Lahore News Live – Keep You Update The Gold Rate in Pakistan

Today I am going to tell you the platforms (or websites), which provide information regarding gold rate in Pakistan. Read the complete article for finding out pros and cons of these platforms.

These platforms have their unique idiosyncrasies and purposes to fulfill and their own way in providing people with Gold Rate in Pakistan and some Lahore News Channels also provide this rate.

The Platforms providing latest gold rate are:

Lahore 42 News

Lahore 42 News updates its Gold Rate page on daily basis. The idiosyncrasy of this platform is that it has Gold Rate graphs for International rates, it has graph for local rates and tables in tola unit too.

Lahore News Live updates the gold rates. It categorizes its rates according to different quality of Gold, 24k in tola and 10 grams, 22k in tola and 10 grams. It also has a Unit converting Widget to ease users in their experience.

Hamari Web

Hamari Web is a News streaming platform and it has a page for Gold Rates. It also categorizes in Gold rate for different cities and division.

Hamari Web is known for its unique quality for streaming different authorized News Channels.

Hamari Web is a comparatively slower in the matter of updating gold prices.

Urdu Point

It’s a local News platform with a gold page but it’s not updated in a rhythm.

Urdu Point is Like a Pakistani Business insider which collects info on local businesses and crafts.

Its Social pages also have some funny content for the viewers.

Urdu Point’s gold page is limited as it does not feature graphical references as graphs are important for investors and buyers planning to buy gold.

Forex PK

It’s a Forex website which indicates bullion prices of gold. It does not show the price of gold in local markets.

It’s a simple design website with simple table listing international gold rates in PKR and USD.

Gold PK is a basically a website which only tells about gold rates and it has the track record of gold rates for the whole year. It is not affiliated with any gold company or market. Their gold price source is Karachi Saraf Jeweler’s provides a link to this website for gold rates in local market.


INCPAK also provides basic gold prices. There is only one table which lists the gold prices of Pakistan. There is no graphical representation, and it does not provide the gold rates in major cities.

Daily Times

Daily Times is a registered news platform and ePaper. It updates its Gold Rate page in English Language. Gold prices are updated regularly.

Note: The website listed above, have different sources, and their prices may differ. They are not responsible for any loss in trading, or investments.

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