Turn into an iPad Pro Knowing these Hidden Secrets

iPads are ubiquitous, and they are being used for office work, watching movies, connecting with people, online shopping, etc. Thanks to the power of Siri, your iPad can turn into a virtual assistant and make your life easy.

If you are using an iPad, you must be aware that Apple releases new updates to the operating system every year. With each new update, new features are added to the device. These features can enhance productivity and help you work more efficiently. But the problem is that not everyone is aware of these features. So, here is a list of some of the hidden or secret features of the iPad that will make you navigate the device like a pro.  

Increase the Battery Life

Generally, iPads maintain long battery life. However, you may notice an abrupt drain in energy sometimes. It is an annoyance if you need to carry your device everywhere. The rapid battery drain is typically the result of apps running in the background that use much power and data. 

Although it is useful to have the Background App Refresh preparing and downloading the latest updates, you might want to turn it off to save battery life. 

Navigate to the Settings application to disable the Background App Refresh and choose General. Then, you have to choose Background App Refresh and switch off the feature. Your applications might take a while to load when you open them, but the battery life will be extended. 

Use your iPad as a Printer

It is possible to use your iPad to extend your workspace because Apple keeps adding new and improved features. You could print from your iPad and use it as a printer if you didn’t know. 

Wondering how to print from your iPad? You can easily print using an AirPrint print that uses Apple’s native technology. It is also possible to print using non-AirPrint printers, but you will have to install a few third-party apps. 

Don’t Let Anyone View your Private Photos

When friends or family get together, devices are often passed around to look at vacation photos. While you want to trade pictures, you might not want them to get a sneak peek into your private images. Fortunately, you can hide your private pictures in an album and keep them separate from the camera roll. 

You have to open the Photos app to hide photos and tap Select > tap the photos you wish to hide and choose the Share button. 

Your photos will be hidden in a different album, and you can access them whenever you want. 

Scan Documents

You don’t need to bring home a heavy scanner when you have your iPad. The Notes applications on your device can work excellently to help scan documents. 

Use your device’s camera to take a picture of the document you need to scan and add it to your Notes. You don’t need any separate scanning application because Notes works brilliantly. 

Find Music or Open Applications Using Spotlight

Whether you need to search music, contacts, apps, or videos, you can use Spotlight Search. It is the universal search feature on your iPad, and you can find anything you need on your device. It can even recommend websites that you must visit. 

Spotlight Search is launched by swiping down your finger on the Home Screen. You have to swipe down somewhere in the middle of your screen. The fantastic feature of Spotlight Search is that it will search your entire device. Therefore, it can look for specific emails or text messages. 

Select Text and Let your Device Read it to you

Have you done enough reading and want to give your eyes a rest? You can let your device take over and do the heavy lifting. Your device can speak to you and read out selected text. You need to switch on the feature by going to the accessibility settings. You will find the text-to-speech feature designed to help those with vision problems. However, the feature is quite useful to everyone who wants to give their eyes some rest and let the device do the reading. With this feature, you can even multitask by reading your email or news article while dusting or cooking. 

Navigate to Settings to switch on the text-to-speed feature > tap General > tap Accessibility > tap Speech. Then, tap the Speech Selection slide and switch it on. Thanks to these settings, a new Speak option will be added, and whenever you select the text, the option will appear. 

You can also switch on the Speak Screen if you wish to use this feature frequently. You can slide two fingers to read the entire screen to you. 

The Bottom Line

These hidden iPad secrets will make you a pro when navigating your device. Keep these in mind. 


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