How to Boost Instagram story viewer?

Instagram story viewer are an inconceivable technique for getting more people to follow you. The following are a couple of things you can do expecting the amount of viewers of your Instagram stories is disappearing or remaining something almost identical. So remain tuned to the Likes Geek it can make you increase the best number of viewers.

What is a Instagram story viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer is a free web based web organization to see Instagram Stories out of nowhere. You can see each and every unique Story and Highlights of any open Instagram account.

Advantages of this Instagram story viewer

  1. You don’t need to make fake records
    Quickly and anonymously watch Instagram story viewer of any open profile without a record.
  2. See Instagram story viewer of people who obstructed you without them knowing
    You will not at any point appear in the viewer records since you don’t enter your data to get adequately near the Stories.
  3. Examine a story without installing untouchable applications
    Like Stories from a free web based Instagram organization. Just enter someone’s profile name. You can do it from any device with Internet access.
  4. Reasonable with all contraptions
    You can notice furtively truly, any Instagram story viewer from a PC, phone, tablet, etc There are no limitations.

10 Best Instagram Story Viewers In 2022

  1. Qoob Stories (Recommended)
  2. mSpy
  3. Hoverwatch
  4. Glassagram
  5. Instalkr
  6. SmiHub
  7. Ingramer
  8. InstaDP
  9. Stories IG
  10. StoriesDown
  12. Anonymous Instagram
  13. Instastories

Guidelines to Anonymously Watch Instagram Stories on A Computer

This is by a long shot the least difficult strategy for watching someone’s Instagram Stories without them being comfortable with it.

Basically go to, type the record’s handle into the request bar and hit enter.

If you’ve spelled the handle precisely it should appear underneath the pursuit bar (with the record’s profile photo), close by the amount of Stories at this point evident on their Instagram profile and when they last moved a photo or video.

Click on the profile photo and peer down. You’ll have the choice to anonymously consider their Instagram Stories to be an entire and are even prepared to save them by tapping the “Download” button under each Story.

The best part of this method is that you don’t need to download an outcast application or even have an Instagram record to see their Stories. Likewise expecting that the record you’re endeavoring to slither has blocked you, you’ll regardless have the choice to see and download their Stories.

Dangerous, unobtrusive.

This procedure is also particularly strong for cutting edge sponsors, forces to be reckoned with workplaces and brands expecting to save Instagram Stories clearly to their PCs for post-campaign enumerating and incorporation.

Guidelines to Secretly Watch Instagram Stories on An iPhone

If you’re not charmed by anonymously seeing someone’s Instagram Stories from your workspace or PC, there’s a strategy for doing it from the comforts of your iPhone.

Fundamentally download Story Reposter from the App Store and sign in with your Instagram account nuances.

In the request bar, type in the record you want to anonymously see. Accepting you incidentally spelled the record name wrong (or aren’t absolutely sure of the record’s right handle), unwind.

The application will outfit you with a once-over of records that match the watchword you’re looking, so you’re presumably going to notice the record whether or not you’ve made a spelling botch.

Select the record you wish to slither from the once-over by tapping on the username.

You can then see an envelope that will express the quantity of Stories they’ve posted inside the past 24 hours, close by when they posted their last story.

Tap on it to see individual Stories subtly, without the record acknowledging you’re watching their substance.

This procedure won’t work expecting the Instagram client you’re endeavoring to creep has obstructed your record. Accepting that you’re obstructed, consider making a second Instagram account expressly for Story Reposter or watch their Stories from a PC with

The best strategy to Secretly Watch Instagram Stories on An Android Phone

Wanting to slither on another Instagram record’s Stories from your Android phone?

You’ll need to download Story Saver for Instagram from the Google Play Store.

Open the application and sign in with your Instagram account nuances.

The best technique to Watch Someone’s Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Whenever you’re endorsed in, you’ll see a request image in the upper right corner. Tap it and type in the handle of the Instagram account you’re endeavoring to creep.

Whenever their profile appears underneath the request bar, tap their profile picture to anonymously see their Instagram Stories in a feed plan.

To view or watch a particular Story, basically tap on an image square.

Bit by bit directions to Watch Someone’s Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

You will then, be induced to taking everything into account “Repost”, “Save” or “Deal” that particular Story.

Hit “Save” and download the video cut/picture to your phone.

You can then watch it inside your presentation, without the Instagram client acknowledging you’re seeing their Stories.

On the other hand, expecting you might want to repost their Story or proposition it on another stage outside of Instagram, you’ll in like manner have that limit.

This strategy won’t work expecting the Instagram client you’re endeavoring to slither has impeded your record. Accepting that you’re obstructed, consider making a second Instagram account unequivocally for Story Saver or watch their Stories from a PC with

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The best strategy to USE Instagram story viewer

  1. Stick the URL to the request bar
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. All the substance is as of now available to you

You can download as well as view stories. All your downloads are instantly saved in your Photos or Gallery.


Instagram story viewer can be used for downloading covertly Instagram more prepared stories. It will follow each new Instagram story viewer a client has moved. You can screen up to 100 profiles, and their Stories will be assembled in your Inflact profile. No consistent after. The enrollment demands for the update autosave are:

  • 3 profiles – $3 every month
  • 10 profiles – $9 every month
  • 100 profiles – $49 each month

Private Instagram can’t added for track.



Q. How to view Instagram stories after 24 hours

No matter what the way that Instagram Stories evaporate from the application following 24 hours, you can see more settled stories that clients moved whether or not you missed them in the application. To do this, you need to use the Stories Downloader -you will really need to screen Stories on up to 20 profiles. Stories will be placed away on the server for seven days and during this time you can see or download a Instagram story viewer that is at this point not open in the application.

Q. What might I have the option to watch and download using this viewer?
You can save stories, highlights, circulations, images and live streams from any open Instagram profiles.

Q. What contraptions does this assist manage? works like any site in an invigorated program on PCs, tablets and phones (Android or iPhone).

Q. Could I have the option to download a Instagram story viewer from someone else’s record subtly?
Ye, as long as the referenced person’s record isn’t private, you can download stories from it.

Q. What sum does it cost to use this assistance?
Using our application is absolutely to no end for clients of this site. No enrollment required.

Q. Could I have the option to reuse the downloaded stories from Instagram?
We recommend downloading stories only for instructive purposes. We don’t recommend reusing others’ records, since the opportunities to downloaded materials have a spot with their makers.

Q. What record configuration are stories downloaded prepared?
Video stories are downloaded in MP4 course of action, and photo stories are downloaded in JPEG.

Q. How might I see my downloaded stories?
Video stories can be online seen covertly on our webpage, similarly you can download stories and watch them on any state of the art video player or clearly in the program (just drag the downloaded video to the program). Photo stories should be visible in picture seeing ventures or, like accounts, in a web program.


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