How Often Should You Fertilize Your Houseplant?

How to know it is the right time to fertilize your indoor plants? Most of us make a mistake while fertilizing the houseplant. People think it is excellent to give them nutrition all the time. However, it is not true because, like us, eating all the time can make us ill; similarly, feeding fertilizers to the plants every day can damage them.

Fertilizers are crucial for plants to maintain their health. It promotes their growth and helps them for fruiting. However, using fertilizers in the houseplants is very simple as they grow in less soil and require a limited nutrition supply.

So, this post is for you if you are clueless about when to feed your plants with the best tree and shrub fertilization things. First, let’s look at the key questions that help you know when to feed your plants.

Signs Your In-house Plants Need Fertilizers

Indoor plants remain healthy from semi-regular fertilization. The fact is, plants receive nutrition from the soil when they need it. The outdoor soil is rich in nutrients because it has dead and decaying matter such as leaves, insects, etc.

However, the plants growing in the home garden soil have limited nutrient supply because they are not exposed to the outer nutrients. This is why plants get damaged soon. So, you can supply the best trees and shrub fertilization timely. But, at the same time, it would be great to check first whether they are suffering from malnutrition or not.

Some common signs and symptoms show your plants are a nutrient deficiency, and it is the right time to feed with essential nutrition.

  • Your plant’s leaves get discoloured.
  • The plant shows stunted growth.
  • There is a delay in the blooming
  • The have small flowers
  • Excess falling of the leaves

How to Plan a Schedule of Fertilization for the Houseplant?

So, now that you know the signs and symptoms, which shows it is the right time to feed the plants, it’s time to schedule the fertilization timing.

The best way to schedule the fertilization timing is to check the factors mentioned above and others such as:

  • Does your plant need heavy fertilizers?
  • What is the type of soil of your garden?
  • What is the climate of the location?
  • What is the pH level of the soil?
  • Which of the nutrients is missing in the soil?

Based on these factors, you’ll be able to detect whether your plant needs frequent fertilizers, or you can give some relaxation to the best trees and shrubs’ fertilization schedule. In addition to this, you can also check the type of fertilizer your plant needs the most.

Also, make sure to supply nutrients in liquid or apply them by mixing them with water. This way, the plants will absorb the nutrition easily/ Moreover, you can avoid overwatering the plants.

Do not forget to read the recommendation and feeding scheduling of the fertilization. There is manual instruction also given on the fertilizers packages so you can read them before you apply them. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort for the fertilization of the plants.

What Is the Right Time to Fertilize the Inhouse Plants?

Although there is no perfect time to feed your houseplants, it would be great to feed them in the active season. However, you need to know that the active season of the plants may vary from species to species. The most common time of fertilization of the plant is the spring season or during the summers when they need to bloom and grow exponentially.

A majority of the houseplants remain inactive and dormant in the winter seasons. Therefore, fertilizers used during the winter can create problems, leggy growth, and weak stems. In addition to this, stop the idea of adding fertilizers to the plants when they are in drooping period because it may make the condition stressful and damage them.

Avoid overfertilization as it may be fatal for their health. If you observe that your garden soil becomes dry and the houseplant is looking droopy, then make sure to supply water into the soil. It helps to recover the plants.

However, if your plant still does not recover, then feed them with the best trees and shrubs fertilization.

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How Frequently the Houseplants Need to be Fertilized?

Understand that all the houseplants are different and their needs are also different. So, it is crucial to research the type of plants and the nutrition required. Then, based on the condition, you can schedule the timing of the fertilizers.

You can feed them with liquid nutrition every 2-4 weeks during their active seasons.

If you want, you may feed them every time you water them using a diluted (1/2 – 1/4 strength) liquid houseplant fertilizer. Feeder stakes and granules only need to be applied once or twice every season.

Always check the box label to determine how much to fertilize indoor plants. Those are the greatest guidelines to adopt at all times. In addition to this, keep tracking the signs and symbols like stunted growth and curl discoloured leaves. This will help you determine this is the right time to feed the plants with essential nutrition and fertilizers.

Moreover, track the type of specific types of nutrients required by them. Finally, avoid overlogging the fertilizers as it may make them weak and fatal for the health.

How Much Your Houseplants Need the Fertilizers You Should Use to Feed Them?

The exact amount depends on the type of product and the depth of the pots. Because products vary so much in this area, it’s important to read the package to figure out how much fertilizer to put on your house plants. However, whatever you do and the fertilizer you use, do not overfeed the plants.

It is harder to recover the plants when they are overloaded with nutrition. So, make sure to check the label of the fertilizers before you start using them.

Bottom Line

Feeding the plants with essential fertilizers and nutrients helps them to stay healthy. However, we unknowingly feed them with overnutrition, which can risk the plant’s health. So, now you know about the timing of the fertilization of the plants. You can follow these tips to feed your plants and keep them healthy.

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