New Trends in 2022 in Interior Designs- Living Room Curtains

There will be new trends in living room curtains in 2022. We’ve compiled a list of all of the top curtain trends for living room windows in 2022.

Textiles give a room personality as well as a sense of completion and comfort. Window decoration, on the other hand, should control the amount of natural light in the room while also creating a calming atmosphere. Are you planning to replace the textiles in the hall?

In this post, we’ll show you the most recent living room curtains for 2022, analyse trends, and show you some fantastic samples.


The Most Influential Curtain Trends in 2022

Fabrics created from natural fibres

There is a consistent movement toward nature in all areas of design. This is also true for textiles, with a growing percentage of individuals preferring natural fabrics. Window blinds and panels do not have to be constructed of cloth; bamboo, wood, rice paper, and matting are also options.

The main goal is to make a house or apartment comfortable while also being environmentally friendly. Keep the following natural materials in mind when selecting gorgeous curtains for the living room.

  1. The most common curtain textiles are cotton and linen. Textiles can be utilised to embellish ethnographic, eco-friendly, and Scandinavian settings. But curtain cleaning is the most important part of cotton and linen. They are non-electrified, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and have a low dust accumulation.
  2. Wool is used to making window materials, clothing, and warm blankets. It has a particularly soft and fluffy feel while being dense and thin. It’s a non-increasing substance that maintains heat for a lengthy amount of time (essential in the cold) while allowing air to move freely.
  3. Woollen curtains should be used in a separate living room rather than in a shared kitchen since they demand meticulous maintenance and absorb all odours.
  4. Silk is a delicate, long-lasting fabric indigenous to China. Due to its exorbitant cost, natural silk is typically reserved for high-end interiors. This exquisite material’s mesmerising gleam excellently complements outstanding classic and neoclassical living rooms.
  5. Atlas is also one of the most expensive textiles due to its unique weaving. At one point, it was entirely composed of silk thread. Natural or synthetic fibres are frequently blended with satin to decrease cost while increasing strength.


Colours with High Saturation

The adoption of a neutral colour scheme, on the other hand, does not suggest that the materials are eco-friendly. Rich and bright colours that can be used to alter the interior colour scheme are another trend for the next years.

You can choose any colour you want, but there will be a wide range of popular natural stories to choose from:

  1. Earthy hues (brown, grey, beige, brown)
  2. Plant-related themes (all green variants)
  3. The colours of natural materials (dark grey, beige, terracotta, brown, black)
  4. the spectral range that is cold (shades of blue and light blue, foggy grey, grey)
  5. precious stones (emerald, dark red, gold)


For colour highlights in fabrics, use rich, slightly dusty tones rather than pure colours; they appear noble, contrast wonderfully with the rest of the palette, and do not distract the eye.



Another prevalent trend affects all aspects of interior design. Minimalism in this context does not imply extreme austerity, but rather a thoughtful attitude to living. Nothing in the space should be unnecessary, and what is there should be comfortable and not make life difficult.

In this way, the rejection of complicated textile compositions that require meticulous maintenance but are essentially decorative is crucial. Curtains should be long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and basic in style. For a strong visual impression, choose monotone materials with a distinct texture.

If they do have a pattern, it should be straightforward and low-contrast (unless you have a living room in shabby chic or Provence styles). The top is decorated with abstract, geometric, and stylized floral designs.


Various textures

It is conceivable, and perhaps even necessary, to combine several textures while remaining comfy in a modern minimalist atmosphere. If you have the imagination, you can do any experiment. Any experiment is feasible if you have the imagination. Velvet and tulle, cotton and organza – any experiment are possible if you have the imagination.

Natural and synthetic materials, as well as fabrics of varying densities and textures, can all be combined in the same order.

Select related fabrics to avoid unfavourable contrasts, such as dense matte corduroy with organza, chintz with brocade, and so on, to avoid being confused by the combination.


Styles of Living Room Curtains in 2022

We have discussed the broad trends in window design. Let us now look at the various varieties of living room curtains that are currently fashionable. Make a mental note of any thoughts that come to mind.



These can be thick velvet curtains with translucent textiles or lighter natural-fibre curtains, depending on the décor of the room.

Tulle curtains, sheer voile blinds or blackouts, and other forms of curtains are frequently blended with ordinary materials. The amount of different materials used in a single opening is determined by the size of the room and the interior design style.

The simpler the window blinds design, the smaller the room. Minimalism and high-tech, on the other hand, suggest a plethora of dense and complicated textiles.



Designers are increasingly adopting gorgeous window blinds instead of traditional curtains in modern living spaces. This is particularly evident in contemporary and minimalist environments.

Plastic, bamboo, wood, metal, linen, and even paper are all used to make blinds. They can be constructed either vertically or horizontally. The initial ones move in one or more directions from the centre, and the lamellas can rotate 180 degrees.

Roman blinds have the advantage of being small and compact, allowing them to be used in any size living room. They only cover the window opening, so they don’t take up a lot of space. They may be used in both traditional and modern contexts because of their simple design.

There are two major window blind categories. A classic is a smooth fabric that bunches upward on the lace. The curtain material creates a veil even when fully opened.

These are some of the highlights of interior designs which we thought would be important to share with you. And you will get somehow an updated article about living room curtains and designs.




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