Learn How to Set Home Page on Chrome

Learning how to set home page on chrome is straightforward, yet entirely amazingly advantageous. Doing so allows you speedy access to the site you most often visit. This could be your favored media source, a favorite social media site or an important site you really want to access first thing for work.

As a matter of course, the main page you see when you open Chrome is the Google search box. How to Set Home Page on Chrome. However, you can always change this to another site or customize it at whatever point you want. You can also change your new tab page, so you see a certain site when you open another tab. This is the way to change your homepage and customize or change the new tab page in Google Chrome.

How to Set Home Page on Chrome – Changing Homepage in Chrome

  1. In the top right corner of your computer’s browser, click the Options button in Chrome button and select Settings from the drop down list.
  2. Find the Settings option labeled Appearance. Underneath it is a checkbox labeled Show Home button. Assuming this crate is checked, the web address of the homepage will be noticeable.

how to set home page on chrome

3. Click Change to alter the web address of the homepage.

Another option available in Google Chrome’s Settings is Startup pages

1.Under On startup, click the radio button for the third option, Open a particular page or set of pages, then, at that point, click the Set pages link on that line.

2.Type the Web addresses of the Web pages you might want to open after launching Google Chrome in the Startup pages fields and snap OK.

How to Set Home Page on Chrome – The Default Landing Page Can Also Be Changed

Chrome also offers the option to change the default landing page, which is the page that is first seen when the program is launched. It is the New Tab page obviously, however that can be easily changed to essentially anything the customer wants. To make the change, fire up the program and go to the Settings menu as portrayed earlier. Instead of ‘Appearance,’ click on the ‘On startup’ option on the left sidebar. how to set home page on chrome, Then, on the right pane, customers can pick ‘Continue the last known point of interest,’ which will relaunch the tabs that were open when the program was last closed. Customers can also open a particular webpage in case they want. This could be the homepage or any other site the customer wants.

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