How to choose your electric skateboard?

Phew, that’s a complicated question! If you have fun asking this question on social networks, you will not be any further ahead… everyone will give their arguments, others will try to place their partner products…

In short, to choose well, you must first know what your use will be! This is the starting point for choosing any electric skateboard in my opinion. Daily ? To go to work? To take very long walks with friends at the weekend? To join friends in the city center from time to time? For competition only?

The surfaces you are going to use

In electric skateboarding, you have to think carefully about the surfaces you are going to use in general, otherwise it can quickly become hell! In electric skateboards, urethane wheels are generally used, so solid wheels and suspensions are rare with the exception of certain mountainboards! Only the deck (board) according to its flexibility (flex) brings a little comfort. Now many skateboards are equipped with pneumatic wheels, which brings a lot of advantages but it is often more cumbersome and goodbye slides.

We must therefore ask ourselves the question: impeccable asphalt? broken bitumen? gravel, earth, grass…

The budget

In my opinion the budget comes after these two criteria (use and surfaces). Indeed, if I determine that I need a skateboard to go to work every day located 25km away, that it must be waterproof, with tires because I am going on a dirt road and that I need power to get to my job at the top of a 2 km hill but I only have 500 dollars to spend… We can immediately forget and save. It is also a double saving, because buying a low-end skateboard or one that is not suitable for my use will generally lead to breakdowns, breakages, repeated maintenance, then finally to a disgust with the electric skateboard while it’s awesome.

It is quite difficult to give a price range but let’s say that below about 400 dollars it is more of a toy for your children and I will not trust this kind of device. For a few years now, some companies have been offering us rather qualitative skates at very reasonable prices. As an example is Voeep.

There are often a few points for improvement but these are good bases for discovering e-skate without breaking the bank and having something nice under your feet.

Then we spend more on boards between 1000 and 2000 dollars where there are some brands in R2R (ready to ride). These are rather “high-end” skateboards with generally good after-sales service with real contacts in our country. This price range can also concern skates imported from abroad where there are also beautiful products, but beware of delivery and customs costs (to be well integrated into your budget!).

Above 2000 dollars there are few R2R boards, it is often a second purchase and / or a passion purchase, and yes once you have tried electric skateboarding, you no longer the notion of money at all.

Another important thing, you also have to put decent protections in your budget. It’s not about putting everything on the board and saying, oh my, I have more money for a helmet or elbow pads! No, really, put on a helmet, and at least knee and elbow protectors at the start if you have never skated. Interested in buying an electric skateboard? Just view product in store!


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