Leave your Canine in the Best Possible Hands!

Dogs are loyal creatures, possessing unconditional love for their owners. Ultimately, it is no surprise that you want to ensure the best love and care for your furry friend!

Granted, you may take them on timely walks to spend quality time with them. But waiting for you all day at home might induce loneliness in these social creatures. So, what is the solution?

The rise of various establishments like an indoor dog playground has paved a new way for spoiling your dog. But what do these places cater to?

The Purpose of a Dog Daycare

Similar to how kids are unable to function on their own and require supervision, your dog does, too. They are sensitive creatures, and leaving them alone for more than eight to nine hours at a stretch may impact them significantly.

A dog daycare solves all the above issues and then some more. Not only are your fluffy friends supervised, but they can also avail a host of other features.

A typical daycare consists of various features like an indoor dog playground, dog grooming salon, and a pet retail store, among others. Moreover, your canine can find new friends at these places, with a variety of people leaving their dogs as they complete their errands.

Signs that your Dog is Feeling Lonely

It may not be easy to gauge your canine’s emotions, but there are some common signs that they show when they are distressed. Here are some common ailments and a canine’s usual reaction to the same.

Separation Anxiety

When your dog exhibits separation anxiety symptoms, it may display destructive behaviour like toileting in the house. Moreover, some breeds may display aggression when the owner is stepping out of the house. These are tell-tale signs that your canine is feeling lonely.

Constant Following

If your dog constantly follows you or howls when you are in the other room, there are high chances that it is feeling lonely. One can argue that it might be due to attachment, but this behaviour can also arise from underlying loneliness.

Repetitive Licking

Some dogs repetitively lick the areas of their skin, sometimes even causing sore patches on the body. Usually, this indicates that your canine is bored, stressed, or lonely. In addition, dogs that sleep a lot or don’t respond as usual may be suffering from loneliness too.

Benefits of a Dog Daycare

Apart from tackling your dog’s loneliness, a daycare also ensures high-quality care for your dog. Moreover, both you and your canine are benefitted from these establishments.

For instance, running simple errands like shopping or paying your bills may not be possible with your furry companion. Instead, you can choose to leave them at a dog daycare and allow them to be pampered.

These daycare establishments have indoor dog playgrounds, complete with trees, boulders, and synthetic turf. As a result, they are suitable for dogs of all breeds, gender, and temperament.

In addition, they also consist of authentic pet products, which ensure that your dog is groomed properly.

Summing Up

Get in your dog’s shoes as you understand how lonely it can be in your absence. A daycare allows it to socialize with other dogs and make new friends. Moreover, you can also get a chance to interact with a variety of dog owners and enhance your knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your nearest dog daycare soon!

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