Jimmy Wagner

Jimmy Wagner was a highly successful lawyer who operated his own law firm in Brooklyn. He was a well-respected attorney throughout New York. His legal firm was also highly recommended in the media.

Early life

The early life of Jimmy Wagner, an attorney and former slam dunk of the law school world at Hofstra University, is an exercise in the adolescent. As the son of a law school graduate and the eldest of four children, he spent his formative years in Wytheville, Virginia and Enid, Oklahoma. During his time in the Big Apple, he lived with his father, two brothers, and an array of kinfolk. He graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a degree in Law and Economics, and went on to work as an assistant attorney for the New York City Department of Investigation.

Aside from his day job, Wagner was a devoted dad. He had a string of daughters, but the two he loved most were his granddaughters. In fact, his children were a key component of his social life.

College career

Jim “Jim” Roland Wagner was born on August 12, 1937 in Aromas, California. He was the son of Bob and Julie. His father was a former NBA player. During his career, he worked as an attorney and competed at a national level on the velodrome.

Jimmy Wagner was an excellent drummer and saxophone player. In high school, he earned first-team all-greater Rochester and second-team all-state honors.

During his senior season, he scored 100 points in just one game. The team also won the league title. It’s not surprising that he was selected to the all-region and all-state teams.

In 2001, he was named the USA Today High School Player of the Year. He was selected to the Naismith Prep Player of the Year.

John Calipari knew that Wagner had the ability to become a superstar in the NFL. He signed him as the top-recruit in his class. But, Calipari wanted to make sure he had the right coach. So, he sent Wagner to Memphis.

Teaching style

The teaching style of Jimmy Wagner is a lot of fun. His classroom is a hive of knowledge and inspiration. I’ve been to a few of his seminars and have even had the pleasure of attending one with my daughter. It’s a shame my wife couldn’t go as she is a die hard Wagner fan. We’re also awed by his generosity and pragmatism. He has been a big help in the recent move to Pittsburgh. In addition to being a great coach and teacher, he is a devoted family man. Despite his hectic schedule, he is still able to give his students and staff a quality experience. Likewise, he is a great listener and has a calming influence. As a result, we have had a fantastic year so far.


Jim Wagner was a commercial real estate agent in Burbank. He was a former member of the Burbank Noon Lions Club and was the president of the downtown Burbank Stakeholders Association. His achievements landed him a triumvirate of recognition: a Burbank Citizen of the Year award in 1993, the honor of serving on the city’s planning board and the distinction of being elected the president of the Burbank Noon Lions club.

Jimmy Wagner was born on September 5, 1967 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He was the son of Rosie Ethel Wagner of Wellston. In his spare time, he served as a volunteer in the Burbank Fire Department.

A few years ago, he started a commercial real estate blog. This prompted a few inquiries into his background. It turns out, he graduated from University of Illinois with a business degree. He also served in the U.S. Army for six years.


If you’ve ever read The Ring of the Nibelung, you’ve encountered the name Richard Wagner. A composer, musician, and political revolutionary, Wagner was a true genius. He’s also the man credited with bringing modern culture transformations into focus over two centuries.

Although Wagner’s legacy is one of constant debate, his musical contributions remain. His work is also credited with having influenced opera before and after him.

Among Wagner’s greatest works is the renowned Ring of the Nibelung, which took 25 years to complete. It was a cycle of music dramas based on medieval and Nordic sagas. In his vision, the cycle was meant to revive German culture and reform society.

Wagner’s legacy is one of fierce debate. For many cultural conservatives, he became a symbol of German chauvinist nationalism. But he was a real intellectual, too.


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