8 Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Choice to Create eCommerce Web Apps

With web apps’ growing popularity, building a feature-packed and user-friendly eCommerce web app for your enterprise has become an integral aspect. 

From a technical point of view, an eCommerce platform is a complete architecture. It has to be intuitive, easy to use at the front end, and powerful yet responsive at the back end. 

To make all the components operate properly, you would require reliable technology to support them. It is a smart move to create an eCommerce app or website in this tech-driven world.

 As everything is digital, you should take your brick-and-mortar business online for productivity.  

While the store ought to feel good and have a fantastic user experience that can generate more conversions, we also consider that the backend must be robust.  

Node.js is among the best frameworks for developing eCommerce web apps. It is robust, fast, and scalable; however, is it the best choice for your online store? 

Do you also want to create an eCommerce web app? However, you are still reluctant about what software technology to use. 

This blog will discuss the top 8 reasons why Node.js is the best choice for creating eCommerce web apps. 

So, let’s get started. 


Statistics Related To Node.js

  • According to Hackernoon, PayPal saw a 35% increase in the response time on its page after implementing Node.js.
  • A report published by Webtribunal says that NodeJS can enhance an app’s performance by almost 50%. Not only that, it decreases development expenses by 58%.

The above stats indicate that Node.js is a strong backend JavaScript runtime environment. 

When To Use Node.js For Web App Development?

1. Server-Side Web Apps

You can effortlessly utilize NodeJS to create traditional web apps on the server side. If your application cannot accomplish much computation, you still want to streamline the development work and build it in JavaScript with the assistance of JSON storage like MongoDB.

2. App Monitoring Dashboard

Node.js is mainly used for building performance monitoring systems. You may easily create a real-time dashboard and open a transmission channel to gather real-time statistics of user interactions.

3. Data Streaming

Streams are objects that facilitate you to read data from a source or write data to a path constantly. There are 4 streams in NodeJS Readable, Writable, Transform, and Duplex. A stream module contains a base API utilized to make objects for executing the stream interface.

Why do we Suggest NodeJS For Building Ecommerce Apps?

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript environment that permits you to build superior performance and scalable applications. It is perfect for real-time cooperation tools, chats, streaming mobile applications, and other apps that need many I/O functions. 

It is a server-side platform based on Google Chrome’s V8 engine. Node.js is renowned for its quick and scalable apps and comprehensive library of JavaScript library modules.

One of the most significant aspects that Node.js is the best choice for eCommerce web app development is that it presents stability and helps include crucial functionalities like payment gateways, various categories, a cart, etc.

Additionally, Node.js offers the advantage of quick prototyping. You should know that world-renowned organizations use NodeJS to create their primary apps. Some prominent names are Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Uber, LinkedIn, Walmart, NASA, etc. You may also build a robust app with the help of the best NodeJS development company for productivity. 

Top 8 Reasons to Choose NodeJS for Developing eCommerce Web Apps

1. Superior Performance

NodeJS streamlines multitasking by delivering superior results at an effective cost. The consumer’s journey at an eCommerce store includes multiple functions. The checklist incorporates adding items to the cart, modifying product features, etc. 

From the performance perspective, the technology must function such assignments effectively. NodeJS can also manage numerous operations simultaneously, making it an incredible option for eCommerce development. Backend development with Node.js presents considerable advantages over full-stack JavaScript development. The fundamental advantages incorporate enhanced productivity, easy code-sharing, speed, efficiency, and numerous free resources and tools. 

2. Highly Scalable

Node.js enables quick scalability. Your eCommerce store can evolve. As every node in Node.js works near an event, many nodes can run at the same time and interact independently. Similarly, you can add an endless number of nodes to the Node.js core. It assists developers in scaling the apps horizontally. Node.js incorporates a mechanism tailored to specific needs. The V8 library is written in C++ and comprises the JS procedures into machine code without taking much time.  

3. Cross-Platform

One of the essential advantages of Node.js is that it works as a cross-platform development platform. In many scenarios, developers may be acquainted with a minimum of two programming languages to code, but Node.js is an anomaly.

Because NodeJS can be adequately used for both client-side and server-side apps, it also enables developers to select code reusability if there is any change. That is why NodeJS is a leader in the world of web apps today.

4. Multiple Plugins and Packages

NodeJS includes many packages that can be effortlessly implemented into your web applications. Due to this, developers can easily depend on reliable open-source services and do not have to write the codes from scratch.

It mainly boosts the development of eCommerce. Moreover, you can get fantastic eCommerce packages. If you are unsure which plugins are best for your eCommerce web apps, you can consider taking the assistance of a well-known NodeJS app development company. 

5. Cost-Efficient and Easy Deployment

The NodeJS I/O model is highly efficient as it can work in real-time and does not block I/O functions. As a result, the website app can be updated more rapidly. 

Furthermore, it decreases the development expenses because you do not require two different teams of developers for the front-end and back-end. Only professional NodeJS developers will justify your project. 

Web apps built utilizing NodeJS are easy to deploy. This framework authorizes developers to construct and test a web application’s elements effortlessly. The best NodeJS development service provider in the USA sees this framework as significantly valuable since it helps speed up web apps’ final deployment. 

6. Single Language For Back-end and Front-end

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment that operates on the V8 engine and runs JavaScript code outside a web browser, which was developed to create scalable network apps. It is utilized by numerous popular Front-end frameworks like Angular, React, and Ember. Due to this, you can build eCommerce web apps written in a single language. 

An eCommerce app development firm, is capable of integrating a single language for both the backend and front end. It streamlines the development process, making the interaction between the front and backend more convenient and enabling them to comprehend both sides of the codebase better. You could go with a large team of developers or a smaller one, depending on the type of web app you want to build. As there is no technical difference, adding new employees to boost growth will not be an issue. 

7. Large Community

NodeJS has an extensive community of developers who provide their input to enhance the NodeJS JavaScript environment. Because of this, the framework is excellently written and regularly supported, enabling the development procedure to be efficient and quick for everyone engaged. Moreover, you may find lots of plugins and modules. Additionally, you would likely get the solution from the community if any issue appears. 

Apart from that, an open-source JavaScript platform like NodeJS has the benefit of having access to experts and experienced developers who can help you write correct codes and add the latest features to your eCommerce site. 

8. Uniformness in Data Streaming

While utilizing NodeJS, any HTTP request and its related response travel via one data stream. Therefore, the files are simple to process and excellent for eCommerce websites that can load multiple times. Due to the fast uploading of the videos, consumers can make quick purchasing decisions. 

Another critical advantage of NodeJS is caching. It holds single module caching, which indicates whenever a proposal is made to the application, it gets cached in the app memory. It permits the app to work perfectly and load quickly. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this blog will guide you in comprehending why NodeJS for web development is a practical choice. With NodeJS, you will also have to consider the technologies you will utilize to create your eCommerce store. Everything must be compatible, incorporating the frameworks and services. If you want to develop scalable, engaging, and quick eCommerce web apps, then NodeJS may be the best choice. It has numerous advantages, such as robust performance, easy caching, fast processing, etc.

Software development is made simpler with the aid of many ready-made frameworks. You can hire a NodeJS app development services provider to develop interactive web apps. However, before taking the assistance of a NodeJS development company, you should check their portfolio, reviews, and ratings. However, it is imperative to note that the preference of a technology stack is based on several aspects. 

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