How to take advantage of social media trends? 6 effective social case histories

Brand awareness, sales, engagement… what are the most effective social case histories of recent times? And how to take advantage of social media trends in 2021? Here are some examples and tips!

How to get users to respond en masse with a single post on Facebook ? What if we wanted visibility through the Stories ? And what about augmented reality ? These are just some of the questions that arise in industry meetings or events.

Social media has not only been an integral part of society for several years, but it represents a fundamental medium for any digital strategy . Often integrated into cross-media communication campaigns , others as the main stage for online actions .

We often talk about it by deepening the news, we have also seen the social media trends in 2021 … but how to create effective activities through social media marketing ? We have selected some particularly successful social case histories , differentiating them through 6 reference categories such as chatbot, live video, Stories, events, community activation and augmented reality.

Chatbot: the Mercedes-Benz case for the 50th anniversary of AMG

To commemorate 50 years of AMG , known for taking care of the sports models of the German brand, Mercedes-Benz has chosen the way of the chatbot. To date, there are several bots used online to offer support to different marketing objectives such as customer care , community management or engagement . In this case, the bot offers a fun and informative experience: it creates a personalized video for the user (which can also be shared later on WhatsApp ), offers quizzes and tells the story of the brand. For those wishing to try it, here is the direct link: .

Live Video: all crazy about the Donair Cam

Nova Scotia Webcams was among the first companies to place live webcams in Scotland. The more than 75 cameras have had some success, broadcasting landscapes and activities live. But how to attract new audiences? And how to raise awareness with a single move? Sometimes the answer is simple: observe the virality of online content .

The most viral live videos of the last year have one thing in common: weirdness. So here is the idea of ​​monitoring a doner kebab that runs on itself, 24 hours a day. Someone surely thought it was madness and in reality I too had this first reaction.

But the results confirmed the “genius”: Donair Cam was seen in 159 countries with a total viewing time of 22 years , with over 47 million global impressions. Only in the first week online. A crazy and extremely effective social case history !

Stories, stories everywhere… but the #ReversibleStory is different

Stories are now everywhere, from Snapchat to Instagram , to Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp . Among the social media trends in 2018, attention should be paid to the so-called “ephemeral content”, so the stories that “appear and disappear” need to be explored.

In the case of #ReversibleStory there is little of “ephemeral”, if not for the approach chosen. Scrolling through the various clips we find a woman who argues in a defeatist way the theme of breast cancer. But taking the video backwards, this same speech takes an unexpected emotional turn. This is a positive and hopeful new message that restores confidence in the future for all these women. Really well thought out, a little copywriting gem, a noteworthy social case history .

Is UGC live for events? Jägermeister teaches

Oppikoppi is a South African festival that takes place in what is affectionately called “The Dust Bowl” in Limpopo. Presenting an event or post-production on something already finished is one thing, telling it almost in real time is another. And it was precisely on this that Jägermeister worked, in order to create valuable and high-quality content , in a short time, in the field.

During the festival, the videos were edited and published almost in real time, involving those present and anyone who followed the brand’s social channels. One figure among many? 85,000 minutes of video viewed across channel publications.

How to activate the community with a (Strellson) Like Shop

The idea is not the newest, to tell the truth. But Strellson managed to implement it effectively from different points of view, from design to execution between web and social networks.

The new collection of the brand was presented on the site, “dressed” for the occasion as an e-commerce where you can pay with “I like” . Users could in fact create a personalized post and collect likes on Facebook: the best received the chosen outfit.

In this way, each customer has become an “influencer” dedicated to the brand, publishing a “free” ad for Strellson. Excellent results: 23,000 men actively involved and + 37% of brand awareness acquired.

Augmented reality + Challenge = social case history for Adobe

There are many expectations on augmented reality , as many as the projects that have been underway for years. Social media will be a good ground for comparison, thanks to the introduction of new technologies. And consumers – especially digital natives – are ready and willing to enjoy it.

The Exhibition Stockholm photographic challenge , the first photographic competition in the world to exploit the power of AR , was designed precisely on this field . The aim was to introduce Adobe to a large audience of photographers. The developed web application combined several features, prompting users to create original photos, also taking advantage of the brand’s tools.

Results: brand awareness: + 33%; 2 million social media impressions; + 20% sales. Perhaps my favorite social case history among these presented.

All very nice, but… how to guarantee a successful social case history?

As with the online virality mechanism, there are no mathematical formulas or magic wands. On the contrary, it takes a lot of preparation, study and creativity. Sometimes it seems simple and most of the time what reaches the final consumer is just that: simplicity. But what appears, is not always actually.

Especially when it comes to social media you must first have the objectives in mind , then think about the KPIs and finally imagine all the actions that can be taken through platforms and technologies . Some advices:

  • ” I would like to sell, have visibility and position myself in the market“: it is not a goal, but “different”. And probably achievable through complementary strategies.
  • Learnmore about what you really need, you may also find that some of your wishes are preparatory to others you never even imagined existed.
  • Budget matters. It doesn’t mean that great ideas need them, but a careful investment is needed to fuel them. Whether it is seeding, advertising or development, a fee must always be provided for each special project. I repeat: the budget is important …
  • … But that is not all! Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. Certain contents make the brand famous. And others, to tell the truth, hunger. Timing and study become essential to understand how to orient yourself on social media.
  • Analysis and reporting: without monitoring the results you are not going anywhere. You cannot acquire anything, not even experience. From the reports we can understand the “goodness” and effectiveness of the actions. Or otherwise. But always learn something.

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