Know these 15 Things About Invisalign Before Getting Started

A good number of persons had had it unpleasant when they decided to go for braces. From experiencing the stigma that comes with having “train tracks” to the discomfort, patients wish for another alternative.

Luckily, Invisalign – a transparent aligner system that is removable and effectively straightens teeth gradually. Some persons have, in a rush, ventured into using Invisalign only to realise that there were things that should have existed considered before having a headstart.

And today, we would be discussing 15 things every patient who needs Invisalign treatment should take note of; useful hints that would prep you up before using clear aligners.

Here we go:

  1. Moulds may not be necessary:

    The orthodontist will get a mould of your teeth to prepare your braces; if that’s what you’re going for. Most patients don’t find this comfortable. Gladly, 3D scanning technology can take impressions of your teeth and save you the stress of going through moulds.

Let it stay noted that certain practices still use classic moulds, but if it’s not your thing, you’re better off finding another method offering alternative techniques.

  1. You’ll experience a different discomfort.

    With braces, patients experience pain and aches – a stabbing sensation in the cheek, especially when eating. But for Invisalign, you’ll feel the tightness of the trays around your teeth. This discomfort is temporary, plus you can remove the trays and eat.

There may be mild teeth sensitivity when switching trays, but that’s insignificant compared to braces’ discomfort.

  1. Tightness (if any) is temporary.

    The tightness you’ll experience with aligner trays typically lasts for 12 hours. Based on this, it’s advised you switch trays before bedtime so you can sleep through the discomfort. The best Invisalign London is available at our practice.

  2. You may need attachments.

    To aid teeth movement, extensions in the form of small ceramic buttons may exist adhered to your teeth to increase pressure. For the entire period of treatment, the attachment remains in position. The feeling of having extensions may be strange, but you’ll get used to it with time, plus they’re unnoticeable.

  3. The problem of dry mouth.

    The dribble in your mouth may dry up or be a lot more than usual, especially during the first few days of Invisalign. While this may not be a big problem to take care of, a dry mouth can cause discomfort, mostly if you work out. Drink lots of water!

  4. You’re to stand committed.

    It takes devotion to ensure Invisalign works for you. Regular brushing, flossing, dental visits, hygienist checkups, and cleaning the aligners take time. You’ve got to be ready to put in this time, mainly if your lifestyle is hectic and you travel a lot.

  5. Coffee consciousness will be high.

    Just like your orthodontist must have told you, coffee is not a thing for Invisalign wearers. While you’re allowed water and clear liquids, coloured drinks like coffee is a no-no. With Invisalign, you can achieve a low intake of caffeine, a huge benefit! Snacking will also be put in check.

  6. Lisping will happen.

    The way you speak with trays in your mouth will change – something known as a lisp. This makes pronouncing words a bit awkward and funny. You may experience this for some days until you get used to the aligners. In the meantime, you can learn how to speak with your aligners to make the lisp less obvious.

  7. Discipline may be challenging.

    It is easy to think that you won’t have any problem wearing aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily. But in reality, some persons are on and off with their aligners such that it takes a significant amount of consciousness to keep track of wearing time. There is always the temptation of keeping the trays off your mouth longer than necessary. Watch out for this.

  8. The staining of attachments is real.

    The same things that stain the natural tooth enamel: coffee, tea, red wine, etc., can also stain the wings. Carelessness about the things you eat can make your supposedly invisible aligners noticeable! Avoid food and drinks that stain teeth. Need a cup of coffee badly? Drink it with a straw and without your trays in.

  9. Full lips.

    Wearing Invisalign can give the impression that your lips look fuller. So, don’t be shocked when you begin to hear things like “I like your lips” or “you’ve got nice and full lips”. That’s clear aligners at work!

  10. Working aligners with long nails are difficult.

    Remember that you need to take out your aligners for cleaning, brushing and flossing your teeth. You can’t move your fingers around the base of the trays to pull them out if your nails are long. Some devices can help anyway but keep buffers short. If you use nail polish, it can get chipped; go for gel polish.

  11. Lipsticks? No!

    Invisalign doesn’t work well with lipsticks. So, if you wear one, replacing it with lip gloss will be just fine. Some lipsticks may blend with aligners; consult your orthodontist.

  12. Without trays, your teeth may feel tiny.

    Those clear plastic covering your teeth can give a fuller mouth and prominent teeth. But taking them out will make your natural teeth think small. If you’ve used braces before, you’ll agree that your teeth feel a bit far back in the mouth when you take out the props.

  13. The outcome of treatment is fast.

    While wearing your clear trays, you will begin to notice a change in the teeth’ position. It’s unlike braces, where results are seen after years of completing treatment.

You can see improvement in your teeth straightening is encouraging to double efforts in finishing the Invisalign treatment.

For dentist London Invisalign, please book an appointment with us. Any questions you have will remain answered during our free consultation.

I hope this helps in informing your decision to use clear aligners. We’d like to hear from you.