Top 5 Reasons which makes businesses host QuickBooks on Cloud

QuickBooks is a widely used accounting software used by accounting firms and individual certified accountants around the world. It provides an easy and quick way to manage sales, expenses, transaction tracking/monitoring, and many other accounting practices. This is specifically aimed at small businesses getting the most accounting benefits, but it is also powerful enough to handle corporate-level accounting.

Basically, only two versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop Edition and QuickBooks Online Edition, are open to the public. However, there is the third iteration of this well-known accounting software known as QuickBooks Cloud or Hosted QuickBooks, which offers the best of both worlds (both desktop and online versions).

Let’s talk about the reasons to host QuickBooks on the Cloud:

  1. An efficient system cost savings

Most companies have used the desktop version of QuickBooks so far. But as cloud technology gained momentum and popularity, hosted QuickBooks setups emerged. With the hosted QuickBooks setup, companies and organizations around the world have noticed significant cost savings for such systems.

The basic benefits of the cloud include multi-user access. That means the user can access the QuickBooks file at any time and from anywhere on their Windows Cloud Desktop.  This has brought many benefits to companies, accounting firms, and CPA when implemented in accounting practices and QuickBooks.

  1. Includes all features of QuickBooks Desktop

Hosted QuickBooks setups allow users to take advantage of all the features of QuickBooks Desktop, including inventory tracking, order creation, online invoice payment options, and the assignment of multiple price levels to items, services, or products. And the best part is that all of these accounting features are out of the box. All you need is a compatible device with internet connectivity and proper credentials.

  1. Friendly functionality

The hosted QuickBooks uses the same user interface as the native operating system and QuickBooks desktop applications. This allows for a familiar interface that users are already familiar with. This allows users to use the same software and user interface, but with improved accessibility and a secure cloud environment, eliminating the need to learn the capabilities of the new software framework.

  1. Good support features

Hosted QuickBooks services usually require a QuickBooks desktop enterprise hosting service. This means that service providers must also provide support for services that are either free or value-added. This brings many benefits to IT, ensuring that hosted setups are always optimal and technical issues are addressed first.

  1. Greater integration capabilities

Hosted QuickBooks setup offers greater integration opportunities in terms of third-party software and add-ons. This helps make the entire setup vulnerable to better automation. There are numerous add-ons and third-party software for QuickBooks that help simplify tedious manual tasks with automation and hosted QuickBooks setups make the integration process faster and easier.


QuickBooks Desktop Hosting with a intuit authorized service provider like Apps4rent who has expertise in diverse cloud services and also on different migration services like Office 365 Tenant Migration will help your organization to grow by providing multiple end-users benefits. For example, you can enjoy routine updates, data automation, remote access and many more.

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