Tips for How a father could win over his child’s custody

Although it is true that the courts never discriminate against fathers, very few dads enjoy full custody of their children after a divorce. As per records, only 17% of custodial parents are dads. If you’re a father who is seeking full custody of your child, this can be a piece of disheartening and discouraging news for you. The process is a challenging one and you might not be able to accomplish it without the help of an experienced family lawyer.

Ask organizations like Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office and they’ll tell you about the increasingly large number of fathers that come to seek their help during a divorce. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • You have to be honest and realistic

When you’re looking forward to owning the custody of your child, you have to be honest and realistic. You should be aware of what you can handle, both physically and financially. It might happen that full custody of your child is what your heart wants but that is not feasible according to your life circumstances. The court will ensure you have a clear idea of what life you’re going to embark on. Bear in mind the responsibilities that you’ll have to juggle.

  • Keep your plan ready

In case custody is awarded to you, the judge will expect you to be in all way prepared for the same. You will be asked a few questions by the judge and make sure you prepare intelligent responses. The judge may ask you about the accommodations you have planned for your child, his education, and your finances. You have to answer them honestly and thoroughly.

  • Discuss with other parents

Go for a discussion with other parents to know how they went through the process of child custody. By discussing things, you can gain insight into what to expect. However, situations are unique for all. Separate the emotional part of your story from the facts. This can have a negative impact on your judgment.

  • Pay for child support

In case you are petitioning for joint or full custody, start making child support payments on a regular basis. This will ensure you have a proper track record whenever you go through the process. In case you have an informal arrangement with the other parent of the child, try to maintain records of receipts, canceled checks, and other documents that support the kid financially.

  • Make an adequate space for your child

The court will ask you about the living accommodations during the hearings about child custody. If you’re a dad who lives in a small space, you should now create a proper place in your home for the child to live. The judge will make sure you have a proper house, a proper bed (and not just a couch or mattress), and that your home is safe and secure.


So, if you’re pursuing full custody, be ready with compelling evidence about the new arrangement that you have made for the best interest of your children.

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