How to use tiktok to implement App marketing

Tiktok is the only social platform that focus mainly on youngster users. In spite of being extremely popular but it is not very common used by the middle aged people. This is one of the reasons that make the platform stand out in the eyes of brands that specially target the young audience.

As a digital marketer, if you still not know how to use and optimize the potential of this platform, we will explain to you in this post and share with you some tips to be successful promoting on tiktok.

The humorous content is more attractive

Tiktok is mainly seen as a social network platform with the huge creative ability and a place for funny content (it is also the strength when it is first release in 2016). Naturally, as a digital marketer, you need to exploit all of the potential out of the platform by creating content that is suitable for tiktok audience. 

An important aspect of tiktok is that it is usually not well edited videos in a professional way. It is commonly, tiktok videos has the theme and recording quality as a real situation happening in real life, create a feeling that the video is catching a rare moment in real life. Your marketing content should maintain this kind of feeling and never forget the humor factor.

Use hashtag challenge

Another important way to make your brand popular on tiktok is to create hashtag challenge. By hashtag challenge, you can easily encourage users to use your branded hashtag with the content videos they make on their own.

With hashtag challenge, you can easily combine many user generated content and can spread to more audience in a natural way. Beside encourging users to discover brands, hashtag challenge can increase engagement rate.

User generated content

On tiktok, user generated content create a huge impact, no brand could ignore this impact if they really want to approach more audience. They must consider about this.

The question is how you could use these user generated content to benefit your marketing goals. Beside creating hashtag challenge, you can implement some other ways to encourage people to make content video that promote your brands.

You can easily compete with a related do it yourself solution related to your business and allow people to present their unique creative idea in their videos. With branded hashtag and the interesting content, you can easily earn fame. To encourage more people to share your content, you also need to focus on attracting more followers by tiktok videos.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is similar to other video channels like YouTube will be effective on tiktok. First of all, you need to find the suitable key opinion leaders for your campaign needs. They will create the video in their own style because they know the taste of their followers.

Influencer marketing can be successful as long as your goal is realistic and suitable for targeting a specific audience. When influencers show their faith introducing brands with funny content, the ads video will be more convincing. 

Develop tiktok community

The last but not least advice that is to build a tiktok community. This requires you to have a base of followers with regular new video update, maintain your consistency. Your video content have to be unique that users can recognise your at once. Engagement and consistency over time are the key to the success on tiktok.

Tiktok similar apps

After tiktok is forbidden in some countries, these countries has developed the similar apps to attract audience, this indicates that marketers know the demands and offer the suitable solution.

For example, mobile app BI by a German app developer, with the similar using experience as tiktok, all digital marketers can use their marketing skills with this app as well as what they have learnt through marketing on tiktok.

In conclusion

Tiktok is raising as a new promising market in the age of social network users and create a niche for themselves. As projected in the next few yeras, many marketers is going to use this platform to promote on social network and acquire their customers.

In case you are a new player on Tiktok platform, I suggest buy verified tiktok account is good to join this social network quickly.

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