How To Edit PDF Files

The general belief is that PDF files are uneditable but that is only far from the truth. The regular process that most people use is to open the document in a word processor before effecting changes on it and then saving it back as a PDF file. However, going through that process is not only time-consuming but also quite a hassle. 

So, how to edit PDF files?

Thankfully, various PDF editors have been created to make the process of editing PDF files simpler. One of the top editors you’ll come across is Foxit which is available both for Mac and Windows. It allows you to access the free version first before deciding to pay for it. 

How Do I Choose A PDF Editor 

There are different applications available for editing PDFs but only a few live up to the promises. Here are some things you must consider when choosing the best PDF editor: 

  • It must be easy to use: The PDF editor has to allow you to open PDFs and simply edit them without any stress. The best ones like Foxit even allow you to include signatures, text, images, and more. 
  • Variety: When choosing a PDF editor, you need a versatile one that supports various file formats easily. Regardless of what you’re working with either Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF, you need an editor that can handle it all. 
  • Price: There’s a price tag on most PDF editors but you must make sure you settle for an affordable one. If you edit files regularly, it is safer for you to use a software plan that covers you for a long time. 
  • Customer reviews: There’s no better way to know the truth about software than to check what previous users have to say about it. Fortunately, there are more than 650 million satisfied users of Foxit. 

How to Edit PDF Files Using Foxit Editor Pro 

Foxit allows you to share and collaborate with your team members making the process flexible. You can make PDF files from any file format or even web pages using this software. It also enables you to share multiple files at the same time. If you’re also willing to digitize your paper files and turn them into editable files, you can use the Foxit Editor to achieve such results. 

Here are the steps you must take for proper editing on Foxit:

  • Click on the “edit” tab that you’ll find at the top of your computer. You can decide to edit the text or the objects that are on the PDF depending on the file you’re working on. 
  • If you’ve done that, place the cursor at the place where you want to insert text. 
  • You can also decide to change the size of the text boxes and you can modify the margin to improve the layout of the text. 
  • This app also allows you to manipulate the text, change the font, and the font size and align the paragraph to a suitable one. 
  • Afterwards, you can change the line spacing or decide to indent the entire text depending on what works for you. 
  • You can spell-check the text by clicking the “Spell” button. Another way is to check for the underlined words, click them and change the spellings to the correct ones. 

Yay, congratulations. Once you’ve finished these steps, you’re ready to send out your files.

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