How to Develop Online Fantasy Solution?

Fantasy sports mobile applications have brought revolutionized changes in the playing and business world. Aside from cricket, soccer is a game that holds an excellent fan base from all components of the globe. As per the last estimations, four billion die-hard fans are connected with soccer. People are very passionate and overenthusiastic to watch and play cricket and football. Thus a Fantasy Solution will definitely enhance the playing experience for all its fans. Moreover providing a platform where enjoying the sport they can also create some money. Businesses and entrepreneurs who have invested in Fantasy Sports Mobile Application Development have definitely made a good fortune.

Fantasy sports are extremely popular games wherever players from custom groups using the statistics of real sports professionals to play against alternative people in the same fantasy sports league. Every fantasy league operates on the same timeline as the league. Because the fantasy teams incorporate players from various groups, the real-time statistics of every player are used to award points which are based on player performance during games.

How Fantasy Sports App Works

Users assemble virtual groups of real players. These groups compete based on the statistical performance of these players in actual games.

The advancement of a fantasy app appearance something thing like this:

Choose the Match: when login and OTP verification, users choose a match of their alternative.

Form a Team: Next step is to make a team as per the necessities of the sport. As an example, if a user selects cricket, they have a team of eleven players. There are various ways to make a great team. Most prominently used ways in which are serpentine, Auction based mostly and offline drafting.

Captain: The users choose a captain of the team.

Team Division: As per the rules of the sport, the user forms multiple groups. Virtual players can also be part of the team of their alternative.

Team Management: Users will modify the team they created at any purpose throughout the sport.

Reward Distribution: Players get points as per their game performance. The group with the highest points is the winner.

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Example of Fantasy Sports App

If you would like to create a fantasy app, begin with analyzing companies who are into this industry. Study what they provide, what the features are, what their app style is like. This will provide a clear understanding of the industry situation. Secondly, this will assist you recognize your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You can always make competitors’ weaknesses your strength and attract additional users. Analyzing competitors doesn’t mean you should copy what they’re doing. Observe them and are available with the most effective inventive concepts. Here are some of the top-ranked  fantasy sports apps:

FanDuel Mobile: FanDuel, the daily fantasy sports app in the USA. It became the primary official sports betting partner of the National Hockey League. This iOS-compatible application conducts large contests transforming players into overnight millionaires. FanDuel offers sportsbook, on-line casino, and on-line horse race betting product and services.

DraftKings Mobile: Established in 2012, Draftkings is an associate American daily fantasy sports contest. It conjointly works as a sportsbook operator that permits users to enter fantasy sports leagues and win money. This platform has around one million bets and has over eight million users. Mostly Draftkings Mobile focuses on American sports, tennis game, mixed martial arts, etc.

Dream11: Dream11, India’s biggest fantasy sports app. In 2012, the company reported one million registered users. In 2016, this was grown to 2 million and to 45 million in 2018. The platform permits users to make groups and play with real-time performance of the players. Users will win rewards and prizes by earning a lot of points and gaining prime ranks. The gaming platform has multiple sports are available like cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, volleyball, handball and baseball.

Looking for solutions to make a fantasy app? We will help you in building your application. whether it’s making a clone app solution or a custom feature, let’s see what suits best your requirements.

Challenges in Developing Fantasy Sports App

The biggest challenge isn’t throughout fantasy sports app development but after you develop the app. The competition in the market is tough. The most popular platforms have that marketing expertise and budget. The question is how you’ll attract the traffic towards your application.

Creating a good platform isn’t enough. You would like to interact and retain the users. Influencer marketing is another choice. Yes, it’s possible with a decent budget. There’s something known as micro-influencers – influencers with an obsessive following 10k-100k. They’re possible to charge a small fee, and they actually have a loyal community who do look to them for recommendations.

If nothing then FB promotions, paid marketing, social media, email marketing, etc.  are always there for your rescue.

Our marketing team will guide you through forming an app promotion strategy. Does your business need the ability of social media or influencer marketing, let’s assist you find out.

Over to You

By currently you have got enough information to make fantasy application. If you would like to develop a fantasy app, you need to partner with a Fantasy Solution App Development Company. We will assist you to work on your plan and develop an app from scratch.

Our method usually includes – analysis phase where we research and understand the scope of your project. After preparing the initial style and app flow, we move on to the development section. After development, once our QA team is assured that the app is all-ready without any glitches, we hand it over to you. The selling consultants at Artistixe IT Solution LLP can assist you to promote your app and reach the proper audience. Want to create a fantasy solution, contact us today and our team will get back to you with a detailed estimation.


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