Is it safe transferring money online?

Money transfers are a fact of life. Many business owners and freelancers use them to get things done. Fortunately, online money transfers are not only convenient but also highly safe.

Online Accounts

As more and more people open up online accounts, many wonders, is mobile banking safe? Those who run these services know that clients trust them. That’s why they do their best to make sure that they’re keeping client data truly safe at every turn.

Data Encryption

Those at Lantern by SoFi point out that more and more people choose this form of banking. As they state, “Mobile usage in the U.S. has climbed over the past year, with nearly 57 million consumers saying they use mobile banking.” In response to this uptick, companies are using what is known as data encryption.

So your data is scrambled as you send it. Online banks also help by adding more than one layer of this kind of encryption, so if something doesn’t work, another method will come along to help.

Preventing Fraud

Preventing fraud happens all the time when you are transferring money online. A good company will ask you to verify it when using this kind of banking. When you log on to your account, you might be asked for more than one form of security to protect your interests.

You may also be asked to use another method to confirm who you say you are to the bank. For example, they might send a text to your cell phone every time you use your account and send money.

ID Required

Varied forms of ID are also used to keep your online money transfer methods safe. For example, you will typically show a picture ID when you send funds. The person on the other end will also have to demonstrate they have the right to the money using their form of ID.

Varied types of ID are acceptable such as a driver’s license. You might also be asked to create a code. For example, the person getting the money must have the code on hand to retrieve the funds.

Additional Levels of Protection

Online money transfer companies want to ensure that everything goes smoothly with any money transfer plans you might have. That’s why they will put in place lots of safeguards during the entire process. So, for example, you might get a call from the company after sending the money to confirm that’s the plan you have in mind.

You might also have to make a call to verify that it is the person who gets the money in the amount you have sent. You can also expect insurance protection if something goes wrong with the transaction.

If you’re wondering if money transfers are safe, you should know there are many methods in place to prevent fraud.












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