How to Offer the Right Type of Experience During a Virtual Meeting?

It can be challenging to make a virtual event experience the best. But you can make it easy with the top virtual event platform. These solutions provide various elements that can be helpful to provide a seamless and immersive experience for the attendees. You can create a virtual space as per your requirements with the fully customizable solutions of the best virtual event platforms. All the organizers can develop every aspect of their virtual event as per their desires.

You can get space for dynamic banners to promote their product or service with attractive infographics. Also, you can design your lobby with various animated lights with melodious songs in the background. Additionally, you can design multiple virtual booths in your event with DIY booth button names and icons of the virtual event solutions.

Moreover, you can make your virtual meeting engaging, interactive, and networking. Want to know the how? What features can be helpful? So, here are the 15 features that can be beneficial to offer the right type of experience during a virtual meeting without hassle.

18 Features to Create a Seamless Virtual Meeting Experience!

Everyone wants to offer a seamless and immersive experience to all the attendees for which they require proper features in their virtual event. So, here are the 15 best and must-have features for your virtual meeting to make it perfect and successful.


  1. Browser-Based Solutions: A virtual event organizer may lose a lot of users just because of app and software download troubles. So, it is necessary that you find and choose a virtual meeting platform with a web-based solution. Moreover, the participants are not required to download any app. Hence, they can just join the virtual meeting via the browser.
  2. Notifications: It is essential to give a seamless experience to the attendees by sharing various updates in real-time. For this, you can reach the best virtual trade show platform that provides notification features. Hence, you can share all the immediate updates, announcements, changes, etc., during the virtual meeting in real-time.
  3. Easy Navigation: In an offline event, it is easy for the users to find and explore the complete venue with the board navigators. Just like that, your virtual meeting platform also requires proper navigation to direct the participants. So, you can get the 360-degree navigator with the top hybrid event solution. It can be helpful to give directions to the attendees and help them explore the whole space easily.
  4. AR Photobooth: Everyone takes selfies and photos with their friends and posts them on social media to create a memory. They click photographs in different places in several poses. Just like that, you need to provide them with the AR photo booth available at the best virtual meeting platform. Moreover, the participants can take photos with this tool using several backgrounds. It provides spaces based on your meeting topic or vent format.
  5. Live Chat, Audio, And Video Calls: It is crucial to make your virtual event platform an interactive and communicative space for all the attendees. They should get the option to talk with all the exhibitors, sponsors, and other participants freely. So, the top virtual event platform provides live chat, audio, and video call option. It can be helpful to connect with the other users to clear all their doubts and make new friends. Hence, it is essential to reach the best virtual event solutions for better communication and interaction.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support: In an offline event, you can get instant help from the support desk. Just like that, you can get 24/7 technical support for all the attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors from the best virtual trade show platform experts. Moreover, they can help you with issues you face while browsing the event and stay online until the event ends.
  7. Networking Tables: Sometimes, it is crucial to create separate groups and discuss the essential pointers. So, you can divide the meeting attendees into small groups for various types of discussion, even on a virtual event platform. Moreover, the best virtual meeting platform provides round networking tables with 8 seats. Also, it can be beneficial to discuss a similar topic with live chat, audio, and video calls. Hence, you can get all the facilities to create a successful virtual meeting.
  8. B2B Meeting Scheduler: Many people like to discuss queries and doubts even before the event starts. Moreover, it helps them to understand the perspective and view better during the event. But how is it possible with a virtual event? Easy! You can get the meeting scheduler that helps to book a meet call with the sponsor or expert even before the event begins. Moreover, with the best virtual meeting platform, the attendees can schedule a meeting with the speaker or exhibitor, even before the event starts.
  9. Business Card Exchange: All the attendees can exchange the business cards just like in an offline event. With the top hybrid trade show platform, you can request others to share their business card and approve the other’s request to give your business card to them. The best hybrid event platforms always give you an option to approve and deny the card exchange request so that only your preferred attendees can get it.
  10. AI Matchmaking Tool: Making friends is a very necessary aspect of an event. But how to provide such a facility to the sponsors on a virtual platform? So, you can use Artificial Intelligence technology to make your virtual event a success. Moreover, you can get an AI-based matchmaking tool with the top virtual meeting platform. It suggests some matches to you with similar interests. AI analyzes the demographic and other information shared by the users at the time of registration. So, it becomes easy for everyone to make friends at a virtual event.
  11. Gamification: You can get more than 100 AR/VR games with the top virtual meeting platform. Moreover, It can be the best way to engage maximum attendees for a longer time. So, you can offer the best experience with the latest technologies and elements at your virtual meeting.
  12. Leaderboard: A little competition can increase the interest of all the attendees in your provided quizzes and games. Moreover, you can make the gamification and quizzes competitive with the leaderboards and contests features shared by the top virtual trade show platform.
  13. Document Downloader: You can create a valid document library with the top virtual meeting platform. Moreover, you can upload and provide various types of documents, PDFs, sessions, flyers & other vital information for all the attendees. They can easily access, view, and download the file they want without hassle. Also, they can bookmark the document they may need after a while in the virtual meeting. Additionally, the speakers can share all their presentations using this document library.
  • Engagement Via Emoticons: The hooting and clapping make the offline events more interesting for the attendees. So, you can use emoticons in your virtual meeting to make it entertaining and engaging for the users. Moreover, you can use the various hoot, clap, like, heart, and other emoticons to encourage the speakers and share how you feel about their sessions.
  1. External Meeting Integration: Seamless communication is the most required essential for the events. You can get WhatsApp, Zoom, Bluejeans, and several other external integrations with the top virtual meeting platform. It makes the experience immersive and smooth for all the exhibitors and attendees.
  • Access Control and Management: You can control the complete access from sessions to other parts of your virtual event. The top virtual trade show platform provides full access control to the exhibitors. This feature can be best for VIP and paid sessions. Moreover, organizers can give open access to the potential attendees and restrict them to others.
  1. Feedback Form: It is essential to know the audience’s views about your virtual event. You can make them feel important by asking about their views. Moreover, you can create a feedback form pop-up at the end of the virtual event platform. All you need is to create a survey form and display it for the better attention span of the participants.
  2. Signature wall: Engagement with some fun activity can be beneficial to make the attendees give feedback and engage them till the end. So, You can get a wall at the best virtual event platform. It is a social wall that everyone can see and write on it. Moreover, you can ask for a line or two of appreciation from the users with this wall. Additionally, it works as memorabilia for all the virtual event participants.

So, these are the various features that can be helpful to offer the right type of experience to the attendees during a virtual event. You can get such elements in your virtual trade show with the best virtual meeting platform. They offer exceptional services and ideas to make your virtual event experience seamless and immersive for everyone.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know the ways helpful to add and provide the best experience to all the attendees during the virtual event.

Best Virtual Meeting Platforms and Software

Virtual meeting platforms are video applications and programming that join people over the web. For the most part, this item consolidates a sort of video conferencing, as well as mechanical assemblies incline toward visit, reactions and screen sharing. Occasions of this item consolidate Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Lifesize and Jami. These applications are also called “electronic meeting platforms.”

What is a Virtual Meeting Platform?

With so many people working remotely, meetings today are likely to take place on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex. Meeting platforms are great for hosting interactive sessions with audience participation. They also enable you to break up sessions into smaller groups. The platforms are typically used company-wide and managed by the IT department. Unlike virtual events or webinars, these gatherings are often internal with no specific marketing goal.

This item resembles virtual event platforms, and can help with virtual gathering responsibility and working with bunch building practices virtually.

1. Zoom

2. Google Meet

3. Skype

4. Cisco Webex

5. Jitsi Meet

6. Toasty

7. Lifesize

8. Jami

9. Talky

10. Whereby


What is virtual meeting software?

Virtual meeting software includes applications and electronic platforms that let your gathering pass and point of interaction on over the web, generally through video. In any case assembled web conference software or virtual get-together platforms, these applications can be used to have meetings, social affairs, virtual euphoric hours, bunch building activities, games, or events for remote gatherings.

What is the best online meeting platform?

The best web meeting platforms are quite easy to use, secure, and can have all associates right away. Zoom is a delineation of an amazing application for virtual gathering meetings.

Does virtual meeting software actually help with team building?

For sure, virtual meeting software helps with bunch building. Via conveying distant partners into the room using the power of the web, these applications let your gathering share experiences and manufacture fellowship, whether or not people are spread across various regions.

Last Thoughts

Virtual meeting programming is a significant device to associate and work with remote groups. These platforms permit you to utilize video to visit and team up, as well as help valuable usefulness like talk, breakout rooms and screen shares.

Now that you know about the best virtual platforms for meetings, you can look at our rundown of fun video gathering games and this one with free internet based group building games to play in your next group call.

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