5 Effective Ways How Videos Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Digital marketing differs from industry to industry—whether manufacturing, services, institutional, or real estate, your digital marketing strategy will be different. Video marketing is a powerful e-marketing/digital marketing method. Real estate is a profitable industry where you can undoubtedly make a lot of money—people in the past have made billions. For example, Robert Kiyosaki and the USA’s ex-President, Donald Trump, made tons of money. People are making money even today. However, the market is very competitive, and a strong online presence is a must. 

When we say online presence, it refers to building and maintaining a good website. In addition, it involves setting up Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile pages. However, if you maintain your website and social media handles in old-fashioned ways with just text and pictures, you might be at a loss and need to upgrade. By upgrade, we mean you need good videos on the website’s homepage and your social media profiles. This is because people’s attention spans are getting shorter, and they don’t want to spend time reading when they can simply watch videos. Hence, it is important to make nice, crisp videos about your company and the projects you want to sell. Digital marketing is a new tool. People prefer watching videos rather than reading articles or surfing websites to learn more about a brand. There are many ways to grow one’s business digitally in any industry. Here are 5 effective ways in which videos can help your real estate business. 

Video marketing is on the rise and has become very popular as it is very effective. One of the surveys shows that real estate marketing done via video marketing got 403% more inquiries than those without videos. 403% more inquiries—Wow! Isn’t that great for any business? However, if you are new to video making, it might be terrifying and intimidating. But let me tell you, you need not worry about this. Video making is fun and can take your business to the next level. Here are five tips to help you sell real estate better using videos.

Tip #1: Set aside an appropriate budget

The first step to making successful videos is quality. For the real estate market, you must make clear and polished marketing videos. Aesthetics are important. If the video is not visually pleasing, the chances of getting buyers are low. First, it is important to have a budget for video-making (not necessarily to make costly glamorous videos). Secondly, a budget for promotion on platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube is required.

Tip #2: Make your videos human!

Real estate transactions are not only financially significant but also trigger emotions in people. And the fact is that people act on their emotions most of the time. Also, people relate to human beings in videos and not just the properties being sold. Hence, you need to be a good storyteller. The truth is, emotional connections are the best and most effective strategy to win your clients’ hearts to prompt them to do business with you. So ensure your videos are packed with emotions that appeal to people! Nowadays, you don’t need expensive or professional equipment to create top video content. You get all the details online. The videos you create must have content and creativity that touches hearts. As buying a house, office space, or factory premises is an expensive affair and a one-time investment for most people, market your product well and create a video that speaks to people on your behalf. The video becomes you.

Tip #3: Keep your videos under five minutes

Keep your videos short and sweet, as people’s attention spans are low. According to a survey, on average, only 37% of videos engage people till the end. Viewers will lose interest if your videos become very long, like a movie. Your videos must be short, crisp, and informative with emotions to positively impact your prospective clients. Your video should have a good story with engaging content to make your property compelling.

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about video-making, don’t be scared. You can learn video editing in a few days with the right tools and a simple, step-by-step guide.

What are you waiting for? Use online tools to make videos for your business and achieve the success you want. 

So, if you learn effective ways to create videos that can help your business grow and master real estate video marketing, it will work in your favor, and your real estate firm will grow by leaps and bounds.

Tip #4: Sell the lifestyle and location in addition to the property

Giving information about the features of a property is important. However, informing your prospective clients about the location of the property and the lifestyle it offers is equally important. For example, let customers know about the nearest markets, shopping malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, railway stations, airports, etc. Location is a very important aspect driving property purchase. Emphasis on your location and connectivity is crucial. Also, legal clearance is critical when people purchase property—whether government clearance or clearance from local authorities such as electricity, water, gas connectivity, etc. Ensure your video speaks about every detail. People want to know all this, and when you share this information, they will be glad. The chances of converting such customers are higher.

Tip #5: Build trust with testimonials

Gaining trust in the real estate business is difficult as real estate transactions involve considerable money. Hence, people are apprehensive about such transactions. Also, buying a new property is a lifestyle choice for most people that affects them every day. So how do we gain the trust of prospective clients? Well, the best way for a real estate professional to gain customer trust and confidence is by letting someone talk on their behalf. Here, someone else means your existing customers who have experienced the entire process with you and were delighted with your service. Such testimonials of happy customers are useful for sales conversion. You can contact satisfied customers and request them to deliver video testimonials. Such endorsement from existing customers helps new leads see your organization as dependable and trustworthy.

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