. Shipping to buyers in the US is free, shipping to Canada costs $5, and other parts of the world cost $10.

4. Wild Woman Box

The simplicity of the Wild Woman brand can be seen right from the logo itself. The subscription box of Wild Woman is ideal for casual adventurers. The brand offers support that makes going outdoors easier. Wild Woman boxes contain health kits, beauty products, nature-inspired items, survival tools, self-defense gear, and consumables to keep adventurers energized.

The subscription is in three pricing categories: $37.95 monthly payment, which renews on the 15th of each following month, a $108.00 fee for three months pre-payment plans, and a $204.00 payment for six months pre-payment plans.

5. The Happy Glamper

The subscription box for the outdoor diva targets the adventurous girl in you. Health products, consumables, special hand-crafted items, etc., are typical boxes content prepared to get you going. Each season, The Happy Glamper features a specific region of the US and curates items based on that region.

The Happy Glamper box has a monthly subscription cost of $49 per month and a $176 annual prepay package.


Subscription service is a successful marketing and product distribution model. Adventurers experience choice overload with marketing models like this as businesses, especially budding brands, want to go with the bandwagon. However, brands like Battl box and Crate Club have managed to establish themselves as an actual force offering the best outdoor subscription box.

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