How to Make Her Chase You

How to make her chase you? Men, can you believe it? Women are masters at playing hard to get and make them chase you. She’ll play hard to get in hopes that you’ll chase her for love. But if you have what she wants, everything changes.

How to Make Her Chase You

How to make her chase you starts with your first impression. This is important and will determine whether or not she is attracted to you. How you look and how you carry yourself affects the way a woman views you. If a woman feels attracted to you, then she’s going to chase you. You need to determine how you’re going to create an attractive first impression.

Being needy gets women turned off. Being desperate is the last thing a woman wants. If you are chasing her or nagging her about a breakup, then you are making her chase you. So how to make her chase you if you’re already in a breakup?

Your attention – One of the most effective ways on how to make women chase you is by paying attention to her and all of her interests. Notice what interests her, who she hangs out with, etc. When a girl is hanging out with her friends, she’s probably thinking about you. Do the same thing. If a girl notices you paying attention to her, then she’s attracted to you. But if you don’t give her any attention, then she’ll feel like she’s lost you.

Jealousy If jealousy was your girl’s biggest problem, this next tip will help you solve that problem. If your girl starts acting jealous when another guy comes into the picture, do everything you can to stay away from him. She’ll definitely start feeling jealous if you’ve been showing her that you can take her elsewhere when she wants to go somewhere else. Run away, if necessary.

Ignoring her Sometimes ignoring her is the best way to make her chase you after she rejected you. If she thinks she’s lost you, she’ll start wondering why you’ve been ignoring her and if you might be done with her. If you ignore her completely, she might start to wonder what the big deal is. Ignoring her completely also sends a message to her that she can’t win you over, so you’ve got to show her otherwise.

Playing hard Have you ever noticed how some girls will actually try to chase a guy even when he ignores them completely and ignores her? This happens in part because of human nature. Women will pursue a man who is strong and silent by nature and they’ll treat you badly if you try to chase them. Playing hard-to-get is a great way to make a girl chase you. It makes her feel powerful and she’ll want to follow you because she knows that if you don’t chase her, she’ll get the chance to date the man she really wants.

Use these three tips and you’ll start catching women within days of starting to learn how to build sexual tension. Remember to always act like you have interest in her and never show any interest in getting her alone. Never let her know that she’s “not that kind of girl”. If you do these things and you start to start chasing more women, you’ll soon find yourself with a lot of them chasing you as well!

Start acting like you’re not needy. A lot of men feel like they can’t score with a girl if they don’t act like they feel like they’re in a relationship with her. There’s a right way and a wrong way to play this but the fact remains that most men go about it the wrong way. Playing hard-to-get is a great way to build up more sexual tension and make a girl chase you.

Social media is a big part of dating and relationships these days. Every time a girl gets a new friend, her first thought is how cool that person is. So she starts chasing him and he goes chasing her. This is the best way for you to play hard-to-get now but if you’re not using social media then it’s very important for you to get out there and start using it. Playing hard-to-get is a lot easier when you have more friends browsing profiles than not.

Finally, don’t be scarce when it comes to the chase. A lot of men give a girl too much information about themselves so she can easily get bored with them. You need to keep things mysterious until she starts asking questions. A mystery has the power to keep things exciting.

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