How To Display UGC During An Event? – A Complete Guide

Every brand in existence wants to promote its brand in the best way possible. Organizing an event is the first step in this quest. However, just putting an event into action is not enough, your brand should be reaping the benefits in the form of user engagement and generation of maximum UGC

However, user engagement and generation of maximum UGC is easier said than done; you need to play your cards right.

For example, displaying the UGC generated around your brand at an event in the best possible manner is the starting point.

If you are looking to leave no stone unturned at your upcoming event in terms of UGC display, then you have stumbled upon just the ideal written piece.

user generated content definition

User-generated content is any type of content – pictures, recordings, text or sound documents – that is posted online on friendly stage. Brands utilize this content in their promoting efforts, whenever they have acquired authorization from the proprietor. You could likewise call it buyer generated promoting.

What Is User Generated Content ?

UGC is the most genuine and authentic content on the internet that brands can use to build trust and hit a chord with their customers. UGC can be generated in multiple ways such as by posting experiences on social media channels, offering feedback on google reviews, creating testimonials, sharing on a podcast, etc.

User-generated content refers to unpaid or unsponsored social posts that people across every network share when they’re using or raving about a product or service. When your friend posts a Tweet about a fantastic experience they had with a hotel they stayed at, that’s UGC. When your favorite brand reposts Instagram Stories from customers at an event they hosted, that’s UGC. When someone shares a video on TikTok about finding the best lipstick they’ve ever used, that’s UGC.

UGC offers several benefits, such as social proof and enhancement in ROI. As a result, a profitable marketing strategy can be created that would bring success without too much investment.

How To Generate UGC During An Event?

Generating UGC is the step that would define the success of your event. Properly presenting UGC would make you reach a wide range of people that could potentially turn into your customers. So, how can you skillfully display UGC during an event? Let’s have a look!

● Create A Fun Hashtag Contest

You can use an authentic hashtag for their event and set guidelines around it that would assist you in accumulating just the type of content you require from your customers. These guidelines would also serve you well in finding out the winner of the hashtag contest.

To add icing to the cake, you can run this hashtag contest on your social media wall, which would ensure enthusiastic participation from attendees of the event.

In addition, this step would lead to maximum UGC generation, taking customer engagement around the event through the roof.

● Run A Social Media Wall

Display a Social Media Wall to your audience is the best thing you can do to engage your audience during the event. A social media wall is a collection of attendee’s social media posts, google reviews, videos, and feedback from various social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Most of the Social walls are auto-synced, making the latest feeds updated on-screen in real-time. These real-time feeds keep the event audience engaged and hooked to your event.

You can amplify user engagement at the event by encouraging the event attendees to use your hashtag while posting on social media to feature on the social wall.

As a result, a profitable marketing strategy can be created that would bring success without too much investment.

Then, in a bid to get in the limelight, attendees would create UGC on social media that would give a lift to your motive of accumulating the maximum amount of user-generated content. After this, a bandwagon effect would be created, which would inspire other attendees to post on their social media about your event since your social wall displayed content of other attendees.

● Create And Capture Moments

Turn on your innovative mode when it comes to engaging attendees. Offer them something that they would love to flaunt on social media and remember for a lifetime. For example, one of the most talked-about forms is a photo booth at events.

As a result, a profitable marketing strategy can be created that would bring success without too much investment.

The fan meet and greet feature is the part of the event where the audience members can meet the speaker or the artist and click pictures with them, which later can be posted on social media handles.

The audience can get themselves clicked at your event’s photo booth and, later on, can post those photos on social media platforms using filters and the brand logo that you would provide.

If you organize a virtual event, you can create a virtual social photo booth using several virtual photo booth creating software. Photo Booth is a great tool that is simple to arrange but provides tremendous results for your user-generated content.

Apart from the Photo Booth feature, you also have the option of adding a fan meet and greet element. The fan meet and greet feature is the part of the event where the audience members can meet the speaker or the artist and click pictures with them, which later can be posted on social media handles.

Innovative things at your event would keep your customers engaged, which would prompt them to do a word of mouth marketing for your brand on social media. As a result, a profitable marketing strategy can be created that would bring success without too much investment.

Pros of User generated Content


One of the most significant rewards that can be gotten with the utilization of user content is the trust of users. At the point when you show interest in a portion of their contemplations, thoughts, sentiments, show your transparency, consideration, and regard for them, you will create trust in your organization.

Reaching new users

Whenever certain individuals begin to believe you, others will see it, and there is an incredible opportunity that they will be keen on your organization. This peculiarity is called social evidence, which you have presumably known about at least a couple of times.

As per a review directed by Nielsen, 92% of users trust content shared by their companions and family members, more than some other messages from the actual brand. The second most significant source is viewed as the assessment of outsiders about a specific item.

Social evidence impacts individuals, and with its assistance, you can essentially grow your crowd. Individuals will generally trust others more than brands and organizations. Accordingly, UGC permits you to fortify relations with existing clients as well as to arrive at new users.

Potential to go viral

In all probability, the virality of user content will be higher than that of customary content, as individuals will more often than not share their imagination with companions, family members, and colleagues.

Positive impact on SEO

UGC additionally decidedly affects SEO. That’s what KissMetrics uncovered assuming we consider the main 20 brands on the planet, their outcomes in the positioning are higher by 25% because of effective user content. This implies that a lot of natural traffic and content is related with connections to the site (chiefly backlinks).

Encourages users to make a purchase

The most difficult undertaking for brands is to make individuals purchase their items. As per a report from L2 Inc, when a user is currently considering the buy faces UGC, it builds the transformation rate by 4.6%.

Why UGC is the way to real advertising

1. UGC Embraces Authenticity

While it’s not difficult to get hung up on making top notch content, it’s memorable’s critical that occasionally a precarious YouTube video can really change over better compared to 1,000,000 dollar advertisement crusade. That is on the grounds that for the present customers, legitimacy is substantially more significant than looking proficient.

As a review from Stackla found, 60% of customers say user-generated content is the most legitimate type of content. What’s more, as indicated by Elite Daily, 43% of twenty to thirty year olds rank realness over the actual content while consuming news.

With UGC, your clients can observe how genuine individuals utilize your items and offer their energy for the brand.

Whenever Apple delivered the iPhone 6, the brand urged purchasers to catch convincing scenes from day to day existence and transfer their absolute best chances utilizing hashtag #ShotOniPhone6. Apple then, at that point, picked the best entries to feature on announcements and print promotions all over the planet. The mission got an expected 6.5 billion media impressions and yielded 95% positive notices.

2. UGC is Cost-Effective

In some cases it’s less expensive to source many bits of UGC than it is to make one piece of content in-house. With UGC, clients are making the resources for you – and acquiring their own crowds subsequently.

Last year, Nest Cam sent off one of its best user-generated content missions to date. Consistently, it urged clients to submit cuts from their every minute of every day live streaming cameras with the hashtag #CaughtOnNestCam. The brand assembled the best entries in a finish of-year video – an extraordinary way to grandstand what the camera can do in a tomfoolery, imaginative way.

The last video drew over 1.2 million perspectives on YouTube, 3.1 million perspectives across Facebook, and contacted more than 4.5 million individuals – all from a work that cost very little.

3. UGC is Easier to Track Than You Think

Since UGC isn’t made on possessed media properties, it can appear to be overwhelming to track and gauge the outcomes. On the off chance that you don’t have the right devices set up to comprehend the viability of your program, your financial plan might endure on the grounds that you won’t know how much cash to put resources into the drive.

While there are numerous ways of taking care of this issue, one of the most straightforward is to utilize an identifiable connection that interfaces each and every channel. For example, HP collaborated with powerhouse Rudy Mancuso to change the Star Wars signature tune utilizing the HP x360. Rudy then, at that point, presented his video on his 350,000 Instagram devotees, welcoming watchers to see more by tapping the connection in @HP’s profile.

By utilizing a URL shortener and implanting imp following module (UTM) codes, HP had the option to see exactly the number of changes came from its Instagram bio and where each snap came from. This is particularly valuable for brands working with numerous accomplices across different channels. Through identifiable connections, they can see which powerhouse drives the best outcomes, yet additionally which of their channels drives the best outcomes and how much commitment is generated from each.


User generated content carries loads of potential that could elevate your event to another level. It has been offering tremendous results to brands that actively include it in their marketing procedure. In addition, this step would lead to maximum UGC generation, taking customer engagement around the event through the roof.

Organize a marketing strategy that revolves around the points mentioned above, and you can see your results going upward in no time.

Marketers should consider User generated content as their top priority in the upcoming times as UGC is being defined as the future of content for marketing campaigns.


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