How to Choose the Right One for Yourself

Vaping is becoming more popular as each day passes. There are so many benefits to vaping. If you’re new to the world of vaping, one of the first questions you’d ask yourself is, “What kit should I buy?”. The truth is, there’s no perfect kit. Each vaping kit is tailored to achieve a particular goal. So how do you choose the right one for yourself?

Well, you can go the old fashion way; go to any vape store and purchase a random kit. This method is not practical. More often than not, seasoned vapers already know the perfect equipment for them. However, a newbie vaper might end up swamped selecting the ideal vape kit.

The first step to choosing the fitting vape kit is to understand your needs. Remember that vaping is a personal experience; it depends solely on your preferences. Before you select a kit, consider what feel you want to get after a vaping session and the type of device that provides that feel. In this article, we break down choosing a vape kit and highlight the best vape flavors from the best brands available online.

What are Vapourizers


Vaporizer or vape, as they are fondly interchanged, is a device that is used for heating substances for inhalation. Vaporizers work by different heating substances to produce an extract. The extracted vapor may be collected in an inflatable bag or inhaled directly through a hose or pipe.

Types of Vaporizers

Before selecting a vape kit, you must know the different types of vaporizers available in the market. Vaporizers come in various forms, sizes, and features, but they ultimately achieve the same goal. There are primarily three vaporizers; standard, portable, and forced air vaporizers.

1. Standard Vaporizers

Standard vaporizers are often called “whip-style” vaporizers. This vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating element and requires the user to inhale the content through a tube. Many standard vaporizers feature a “hands-free” design, meaning users are not required to keep their hands on the ceramic heating element to ensure the herb is continuously heated.

2. Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers or “hand-held” vaporizers are vape kits designed to be highly mobile and discrete. These devices are very compact and lightweight; they’re designed for on-the-go consumption. You can use these devices virtually anywhere, and they’re straightforward to operate.

3. Forced Air Vaporizers

Forced air vaporizers are a more recent form of vaporizers. These devices are powered by plugging into a wall socket and utilizing an internal fan that propels hot air over your herbs. Some more advanced kits come with digital temperature control that gives the user a custom vaping experience.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Vaporizer

After concluding on the type of vape device to buy, it’s time to research the features and functions each kit comes with. Before you hit the checkout button on an online vape store, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Is the Device Beginner-Friendly?

One of the first things you should consider before purchasing a vaporizer is the device’s user-friendliness. Vaping devices are designed to function differently from another. Some vape kits differ slightly in temperature control, cleaning, and material loading. Portable vaporizers have some slightly advanced features from other types of vaporizers.

Some vaporizers can be connected to a mobile phone providing users the freedom to customize the device as much as they want. In contrast, some vape devices feature LED lighting, indicating which setting is selected.

As a beginner, ensure you purchase a vaporizer with a very shallow learning curve and easy to adapt to. Determining the ease of use of a vaporizer would help you decide which vape kit is suitable for you.

2. Pricing

Before selecting a vaporizer, you should first research the price of the kit. No matter how good a vaporizer is, that kit is out of your selection list if you can’t afford it. Generally, the prices of vaporizers start at $20 and can go up to hundreds of dollars depending on which brand you choose.

When selecting a vape kit, first consider the affordability of the device. Then you can now identify what type of kit fits your cost. You can also consider reading customer reviews and warranty information. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a reliable device that suits you without having to break the bank.

3. Method of Heating

What makes a vaporizer effective is the method of heating utilized by the device. The heating method goes a long way in determining the experience you’ll get out of every vape session. Most vaping devices today utilize three types of heating; Conduction heating, Convection heating, and Induction heating.

Some devices favor quicker heat-up times, which combusts easily, while some utilize non-combustion methods of heating.

4. Performance of the Vaporizer

Another factor you should consider before selecting a vaporizer is the device’s performance. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned dollars on an inefficient device. You need a device that performs excellently and gives you a pleasant vaping experience.

There are several factors contributing to the performance of a device. For instance, a device with an excellent battery life boosts the device’s performance; you don’t always need to plug it in before use.


Vaping is all about preference and personal experience. Selecting the best vaping kit is a personal decision. Before you purchase a device, consider the features of each kit, your preference, and what you aim to get from such a device.


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