SS Jemal, along with his firstborn son Norman S. Jemal, is planning on delivering multiple thousands of affordable SS Jemalluxury apartments to Manhattan within 12-18 months. This aggressive timeline can be achieved because JemRock Organization’s plan is to convert existing, prime-located Manhattan buildings into these apartments that will then be offered either for sale or rent. Through JemRock Organization LLC, the Jemal’s have trademark pending the brand name CENTRAL for this endeavor. The Jemal’s have also trademark pending and slogan mark pending, “Live, Work, Be Well”, which actually defines JemRock Organization’s three-point concept for the buildings. The CENTRAL resident will be able to work out of the same building he or she lives in as there will be a “WorkWell” component in each building, where upon the resident can commute down an elevator to the lower floors, into a dedicated glass cubicalized work station available exclusively for rent to the building residents. A large centrally located state-of-the-art conference room will also be made available by reservation. The upper floor of these buildings will be converted into “FitWell”, which will contain a state-of-the-art fitness studio featuring a gym, pilates and yoga studios coupled with an organic juice bar and restaurants. A spiral staircase is envisaged that will connect FitWell to a rooftop deck featuring fire pits, bar and lounge in a very “club-like” atmosphere featuring live DJ performances also capitalizing on the very prime Manhattan views that each of these buildings possesses.The total CENTRAL “vibe” will synchronize perfectly with who our target residents are. SS Jemal has assembled a truly world-class, NYC centric experienced team to execute on JemRock’s CENTRAL concept. SS Jemal is no novice when it comes to real estate development, construction, nor the knowledge on how to build a brand name and marketing it. 

SS Jemal has been employed with his eldest child Norman S. Jemal and JemRock Organization. The JemRock is initially focused on Manhattan residential building conversions. The concept of Central is to very skilfully take advantage of a declining NYC marketplace and flood the Manhattan market with what JemRock dubs “affordable luxury apartments”. JemRock, with its truly world-class team of New York City experienced professionals is uniquely positioned with a pipeline of property prospects that perfectly fit the CENTRAL criteria. At the outset Jemrock thru its CENTRAL brand will bring extremely affordable yet premium apartments to the large group of six-figure earners. “This will help the multitudes of these six-figure earners to live in an luxury apartment in Manhattan at a discounted  Norman S. Jemalprice”, SS Jemal stated. Instead of only accommodating and promoting those apartments to millionaires, CENTRAL’s customer is that six-figure earner that was long ago driven out of Manhattan to the outer boroughs. SS Jemal and his son Norman S. Jemal have spent almost four years very carefully analyzing, studying all the data, and focusing on the Manhattan residential market. With rental expenses presently surging to pre-pandemic record highs through out New York City, SS Jemal says that now is the precise moment to introduce Jemrock’s CENTRAL vision and latch onto this once-in-a-lifetime prospect. As Jemal commented: “I honestly do have an unprecedented deal-flow and the ultimate Best-in-Class mavens on my CENTRAL Core crew. A very substantially detailed, considered strategy and masterplan to originally establish the CENTRAL trademark in Manhattan will shortly be fully disclosed and be extensively marketed as well as promoted. The CENTRAL Brand will evolve into to many other critical US states and eventually to all the prominent cities Global-wide. This will be efficiently and expeditiously executed with the CENTRAL Core team that is on board and is in position to execute.”

Without question SS Jemal has the vast experience required to execute on his huge vision for CENTRAL based on his past experience and most impressive resume’.

In 1976, SS Jemal revealed his maiden “Nobody Beats The Wiz” store on Fulton Street region in Downtown Brooklyn. Eventually it raised to 110 provisions in 6 states with 6,000 workers and sales of $2B. Due to the immediate expansion of The Wiz trademark and because of expense, after his 7th retail outlet, Jemal established and managed his own in-house design, construction and fixture manufacturing company. There, SSJemal employed 600 tradesmen to build over 20M sf of retail stores, shopping centers, office facilities and distribution centers, whereupon he learned first-hand EVERY aspect of construction: from “concept-to-completion”. Jemal had his own staff of in-house CAD designers, drafts-men and architects and would “Value Engineer” (VE) all programs before pencil hits document to avoid expense overruns, construction modification orders and the deadly extras associated with them. Not only did he build every Wiz store and shopping center and office facility, but Jemal also literally manufactured all the fixtures for the complete fit-out of every interior space. Everything contained in a Wiz store orWiz store office facility was designed, built and manufactured by SSJemal. All his building materials and supplies were purchased directly from the original manufacturers utilizing “favored nation status clauses” to preserve capital and maintain full control of the entire construction process. He had all subs bid Time &Material to ad here to budgets and maintain supreme control and provided all material resources to conserve even more funds and time while managing the total operation. Jemal’s total vertical/perpendicular integration of design, construction administration, tradesmen, manufacturing, fixture fabrication and installation furnished him with a very significant edge and foundation of construction knowledge that empowers him today. His two forte’s are basically “building and branding”, as that was his role and duty at The Wiz. According to Advertising Age 2000, Nobody Beats The Wiz was the 13th most recognized trademarked name in the USA, and The Wiz was solely a Northeast local retailer and position 12 was Pepsi-Cola. The decades that Jemal spent building The Wiz brand have proved invaluable to him and the knowledge base and network of relationships that Jemal built along the way are being utilized today in Jemrock’s CENTRAL concept.

After the sale of Nobody Beats The Wiz, In 1997, SSJemal began to focus on waterfront development. He began by responding to an RFP from RIOC (Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation), for the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, JemRock Organization’sknown as “Southpoint”. Jemal was one of seventy respondents and against all odds my proposal and vision for Southpoint beat out all the other very established and famous brand-name development companies. Through the years SS Jemal Spent on trying to gain the “NIMBY’s” approval for his massive mixed use development project, Jemal really got a complete education on NYC zoning laws, rules, and regulations. SSJemal also, very greatly expanded his network of professionals with New York City specific and very centric expertise that is invaluable to him today. This waterfront experience and NYC Zoning Regulations education led Jemal to trademarking the brand name: “The Riviera” and the slogan mark: “Making the world’s waterfront a better place to live, work, shop, visit & play”. He began amassing and assembling parcels of waterfront land in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and New Jersey. From the East River in Manhattan to the Hudson River in New Jersey and spent the next 15 years of his life embroiled in residential waterfront development, further enhancing his network of professionals, and expanding his personal experience in all aspects of residential development, zoning and construction.

With the zoning, construction and marketing knowledge he has garnered over many decades, coupled with the CENTRAL world-class team currently assembled, JemRock Organization, with SS Jemal and his able son Norman S. Jemal have a totally vertically integrated, scalable business model that will be implemented with a truly unparalleled team of New York City specific experienced players to execute the CENTRAL vision at every level from concept-to-completion that is most certainly destined for great success.

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