A Short Guide to Local SEO in 2021

Local search happens to be one of the most powerful tools for small businesses. About 46% of all Google searches are interested in finding localized information. 

This means that if your business is not optimized for local search, there is a huge possibility that your business is not optimized for local search.

Moreover, it is also likely that you’d be missing out on getting prospects for your business that are interested in a shop near your area. 

So conclusively, local SEO happens is a crucial part to ensure that your business stays relevant in today’s world. 

So, to help you optimize your business for local SEO, we have written this guide with the help of Social Snipper Digital Marketing Agency, to make sure that your Local SEO is done right you can check out their Local SEO services.

Now let’s get started!

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine optimization) happens to be a process through which you can improve the visibility of your local business using search engines.

Local SEO also helps the local business that primarily has brick-and-mortar locations as well. 

Ass you follow the best local SEO practices, you will see that your website will result in improved organic traffic from searches that the users perform located in the nearby areas of the business. 

Now, when it comes to gathering information for local search, search engines will rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and even citations.

Through these methods, a search engine like Google ensures that is able to provide the users with the most relevant local results for the business located locally.

As you do Local SEO, you will be able to position your products and your services to the prospects present locally as a business.

Moreover, it will also help you in selling to the customers looking to buy the products that you are looking to sell locally. 

Some Tips for Doing Local SEO:

Here are some tips which can come in handy for doing SEO locally: 

Optimizing For Google My Business:

Google my business has become the forerunner when it comes to doing Local SEO.

Google has no problem when it comes to sharing content that it can support and verify as well. Google my business is an important tool if you want your SEO done locally.

However, there are some things that you can ensure to optimize the page using Google my business.

These include:

  1. Create and verify your google my business page.
  2. Use Google Posts within your account. 
  3. You must encourage your customers to share reviews about your services online. 
  4. You should respond authentically to any reviews left for your page and also specify the location as well.

Engage on Social And Add Posts To Google My Business:

Any content shared on social media is more important now than ever as compared to any time than ever before. This is so because Google marks the content shared on Social media important now. 

So now that you have carved out an amazing Google My Business page, you should consider sharing the page on social media. Doing so will also align social and search. 

Make Sure That Your Name, Addresses, And Phone Numbers Must Be Consistent Online:

It is important that you make it easy for people and search engines to locate you and your services. 

If you want to do this, you must try this thing called “NAP”. NAP stands for Name, Address, and phone number including the area code as well. 

You must ensure to feed this information as crawlable HTML text on your website. Make sure that you don’t include the NAP within an image. 

Final Words!

Local SEO happens to be one of the important parts of any SEO strategy for local businesses.

Even if you have a storefront or service area, local SEO will help prospects find you when they search about the services they require online.


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