Noise ColorFit Ultra Smartwatch Review

Noise had widened its line of smartwatches with the addition of yet another smartwatch to its collection. Noise Colorfit Ultra Noise Colorfit Ultra was launched with much fanfare. It was certainly one of the few products with a launch ceremony that was its own. The company certainly was betting on an extremely premium smartwatch with a low price. Noise Colorfit Pro is equipped with a large display and an aluminium alloy body. In the event, it was revealed that the material that is used in aircrafts was used in the design of the watch. That says about the strength that the watch is built with. This is one of the best smartwatches under 5000.

Noise ColorFit Ultimate comes at a moment when there are already many alternatives available on the market. A lot of them are originated from Noise as well as other brands such as Fire Boltt, Crossbeats, Realme, Redmi and more. Every other firm is launching a new smartwatch nowadays, not just the traditional watchmakers such as Timex, Fastrack and Fcuk. There’s no shortage of options. What is it that makes this Noise Colorfit Ultra stand from the rest? For the price of 4499, it boasts a massive display, aluminum-alloy body as well as health tracking features, and much more. Should you put your money on the latest noise-making device? We will explore this in our review.


The first time I pulled the Noise Colorfit Ultra out from the packaging I was in awe of the build quality. The case of the watch bears striking similarities with that of the Apple Watch but has been constructed from an aluminum alloy body. The soft matte finish of the sides and the back panel add an elegant touch to the watch. Furthermore, the sensors are encased inside a metal frame which further enhances the appearance that the watches. It comes in three colours. Noise Colorfit Ultra is available in three colors, including Blue, Black and Cloud Grey. In my test, I was given the grey shade of cloud.

Noise has released a variety of smartwatches in recent times but it’s the Noise Colorfit Ultra that takes the cake in terms of style and feel. It is built well and is durable and is a refreshing change from the cheap and plastic case designs we’ve seen recently. Due to the metal construction casing, the case of the watch is a bit heavy, but not too bad. The watch comes with silicone bracelets with numerous holes. This means that those with slim wrists will not be able to have problems with the straps as it was the case with the previous-launched Noise smartwatches.

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Noise has employed high-quality silicone straps, that aren’t painful, to put it mildly. I wore the watch all day and did not have any issues due to the straps. The watch case however felt heavy on the wrist. On the right-hand edge of the dial there is a button that will navigate to the menu and the main screen.

Display, which is considered to be the USP for the wearable could not be the perfect size for everyone. It’s big, and could be particularly intimidating for females with small wrists, like mine. If you’re willing to put a massive watch around your wrist, it isn’t a major issue for you. If you’re looking for an even smaller wristwatch then you should consider an Amazfit GTS 2 mini, because it has a perfect size and also it comes with the Boat Xtend, which is significantly larger than Colorfit Ultra 2.


Noise Colorfit Ultra looks like an eye-catcher. Its strong resemblance to Apple Watch. Apple Watch can easily pass as one since it feels and looks high-end. However, just looks can’t aid in the sale of a smartwatch when the performance is subpar. Therefore, let’s dive deeper to see how the smartwatch performed with respect to terms of performance.

The first step is to understand that you’ll have to download the Noisefit application on your smartphone to pair your smartwatch. It’s pretty simple to pair and won’t be a major hassle for new users either. Go on the Play Store, App Store to download the app and then tap Add Device. The app is clean and simple interface. It’s clean and isn’t too complex. The first thing you must do following pairing your smartwatch isto look through your app to see if there are firmware updates. These updates can fix a variety of issues that are present in the smartwatch. You can also pick among the many watch faces that are available in the app and install the ones you want to use on your smartwatch. If you are finding trending buzz then visit

Noise Colorfit Ultra Noise Colorfit Ultra has a breathtaking 1.75-inch display with resolution of 385×320 pixels. begin with the basics. The display is among the most impressive I’ve seen in recent times and the icons look large and crisp. It’s also very clear in direct sunlight. I was awed by the icons since they were reminiscent of the look and feel of phones and the animations also, are excellent. However, the thing that was a little unsettling was the response to touch. It wasn’t as smooth or quick as I’ve seen on the smartwatches, which are significantly less that those on the Noise Colorfit Ultra. It took some time to maneuver between different options.

In relation to the trackers, I first had major problems with the device’s pedometer. It did not count my steps when I was not in motion. An update corrected the problem. It was fixed. SpO2 tracker was on par with other smartwatches I own, but not as precise like the oximeter. It has nothing to do with have to do with the precision in the smartwatch. They are believed to be more precise than smartwatches due to the technology employed in them.

The watch is also equipped with 24-hour monitoring of heart rate The best part is that it alerts you of unusually high heart beatings/minute. But there was something odd about this feature I was able to observe. There were many times that I set my watch onto a surface I experienced heart rate alerts with high intensity. However, when I attempted to record the heart rate while keeping the watch on a surface the watch was unable to record the heart rate. Perhaps, this is something that Noise could fix with updating. The Watch is equipped with over 60 sports modes which include swimming, running and cycling. It also has cycling which I couldn’t test due to Covid circumstances.

But, I really liked this watch’s capability to remind you of drink-water reminders as well as reminders for hand washing. We can get caught up in our work that we fail to drink water, even if the bottle is sitting just next to us however, this watch reminds us that you drink water every two to four hours. You can choose the timer according to your own schedule. Additionally, the watch will also signal you to clean your hands which is crucial given that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

In terms of battery life, as far as it is in question, the watch ran about one week on a single battery, something I thought to be quite good given its massive screen. The watch is equipped with magnetic charging for protection. it is IP68 certified and is able to withstand splashes. It is possible to wear it when you bathe or when working out in the gym. Make sure you don’t immerse it for an extended duration.

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